Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Landslide! Child Molestation on Demand!

Landslide. What a name for a child porn site. And you know what? It's apt. Yes, an apt name for the most heinous live internet streaming of children being sexually violated, all under twelve years old. One streaming, we are told by US media, is one of an adult male performing cunnilingus on an 18 month old baby. And we are also told by the US authorities who cracked this case that the 27 people arrested, some of them Canadian, are only the tip of the iceberg. It seems that millions (billions?) of dollars are invested in child porn and circulated around the world.

This kind of information is difficult to absorb and access by the average Canadian. Most people, especially women, are inclined to cringe because the news is so very dreadful, and turn away to try to think of something else. But this reaction, while completely understandable (certainly my own first reaction,too) it is, in a sense, cowardly. We have to look at this issue of child pornography with cold, hard eyes. There is a significant number of people who get off on child porn. Have these men, and occasionally women, always been out there? Or is our culture simply breeding more of them? And if so, why?

While I doubt, and don't have any evidence that our society is breeding more pedophiles, I do think, with some evidence, that our culture emboldens them. For instance, the blatant sexualization of children in the media, in advertising, in songs and music is pushing the sexualization of children ever downward to ever younger ages. And the more explicit images of sex acts in movies and video games and TV shows expose children at very young ages to sexual activity before they even enter puberty. Not to mention the effects of adult pornography in general. We parents and grandparents like to think that adult porn is off limits to kids. Ha! Most kids now, especially boys, are born wired to cyber space. If there is something out there they shouldn't see, you can bet the farm they'll find it.

And the degrading images of adults, but especially women, in adult porn has the effect of degrading women in the minds of growing kids, especially boys. What are they to think? Boys love their mothers and female relatives as much as girls, but the games they play and TV and videos they watch says that men can enjoy the suffering of women. Sometimes the message is that women actually enjoy their own sexual suffering. While enjoying one's own physical suffering is kind of a hard sell, the sellers keep selling.

And the public at large keeps buying. For instance, in an article by Lisa De Moraes writing about the new fall TV shows in an article in the Vancouver Sun (I stopped buying this Conservative mouthpiece years ago but someone left a copy on the ferry) she says that the new shows should be called DIE,WOMAN, DIE! She cites the frequency in the new shows in which women are chained to dog collars, locked in basements while others are abducted and tossed into cages where their terror is vetoed for a week before they're raped and murdered. The pregnant ones, Ms De Moraes says in her review, gets pulled out of the shower by monsters who rip the fetuses out of their wombs. Great programming, huh? And our kids never see this stuff, right? Whose kids? Yours? Mine? Our neighbours? Never? Let's not be naive.

While I know that the vast majority of men are just as sickened by the Landslide porn site as the vast majority of women are, I'm unsure of whether the vast majority of men will admit to how regular adult porn adds to the sexualization of the culture that emboldens pedophiles to expand their activities. If, the pedophiles may well reason, the sexualizaton of children has become the norm in advertising culture, and adult porn sites and many of their images have become mainstream, then, hey...the social climate is right for blatant pedophilia to rear its ugly head in a more aggressive way.

Pornography, in my opinion, all kinds of pornography, is a thinly veiled sexual war against women and children. It's not a freedom of speech issue, which so many users and makers of porn insist. It's a human rights issue. A women's and children's human rights issue. And pornography, especially child pornography, is truly a landslide that can take an entire society down with it. If women and children are not respected in a society there is no future.

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  1. I don't know Betty. I figure freedom has to trump all in the Future Stakes.