Friday, January 15, 2021

Free speech is messy

Do we Canadians really believe in Freedom of Speech?  For all, as well as for ourselves?  Yes, of course we do.  We only disagree with people who support hate speech.  But who defines hate speech? Well, the side our Liberal government seems to favour as well as many Americans and Canadians could loosely be called the “Globalist” side. Globalists like to consider themselves first and foremost as world citizens. Influential Globalists, which include most of the American Democratic and Republican Parties, along with the tech giants and mainstream media, have the capacity to travel abroad, get multiple degrees, and have the most treasured of all things – financial security. They often define themselves against countries and political parties that are threatening to spin out of control with their outdated notions of nationalism. Donald Trump and his followers are “Nationalists”. Nationalists place a high value on patriotism, are often from the working classes, and make up most of the military.

International corporations and their special interest lobbyists helped desecrate the American unions and manufacturing base by moving to Asia and elsewhere for cheap unregulated labour or demanding eyewatering tax exemptions and perks for staying in the country. They have become obscenely rich and look down their noses at the poor American schmucks working for paltry sums, or in many instances, not being able to work at all with the unemployment rate hovering at about seven percent. More than 25 million workers are unemployed or have experienced a reduction in work hours or pay.


The poor are once again left wondering how they are going to feed themselves and their families. So when a populist leader arises who seems to listen and promise them a return of the American Dream, then of course the “deplorables” respond. But if some respond with protest and violence they are all condemned as, at best, ignorant and at worst, racist sexist fascists. I am not condoning the violence that happened, nor some of the perspectives they promote. What I am challenging is that all “deplorables” are considered to be a threat to the established order of things and must not be allowed to speak unless it is in the language of the Globalists. Free speech is messy, but becomes very problematic when it is only moderated by our new Global overlords - Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter. Are they succeeding?   We’ll see.  Next time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Rhymes of History: The 4th Turning and the Great Reset

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As we struggle ever more mightily with COVID-19 we elderly who live alone will have to stop pining for the frequent family and friends get togethers of yore and count our blessings. We are not in a health care facility, at least not yet. We are still capable of taking care of ourselves.  While we may be too old to hit the streets or the forests in protest of wanton destruction, we are not too old to serve our function as elders by witnessing what is happening to the human race.  We are still here to criticize our government when they refuse to represent the people, to talk about our opinions freely, and to even write about them if we take a notion.  


When I last posted I was still worried about the central banks going for a banking bail-in solution instead of a bail-out to try to remedy the horrendous mess bankers have deliberately made of our economy.  Not so much now. The bankers and their backers have come up with a potentially even more frightening solution.  Now from the European high- flying elite bankers in Brussels to the smallest countries (including Canada) the words replacing bail-ins or bail-outs is now The Great Reset. What is the Great Reset?  Think of China. And digital currency.


Any haphazard China watcher like me knows that now it is almost impossible to buy anything in China with cash.  If you are not hooked up to their digital currency system you will find it extremely difficult to buy or sell anything.  They just don’t have paper money or coins anymore. They pay for everything will their cell phones. Of course this is more efficient and as there are many of the Chinese people still alive who remember what a gigantic mud hole parts of their country was immediately before, during, and after their revolution and dutifully advise their young countrymen and women to be grateful for the modern, highly educated lives they currently enjoy.   


So now our own leaders are thinking this Great Reset idea does have great advantages.  With many jobs and even whole occupations being sold out to other countries, mainly China, or simply wiped out in the path of COVID-19 and with automation taking over much of the rest, this appears to the banking elites to be the option they have been looking for. As the smaller banks have not loaned out the hundreds of millions, billions, of dollars the Federal banks have given over into their care, it makes sense to devise a plan to get the money directly to the people and simply bypass the smaller banks. Digital currency is the solution the elite bankers are after now. It will be accompanied by a Guaranteed Annual Income. The Great Reset.  It is coming to Canada soon. The downside is that we stand to lose many of our inherent freedoms as we will all be securely under the thumbs of our governments. Who are taking their marching orders from the central banks of Europe. Does history repeat itself?  Mark Twain remarked that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”.  I am thinking of Justin Trudeau and his father.  It was Pierre Trudeau who turned his back on the Canadian people.  It was Pierre Trudeau who first flipped The Bank of Canada from a public bank that loaned to the government interest free, to the practice of borrowing from the most rapacious private banks who love compound interest.


What does the Bank of Canada have to do with the Great Reset? Aside from making sure Canadian citizens abide by the new rules, not much.  Certainly not much with the present elite European bankers and backers doing the thinking for our country.  In fact, if even a minor politician were asked today if he or she knew why our public bank became private and what could we do to get it back as our public bank would stammer, blush and dismiss you as a Russian bot.  Which brings me to the Forth Turning.  Next time.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Organized Chaos: The US Elections and The Bank of Canada


Okay, you’ve probably never heard of COMER. If you have , you may have forgotten about them because they haven’t been in the news lately. Too much to worry about right now to think of something you’ve forgotten all about or never heard of. One might think that whoever or whatever COMER was they must have been losers as they have slipped out of Canadian consciousness. And, and in my opinion, they took the Canadian consciousness of our constitutional rights and freedom as well as a near debt free economy along with them. Okay, who or what exactly was COMER and what did they do with the collective consciousness of our freedoms and what do we owe to whom or whatever they were?


COMER was and still is, as far as I can tell, short for the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform. It was established in 1986. In 2011 COMER, along with a collection of citizens angry about Canada’s growing debt accumulation when to the Supreme Court of Canada. They wanted to draw attention to the The Bank of Canada’s practice acting as a private bank for other European Banks and domestic and foreign corporations, all demanding high compound interest rates. COMER had a brilliant lawyer, Rocco Galati. Galati pointed out, in no uncertain terms, Bank of Canada Act and a copy of the Canadian Constitution in hand and before the Court, that the Bank of Canada was chartered as a public bank to give interest free loans to the Canadian government’s needs for social and physical infrastructure. Hopes were high. And remained high for the next five years as COMER waged a seemingly endless battle of appeals, court demanded amendments, court dismissals, and court hearings. It was maddening. To have the Supreme Court of Canada make the final ruling in May 2017 that the lawsuit against privatizing the Bank of Canada was not a legal matter. If it was not a legal matter then what was it? The Bank of Canada was clearly breaking the law. But no. The judge ruled it was a political matter. How charming. What an opinion. What a gutless opinion. And furthermore, the judge ruled that there would be no further reporting on the case. The reporters were silenced. The media was silenced. Canadians were silenced. Where does that leave us? Is all hope for a reinstatement of the original mandate for the Bank of Canada lost? Maybe not. There are deep holes in the judge’s ruling that makes his contention that the case was a political one and not a legal one biased, unfair, and ridiculous. And there are supporters in unexpected places. In this time of COVID-19 we need our public bank desperately. Next time.