Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shades of South Dakota

Yes, the shades of South Dakota's religious based legislation that will forbid any type of abortion will eventually wash up on our own shores in Canada. We have the same anti-woman mind set up here in Canada, our own home grown version. Prime Minister Stephen Harper (how that phrase stick in my craw)is, of course, anti-abortion. As are the majority of his party. Which brings me in one synapses connection around to David Emerson and his cross over from the Liberal camp to the Conservative one.
Women in particular might want to ponder this move. The cross over from a party who is pro-choice to one who is anti-choice means more to the lives and health of women than a shift in economic direction, which Goddess knows, is anti-woman enough. But there is a profound difference between safe, legal abortions and women's back ally brushes with death in which death too frequently won when abortion was illegal At age 77, I remember those times well, both here and in the US. Women were acutely aware of the dangers of back ally abortions, of the deaths and disfigurments but pretended not to be even when it was their own mothers, sisters, daughters, or friends. It was a conspiracy of silence, sealed with women's fears.
And it isn't only the physical dangers of illegal abortions that trouble women. It's the spiritual and psychological garbage that women and girls must swallow by knowing that one of their own eggs, perhaps fertilized by rape or incest from a criminal minded, degenerate male, is regarded as more important than women's entire lives. What perversion! What infamy! What hypocrisy!
Women don't get pregnant all by themselves. And there is usually a man hanging around when women have abortions, sometimes even some religious right conservative men who while they think abortion is sin, are also capable of holding the thought that it's not quite so much sin when they are the ones connected to abortion either by consent, or studied indifference or profoundly studied denial.
But the men out there who believe that abortion is murder should take an oath, and urge all their like minded brothers to take an oath, not to have sex with women unless the women agree they would be positively delighted if they got pregnant. Otherwise, the anti-abortion stance is not only hypocritical morally, it is intellectually so flawed it gives me the creeps to know that a man who thinks this way is heading our country. And inducing other self righteous, elitist, anti-democratic men to join their disgusting band of women haters.
David Emerson crossing the floor sends more messages than one, first, that the people in his riding are inconsequential to him, that all of us plebs are, really, and secondly that the health of women and children means diddly squat. Yes, under Spephen Harper Canada is fertile ground for South Dakota's religious right conservatism. How pleased our Prime Minister must be!

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