Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Women in the Woods and Supporters;

My new address is:

Alouette Correctional Centre for Women
PO Box 1000
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 3K4

Phone (for information about visits): 604.476.2660

I’m a long way from Vancouver but it anyone will be in the direction and might want to visit send me your complete name, address, date of birth and telephone number (please send information to or 604.710.2408). This all has to be put on a an approve and approved visitation list, and…
While I have been in custody (jail) now for a week there are still no charges against me, brought by Kiewit and Sons, Sea to Sky Highway or by the Crown. Their object was, and remains, for Madam Justice Brown, to simply put me away without charge. And Madam Justice Brown has obliged Kiewit and Sons and Sea to Sky Highway and the gentleman for the Crown, Mike Brundrett. As there are no charges against me, Madam Justice Brown and Mr. Brundrett are sharing the job of prosecuting me while pretending to serve to course of justice. It is stunning to me that Madam Justice Brown and Mr. Brundrett could both wear two hats – Madam Justice Brown as judge and prosecutor and Mr. Brundrett as Intervenor, as he claims in my case, and as prosecutor. Is there any doubt in anybody’s mind how a proposed trial by these two will turn out for me?
I do want a trial as that is the only way I can bring Eagleridge Bluffs into the courtroom but not a sham trial like a trial by Madam Justice Brown and Mr. Brundrett would be, so I’m sending the following letter to Madam Justice Brown:


Because you have personally held me under arrest for six weeks without a charge from any of the complainants (Kiewit and Sons, Sea to Sky Highway and the Crown) you have by the process of elimination become my only compliantant of note. Therefore my Lady, you:
a) Have a vested interest in the outcome of any trial you might bring forth for me concerning my arrests at Eagleridge Bluffs, and;
b) Because you have become a party to the action yourself I will not agree to a trial brought forward by you alone, and considering that;
c) My numerous convictions so well articulated by Mr. Brundrett in court on July 6, 2006, and his warning of prosecuting me for all three of my arrests at Eagleridge Bluffs and that things could turn out to be very serious for me, and that;
d) In order for your court to be seen, and to actually be, seeking justice, then I must, in the interest of fundamental justice, be granted a trial by judge and jury.

Madam, please consider this letter as a formal application for a trial by judge and jury.

Thank you,

Betty Krawczyk
CS No. 03793924

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