Saturday, October 14, 2006


Why not? There isn't anybody at home in our legislature, the very legislature that we citizens pay for. Gordon Campbell simply canceled government by canceling the sitting of the legislature. Making government disappear altogether is certainly one way to make government more transparent as Campbell promised. But as citizens of BC we are the government, in that citizens elect and pay for government to listen to their concerns and then do something about their concerns. Gordon Campbell has effectively disappeared the vast majority of thepeople of British Columbia along with our tax money.

The fact that government is supposed to deal with the concerns of citizens is the very reason Gordon Campbell has disappeared government. He obviously doesn't believe in citizens and citizenship. He obviously believes in oligarchy, one that care only for corporate rights and needs. But we citizens are still paying for this disappeared government. So what do corporations do when they pay for something and don't get it? They sue. So let's sue the bastards. Betty Krawczyk

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