Thursday, January 11, 2007

Betty, Winds of Change, and Eagleridge Bluffs
What does the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs have to do with BC wind storms? Everything. Nature is connected. All over the world. The constant felling of trees makes the wind blow. Which causes more trees to simply blow down. When citizens like Betty protest vigorously they wind up in court. Before judges who are trained only to look at the law and who do not consider nature. Which has the effect of allowing more trees to be cut which causes more wind to blow which in turn blows down more trees.
Betty believes this insane syndrome must be stopped forthwith, even if it requires citizens to take up peaceful civil disobedience when all else fails. Come support Betty in her week of trial. She will be representing herself in her efforts to bring nature into the courtroom. Her trial begins Jan. 29. The Supreme Court Building at 800 Smithe. Ask at desk for room number. 10:00 am. Betty Krawczyk

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