Sunday, March 04, 2007

Before I am sentenced to prison this morning I have one statement to make:
Our BC courts obsession with injunctions combined with Gordon Campbell’s obsession with the Olympics has killed Eagleridge Bluffs and has killed Harriet Nahanee. I hold that Mr. Justice Grist, The West Vancouver Police Department, Madam Justice Brown, Wally Oppal, and Gordon Campbell are all equally responsible for the death of Eagleridge Bluffs and for the death of Harriet Nahanee and that these officials, in their capacity as servants of the people have not fulfilled their duties and should be removed from office.
Betty Krawczyk


  1. Peter2:14 PM

    Absolutely. We are with you Betty.
    Best regards,

  2. Is there anyone out there that has information about protests or gatherings related to Betty's arrest and sentencing? is down. Please email me at if you hear anything.

  3. Conrad Noll9:49 AM

    There are many of us who will not forget this Betty and will remember when the next election occurs. I promise you.


  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Dear Ms. Krawczyk,

    It's a real shame the way the BC government is dealing with your civil desobediece. You are fighting for what you believe and the government is repressing with all it's power. I'm looking forward to participating in rallies to free you.

    With respect,
    Beatriz Alvarez

  5. Carolyna Loveless5:14 PM

    I'm grateful to you for the fight you have taken up. Those young women who come after us will speak your name with reverence and a time will come where the women in Government REMEMBER that they are women and stop dealing as the boys deal.... change will come from the feminine and you have ignited in us a belief that we can make noise and make change... even if it means JAIL!
    I've never been more proud to know a "Granny" of such power and beauty.

    Carolyna Loveless
    Swamp FOlk Records

  6. A. Sparrow1:36 AM

    Give your head a shake. Consider what you project yourself to be accomplishing in your actions. You have no cause other than the fulfillment of your own personal modern-day Don Quixote fantasy; albeit, Quixote was much more honest about the source of his motivation.

    If you are content to believe that you are on a 'romantic selfless crusade', then do not be upset that the wider world considers you to be someone who is at best devoid of perspective and logical reasoning.

    To accomplish something real -- without your name in the headlines above tearful statements that you are a genuine grandmother -- is more challenging, and noble than anything you imagine to be presently.

    Your problem is that you selfishly choose 5 seconds of fame today for your personal gratification over 100 years of progress from selfless work without your grandiose 5 seconds.

  7. Deb Livingston8:33 AM

    Dear Betty, I want to tell you that your brave actions are an inspiration to me. I am also very saddened by the senseless death of Harriet, and thank you for making her story known. Saw the link to your blog on the raging grannies site. Stay strong!!!

  8. Brooke3:01 AM

    Hey Betty!

    I'm sorry you are off to jail again and I am wondering how you personally can sustain the drive for action. I often become poisoned by the prevailing sentiment of apathy and decay and lose my heart for acting on issues.

    Take Care of Yourself Sister!

  9. peggy8:12 AM

    hey betty its topsy here & i just wanted to say hi. I love the site
    I would also like to come visit if your not too busy, so gimmie a shout okay @