Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As the Province newspaper is about blood, sex, cars, sports, it is not where one looks for balanced news reporting, usually. But the only newspaper that makes its way into the isolated gates of Alouette Prison for Women where I am presently residing, is, you guessed it, the Province. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!
But wait, there is after all the amusement factor. For instance, it's fun to watch Christy Clark morph into a friend of all women (her editorial on the need for quotas in order to get woment into politics) and children (her sudden realization that working women need daycare from one of an elitist proponent of two tiered schools and health care systems), but her latest morph into an environmental champion (April 8th) is quite stunning.
Will Miss Clark now actually advise Mr. Campbell that he must change his thinking on climate change? That by removing the last of the safeguards that facilitates the destruction of the last of our old growth forest, he is accelerating climate change? That by destroying the forests he is also destroying our most valuable carbon sinks? That his plans for coal fired plants will increase carbon emissions?
Surely Christy Clark will point out to our Premier that his "Greenest Games Ever" slogan is a cruel joke that killed the life support systems of Eagleridge Bluffs along with courageous Squamish elder Harriet Nahanee. Yes, I will sleep more soundly in my cell tonight, knowing Christy Clark has stepped up to the environmental preservation plate, and that her New Consciousness will be showcased by the Province for the next election.
Betty Krawczyk

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  1. Guy Dauncey, Victoria2:50 PM

    Hi Betty,
    I'm thinking of you!

    With all your activities, you maybe have not caught up with the recent dramatic changes in the Liberal government on climate change. Campbell has become a very committed champion, with a goal to reduce BC's emissions by 33% by 2020 - of 10% below the 1990 level. It's not enough - we need much more, to address the true extent ot he global crisis, but it's enough to get BC started.

    The coal-fired power plants are also gone. So there are some good things to celebrate.

    Big hugs!
    Guy Dauncey