Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Betty K Released, Welcome today

Betty K was released from Alouette Correctional Centre yesterday. She says she is "happy happy happy" and greeted reporters with her usual wit, wisdom and charm. She re-iterated that the fight at Eagleridge was not over, that it has become a symbol of our Courts serving the corporate agenda. She will go forward with her appeal, and sue Kiewitt & Sons for damages to the environment. She underlined the importance of understanding that social problems and environmental problems are closely intertwined, and that one cannot be solved without addressing the other.

Plans for her immediate future included a hearty breakfast of bacon & eggs, eaten at a nearby diner minutes following her release, later, homemade shrimp with her daughters. More long term political plans will be announced later today at Welcome Back.

5-7pm Wednesday September 26th
Betty's Welcome Back!
A tribute to Betty and Harriet Nahane, featuring celebrity speakers, First Nations dancing, music and general revelry.
NOTE: Previous announcements erroneously stated Smithe.

Friday 8pm
Post Critical Mass Bike Ride
Anza Club, 3 West 8th @ Ontario
Join us Friday September 28 to welcome back Betty Krawzcyk.
This will be a fun event with bands, performances, dancing, DJ's
Fundraiser for legal expenses. Suggested: $10, Critical Mass $5
Lineup as previously posted.

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