Saturday, April 24, 2010


Mother Earth and Morales the Defender
Democracy Now reports how Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, addressed a world referendum in his country on the effects of global warming (April 21, 2010) and Morales’ words stunned me with their truth and purity. And just in time. For me, too many pieces of the puzzle were missing. Like why, oh why, do our own leaders highjack any real effective climate policies? And President Morales, an indigenous man of the people formulates a simple answer; it’s because the only free thing our western leaders believe in is the free market. And in this free market so beloved by our government leaders and corporations lurks the vehicle which stupefies the body politic. And what is this major vehicle? It is the stun gun of capitalism which dictates that the personhood of corporations tops the personhood of real persons.
The superior personhood of corporations is truly a remarkable concept. It’s why Stephen Harper can treat us like idiots. Why he can act like a god with no superior on earth or in heaven. Why Gordon Campbell can preach family values while living a double life; why these men feel protected by all of the forces of the universe. It’s because they consider themselves part of the clique of the superior personhood of the corporations and furthermore, they revel in it. These men also know that the mother of all corporate personhoods, the private banks of Canada, at least in practice, trumps Mother Earth and all of nature. How? By drowning us in compound interest. Compound interest charged by private banks keep the rich shrieking in glee and the rest of us scratching. But it has always been this way, hasn’t it?
No. We actually have a public bank. It’s called the Bank of Canada. It has the power to loan money to the Canadian government for all public expenditures. Without interest. Instead, at corporate insistence, the Bank of Canada loans the money (taxpayer’s money) it takes to keep our country going, directly to the private banks first, who then loans it back to the government. And not with simple interest, but with compound interest. So instead of taxpayers just paying directly for the government expenditures (transportation, infrastructure, and federal programs) we must also pay this original loan with compound interest. And all this compound interest money (taxpayers money again) of course now belongs to the private banks. This is why the private banks are so very rich and getting richer. And it’s a global phenomenon. In order to pay back monstrous debts of compound interest governments have no choice but to give way to the bank corporations on all levels, environmentally, socially, and financially, just as at the moment, Greece is in the process of capitulating unless the people find the guts to revolt. Bolivian President Evo Morales says the real enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism. I agree.

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  1. He is not liked by the Western world. Chavez is portrayed as a monster. Castro, who was not faultless by a long shot, was portrayed as a monster.

    These leaders had one thing in common at least. Once they got into power they put the people first. Dental care was a big one with Chavez. Land reform. Better food and wages. No giveaways, but opportunities.

    This horrible behaviour is anti capitalist. I mean, we live in a world powered by greed and consumption as you know. It is big fish eat the smaller fish, eat the smaller fish, etc.. until... until... whoa!!

    Who does the big fish eat now? His own tail? Bring on the worm ourobouros. Meanwhile these men who see a different way are sold to the great uneducated sheep as dictators and enemies.

    Have you ever seen Morales or Chavez out among the people? It is obvious they are loved and they stop and spend time with anyone who they see who needs their attention. Mothers with kids in chairs. Old ladies. Men who struggle. All felt heard. No walls between them. They are of the people.

    You look at Morales eyes and you may see fatigue at times. But you see the face of a man content with his lot. Now, in contrast, look in the eyes of a Net and Yahoo and you see filth. Look into the eyes of a Harper and you see frightened bully/beast.

    It is up to us to do our best with what we got Betty. As for Campbell, (spits downwind), he is a viper and he has sold us out for those damn games. Nothing else mattered. And btw, I noticed how neither he nor Harper have their wives with them much and certainly not at the earliest stage of the games. Instead they both stood and truly sneered at the "commoners".