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THIS DANGEROUS PLACE My Journey Between the Passions of the Living and the Dead. (Friesen Press, 2011)

While imprisoned for Contempt of Court in the spring of 2003, Betty Krawczyk searched for understanding into the reasons for her actions. Had she signed a paper promising not to go back to the Walbran Valley where she was arrested for blockading logging trucks with her group, Women in the Woods, she would have been released from prison until trial. But she refused. Her own stubbornness and intransigence before the courts of British Columbia baffled everybody, including Krawczyk herself.

This Dangerous Place poses these questions: What is the source of the human will? And an even more elusive question: to what degree can humans interact with the dead? Do the passions of people long dead still hang around in certain situations and seek to interfere with the lives of the living? This book asks these questions from lived experience. The answers may belong to the future. This is a true story.
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Betty Krawczyk is the author of three previous books, including: Open Living Confidential, Lock Me Up or Let Me Go, and Clayoquot: Sound of My Heart, which was shortlisted for the VanCity Book Prize.
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  1. great to hear about your new book, Betty.
    I just sent a note to my friend who lives on Galiano Island and she will go to your reading.


    Barbara Kuhne