Sunday, June 16, 2013


There are billions of words being written about the Syrian war right now when, in my opinion, only a few words would do.  These few words are thus…
The US government is bankrupt.  US banks, of course, are doing beautifully; the biggest international banks are doing super beautifully.  In American now the largest US manufacturing base is arms and military equipment.  However, without a hot war going on the US government has accumulated a stock pile of weapons.  Like any business, the US government needs to move this inventory.  But with austerity hitting the average American, the economy can no longer depend on US citizens or drug cartels to buy enough assault weapons to keep the US economy going.  The US government has decided they need an all-out war to kick start the American economy.
But they can’t seem to get one.  They had been doing so very nicely with military adventures and expenditures on weapons that blows everything up and kills many people as in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan ( see Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein).  These activates not only used up much of the military inventory used by US troops in combat, but also stimulated US military sales in the surrounding areas.  The US, being the largest exporter of military equipment in the world, knows how to get things done and how to get the planes, rockets, small arms, drones, to the necessary customers.  When an entire invaded area was leveled with broken buildings, bones and blood, then shoddy, corrupt US reconstruction corporations could move in.  Which in turn called for more debt based paper money amounting to billions of dollars which US taxpayers will eventually have to pay back with their debased, inflated hard earned money.
 Whatever, this US government work program was keeping things going  and the US was moving right along and happily anticipating the outright  US invasion of Syria and then on to Iran.  These two events would keep the US economy going for some time.  But first, there had to be an enormous financial outlay, as usual.  And having allowed the banks and Wall St. to suck all the real money out of the US economy, the US would have to borrow the money for the invasions.   But from whom?  The Chinese elephant, of course.
China already owns most of US debt.  And China is indicating that they are tired of US fiscal irresponsibility and even more tired of the US seeking to expand their faltering powers with inflationary money and violent invasions of other nation’s national sovereignty.  China certainly no longer loves the US dollar.  Neither does Russia.  Nor Brazil, India or South Africa. They are in the process of starting their own international banking system. China is also pissed (pardon the unladylike expression) about Obama’s hypocritical threatening posture over computer hacking.  China hasn’t yet publically responded to Obama’s announcement of new lethal arms to aid the rebels in Syria. The Chinese will take their time to respond publically but you can bet your knickers there is plenty of conversation going on privately between the two countries. In my opinion, the result of these private talks will result in sparse aid to Syrian “rebels” by the Americans.
The fight in Syria is not about Assad and “the rebels”.  It’s about the faltering US economy needing a war and Obama and the neocons needing ego reassurance that they are still no.1.  And it’s about China saying no.  It’s about Russia saying she will protect Syria from US invasion.  It’s about China saying she will protect Iran from US invasion which also means if push comes to shove China will protect both Syria and Iran from US invasions.   In my opinion, in spite of corporate media spreading the neocons necrophilia desire to embroil the entire planet in a burning holocaust, the die has been cast.  There will be no third world war. The Chinese elephant stands in the way.  And I appeal to the Mother Of Us All to inspire the Chinese elephant not to move.  

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