Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama's Kill List Expands

Obama’s Kill List Grows
Yes, Obama’s kill list is readying an expansion to include some sections of Syria.  A surgical strike(s) is what Obama is calling for.  Not to replace Assad, he claims.  That’s because the White House and Israel both fear the Muslim Brotherhood  with their Al Qaeda connections more than they do Assad.  So why is the US, Britain and Israel supporting the Syrian rebels at all?  Especially considering that according to some reports, the Syrian rebels now consist mostly of foreign fighters who are radical Islamists of one kind or another.
It’s all because the developed countries need energy.  Lots of it.  And certainly England knows the value of the fruits of invading energy rich countries as well as the US.  But Syria isn’t an energy rich country, you say?  True enough.  However, the goal for the US and Britain along with multinational banks and corporations has always been to use Syria as the means to bring Iran to heel. Iran is energy rich. Syria is the gateway to Iran’s oil and gas.  There is a lot of frustrated greed out there for the last of the earth’s easy energy and  this has reached new highs among the energy slurping nations when they learned of the new pipe line gearing up  to start in Iran’s South Pars gas field.
From The Vietnamese newspaper Thanh Nien News (8/10/13) we learn that the new 10 billion ($US) pipeline will run from Iran through Iraq and Syria. The article’s author (Pepe Escoba)r tells us: “…this prospective (pipeline) is one of the fundamental reasons for the proxy war in Syria.  Against the interests of Washington, for whom integrating Iran is anathema, the pipeline bypasses two crucial foreign actors in Syria…prime “rebel” weaponizer Qatar  (as a gas producer) and logistical “rebel” supporter Turkey…”
Again, for the Western powers, particularly the US and England, it’s all about confiscating easy energy resources. And the “shock and awe” of pillaging these foreign countries is also really good for US military weapons manufacturers along with replenishing US bases, and halfheartedly rebuilding bombed out cities. Lots of money to be made there, like in Libya and Iraq.  Only there may be more snags in shocking and awing Syria than Obama (nee Bush) and David Cameron may have anticipated.

For one thing, in an all-out attack on Syria the US would have to ratchet up the printing presses and try to sell inflated bonds to China.  China has been very quiet through this entire Syrian crisis.  Hardly saying anything, just a few words here and there in the China Daily newspaper.  But then maybe China doesn’t need to say much.  Why should she?  She holds most of the cards.  No UN resolution is going anywhere without her approval and if China refuses to buy bonds to furnish funds for a US invasion of Syria, well, where would the US look?  So the very most that Obama could possibly pull off at this time would be what he is now proposing…that is, some kind of a surgical strike.  Just enough to punish Assad for what Obama claims is proof that it was the Syrian government who launched the gas attack.  However, as yet Obama hasn’t produced any proof.
 The Obama administration and Britain’s conservative government are both claiming that it is enough that they are convinced that it was the Syrian government who made the gas attack and they don’t have to show any proof.  And Obama seems determined.  Assad must be punished.  Obama wants to expand his kill list to include hundreds, even thousands of innocent Syrian people. Something has to be done, Obama says, to punish Assad.  It’s as if they are saying they can’t think of any other punishment, so it’s time to go kill some more Syrian civilians.  But there may be lots of trouble with this.

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