Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Get over it, CBC!

Get over it, CBC.  The rest of us have had to.  Hillary Clinton, running under the same electoral rules she was proud of before she lost, now wants to turn the electoral tide around.  She didn’t really lose, she says, the election was stolen from her by Putin. He hacked the voting machines.  And the FBI and the CIA back her up, along with the neocons in government who see these accusations as the very thing needed to convince the American people that Putin is an inhuman devil and Russia must be conquered to set things right again (US undisputed hegemony).  How to conquer Russia?  By invasion, of course.  The same way they conquered Libya, Iraq, and Afaganstian. The slavish NATO has ringed the countries on Russian’s borders as well as the entire neighbourhood with air and missile bases. They’re ready to go.  As soon as they can figure out how to get Hillary Clinton back into the White House and on Wall Street’s payroll.  Certainly all of the agencies that matter for them, especially the Pentagon, are rearing to go get those nasty Ruskies.

Jill Stein, for whom I voted, in the end bowed to Hillary (like Bernie Sanders) and was persuaded to call for a vote recount. That’s her privilege.  But there is no proof of any reason to even be suspicious that a hack was made, much less that the Russian’s did it. The CIA says it has proof of the Russian hack, but just can’t reveal it.  You know, like the Weapons of Mass destruction that killed so many human beings in Iraq. But this line is excellent fodder for the main stream media that understands only too well that their jobs depends on bashing Putin for the “US Deep State” that wants to invade Russia. But Trump supporters won’t peacefully stand for shenanigans that declare Trump’s legal right to the presidency invalid.  There will be lots of trouble should this happen. 


But no worry, we will be told by craven main stream journalists, these kinds of protesters will be taken care of.  We have anticipated such an occurrence and the jails are waiting.  We’ve built lots of new ones and they are nicely privatized the police are militarized with crowd control devices including tanks. And the main stream media, including CBC and BBC TV and radio stations will rise to the challenge of echoing almost word for word the US war propaganda of why this war (nuclear)with Russia was(is) necessary. If you think I am worrying foolishly, just listen when listening to the National News to how much space is given to beating the war drums against Putin and Russia. I hope you become as alarmed as I am about what the CBC is pounding unrelenting into our ears on the need to teach Putin and Russia a lesson.  A really hard lesson.  But remember, Russia is not Libya, Iraq, or Afaganstian.  Russia is a modern state with nuclear weapons.  They are equipped to give as well as take.  If you do become concerned about the Putin bashing, Russia hating, one sided reporting of your national broadcasting station please let them know. Maybe it’s not too late for the CBC to get over it.

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