Tuesday, April 03, 2018

On War with Russia

On war with Russia


The hatred being vented toward Russia by the Western world may be some kind of a temporary aberration, but I don’t think so.  This non-stop assault on Russia is a horrendously dangerous thing.   The accusations of wrong-doing by Russia without including Western countries own role in all of it is never-ending.  As far as Russia trying to kill a double agent on British soil after Russia had already released him years before after he served time for treason, I don’t believe it.  On the eve of the World cup games? Why would they do that?  


I could be wrong but it certainly sounds as though some sort of a pre-emptive strike on Russia by US-led NATO is being seriously discussed by the US generals. However, the problem for this scenario is that Russia (as I understand it) now has a nuclear capability superior to the US.  NATO (of which Canada is a part) can’t really try to destroy Russia without grave risk of destroying our own countries and populations.  


I also think this flood of accusations coming from the West against Russia is aimed equally, or even primarily, at China.  Why? The US dollar has been the predominant settlement currency for oil future contracts.  China is the world’s biggest oil consumer and has just launched their own yuan-back crude oil futures in Shanghai. This means they don’t have to use US dollars anymore in their oil transactions.  They will use their own currency, backed by gold, instead of US dollars, backed by much of nothing.  Which, of course, weakens the US dollar further and makes the US furious.


The US war hawks will rattle swords and cheer on Theresa May but unless the new warriors in Trump’s cabinet are willing to try to wreck the entire world along with their own lives, there isn’t a dammed thing they can do about it. Except, of course, sling accusations non-stop both at Russia and China while titillating the public with the frolics of Donald Trump and Stormy, the porn star.


  1. I stopped listening to the news long ago. I have no television. I turn on 550AM on my radio and I listen to the voice of peace.
    I read books. I sing garden play by guitar and facebook. Life is too short. Oh I pick up the phone evey day day and call a politican in Oattawa or The White House. I also called embassies over seas and write letters to news papers and I am forever calling CBC and asking them to wake up. I know angels of mercy exist. I know Jesus was hung on a cross and left to die. I saw him the other day, we both were leaving the United Church of Denman Island , they threw me out. I only saw my aaviour's right hand extended out of a white folded tunic. I only saw a part of it from elbow to waaste but the right hand was so strong and so capable. It was a flash. Men in the world are completely ruled by power and not a holy spirit. Our day will come Betty. the next generation are so aware and awke. It is all ok. We are spirit having an earth walk. Have you put your request in for your next life. Me I am going to be black and a boy with a boat. on an island in a far off land. The Russians are a great people.

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