Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Treason of Pierre Trudeau

There isn’t a lot we can do about the yellow vests in France or the Brexit mess in England. But what about the US stock market volatility and the plunging Canadian dollar?  Can we Canadians have any effect on the direction of these financial entities?  Well, probably not much for the Canadian dollar at the moment as Canada has just arrested the CEO of Huawai which is the second or third largest telecom companies in the entire world.  The fact that the CEO and the company are Chinese and that this particular CEO (Meng Wanzhou), is also the daughter of the founder of the company and was arrested at the request of the US, is extremely problematic for Canada. China has vowed dire consequences for Canada if the CEO is not released immediately.


It seems however, that Meng Wanzhou is in the process of being extradited to the US.  However, Justin Trudeau’s government, recognising that Canada is but a vassal state of the US and really has no choice in the matter but to do as the Americans bid.  It was rather painful watching Justin Trudeau denying this is so.  And you know what?  I don’t like Canada being in the position of being a US vassal.  Because we don’t have to be.  And we wouldn’t be if Justin Trudeau would tell the international bankers that control our country as well as the US and Europe to go, well, you know, to hell.  We could do this if the son of Pierre would get off his kick of turning Canadian expenditures over to something he and his advisers just made up called the Canadian Investment Bank, which is just another name for more of the capitalistic privatization crap that we are all mucking about in.  Trudeau must be vigorously encouraged to take a good look at how his father destroyed our truly independent banking system by simply ignoring the Canadian Bank Act and turning to foreign economists under the spell of foreign international  private banks to tell him how to manage Canada’s finances. 


It was Pierre Trudeau who gave away our public Bank of Canada and turned it into a private banking system, whatever his motives were, his actions were highly successful.  Just the compound interest that has accrued since privatizing our public bank is gut wrenching.  Before becoming privatized, our public bank of Canada gave both federal and provincial governments loans with little or no interest.  The international private banks that took over charge exorbitant rates coupled with their very clever compound interest.  And this is ruining not only Canada but other countries caught under the Petro dollar and compound interest.  And what is so ironic, is this can be fixed so simply.


The group COMER has filed law suits to have what used to be our public bank reinstated as such. This law suit has enormous ramifications not only for Canada, but for other nations trying to get out from under the Petro dollar and international bankers. Google COMER and find out about this group’s efforts to restore Canada’s banking system to its former glory. It can be done. What happened in court?  A hint… we may all be wearing yellow vests before this is over with. Next time.

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