Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The crown jewels that interest me are not the ones in England.  The crown jewels that interest me are the ones  that United States intelligence sources say they now believe that whistle-blower Edward Snowden was unable to access (Business Standard 7/23/13).
 The Business Standard reported (July 22, 2013)“As the Obama administration is analyzing what all classified data Snowden laid his hands on and what damage he may have caused, the damage assessment reveals that he did not gain access to the ‘extremely compartmentalized information’ (ECI), CNN reports”. And from the same article : “United States intelligence sources now believe that whistle-blower Edward Snowden was unable to access the ‘crown jewels’ NSA programs that secretly monitor telephone and on line conversations worldwide.”
I don’t believe it. I believe that Snowden did get into the crown jewels or else why would there even be talk of the existence of such a thing?  Edward Snowden has proven to be a very careful man and I think Snowden did find the “crown jewels”.  And he has not released them.  But Snowden has made known that the information he still holds that hasn’t been released so far, has been encrypted.  Furthermore, in the event that he should be murdered, Snowden has also made known that he has put copies of this unreleased material into the hands of others with the instructions to be released in the event that he is murdered. 
I believe Edward Snowden is a true patriot.  I believe him to be of the same nature as many other great Americans who have tried to steer the US away from the grip of total control by the US military, banks, and corporations and put their lives at risk in so doing.   I would place Edward Snowden in the same category as Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King in a heartbeat.   I think Snowden loves his country and does not want to destroy the US, that he still believes in the values of democracy, the equality of opportunity, the creativity and love of place that America used to be.  I know that place of which Snowden speaks.   I used to dwell there, in that longing to believe that what one was taught as a child could still be true.  But it isn’t.  I think Snowden came to this reality in front of his work computer gazing at the screen at the monster the US has become.
The reluctance to “harm the US” seems to be the main message coming from Snowden and from Vladimir Putin.  Putin along with Snowden’s lawyer both hem and haw about asylum for Assange on the grounds that he would have to stop releasing material that would “harm the US” should he be granted asylum.  Interesting. In other words, he would have to refrain from releasing any of the “Crown Jewels” he may have.
 As Snowden has already released a gigantic cluster bomb upon the world with the NSA global spying revelations, what other information could be in his possession that would “harm the US”?   It wouldn’t be the usual spying stuff on corporations or military fields.  China is also very good at information gathering of that sort. It has to be something more than what most countries already have.
 And as I understand it, as long as Assange doesn’t formally apply for permanent asylum in Russia the restrictions that he not release anything to harm the US do not apply.  Putin has indicated to the media that he finds Snowden troublesome for Russia. But  I believe that far from Russia wanting to be rid of Edward Snowden as the western press asserts, I think that Putin (as well as China) has some idea what these “crown jewels” of information consist of and consider this material, whatever it is,  to be of the utmost importance and interest to the world.
  Julian Assange seems to believe that as long as Snowden remains in Russia he will be safe.  I would definitely fear for Snowden’s life if he left Russia because  I think the American MNNJBCCC’s (My own acronym)  meaning a grab bag of American military, NSA, neo-cons, Jewish lobby, banks, corrupt politicians, Christian fundamentalists and CEO’s of corporations would tear him apart with their teeth if they could get their hands on him.
I think this bunch (MNNJBCCCs) fear what Edward Snowden may be holding as if it were death itself.  It would certainly be the death of their dreams of a rapid ascent to the absolute throne of world power.  If Snowden has information that links some of the people in the MNNJBCCC groups to beforehand knowledge of 9/11 he could ever so gently advise them to behave differently or else.  Wouldn’t that be the mother of all developments? Wouldn’t it just?
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