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Even before 9/11 the US already owned much of the world.  As the largest economy in the world, the most aggressive military with the most treacherous foreign policy to date, it was doing okay.   Yes, the US was the mightiest, most feared country in the world and perhaps in all of history.

But that was before Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks, Private Bradley Manning of the US Army and Aaron Swartz of MIT (Mass. Institute of Technology).  Most of us know who Julian Assange is, and Bradley Manning, who is only twenty-five, and how these young men are managing to alert us, in spite of great self-sacrifice , to the increasing lies and barbarities being committed abroad in the name of the people of the “free” world.    But Aaron Swartz, age 26 at the time of his recent death is somewhat less known because he checked out early; he committed suicide as he couldn’t face a possible forty year prison sentence for releasing many scientific papers for free download.  Swartz, like Assange and Manning, simply believed deeply, profoundly, in freedom of information, freedom of the press and the freedom to assess information.  Enter Edward Snowden.
Edward Snowden had, and evidentially has, in his possession jaw dropping, bone rattling information about how the US spying network is like a vast blanket of quicksand.  Snowden demonstrates how this network sucks up all electronic communications both at home and abroad and keeps them.  By his stunning releases of information on this, Snowden is demonstrating  that it is not only foreign countries and their peoples that are being watched by NSA (US spy agency) like a chicken hawk watches a country hen with chicks, but is watching the entire US population. And of course, Canada.  I think especially Canada. 
Okay, so what does the US even want with all this information?  In order to drone attack anywhere in the world if they deem something suspicious, even within their own country’s borders?   Perhaps.  Their new Fascist rules permit it. The new FISA court rules (the secret US court that gives out verdicts which are always yes to whatever the government wants) has ruled that American Security tops every agenda of civil rights, legal rights and human rights.  So what can this be called but a warm embrace of Fascism?
The sharp US turn toward Fascism began wobbling ever so slightly under Wiki Leaks and Bradley Manning’s whistle blowing (and there are others) but it was the sudden appearance of the information held by Edward Snowden that has dealt US Fascism a staggering blow.  The US is reeling under Snowden’s whistle blowing because this information reveals to all countries and their peoples, as well as US citizens, that the US government is intent on world domination in all spheres of economic, militaristic, cultural and financial life.  But what is the reason behind this insane US overreach?  And when did it start?
I think just about everybody will agree that it started in earnest with 9/11.  But the more this seems to be the case, the more 9/11 itself becomes so…well, problematic.  It is beginning to seem, at least to me, that 9/11 was such a perfect excuse to make a quantitative jump in both US domestic and foreign policies that demanded iron fisted control of people both at home and abroad, and of many other countries besides.  US foreign policy works on the principal that what can’t be bought or sold can be had through blackmail and/or extortion. The US economic and governmental screws, already positioned in that direction, began to turn with a vengeance. But this passion for complete control of just about everything suggests action from a fear driven position, right? But fear of what?
 I think it is primarily the fear of what the US thinks might happen when the sleazy banking world crashes and there is no more quantitative easing and few jobs.  The US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and other debt ridden countries might experience a people’s spring unlike any other. I think the US figures it’s best to be prepared and have the screws in place, so to speak.  Yes, our governments are afraid of us, of our anger and outrage at being mercilessly deceived when the truth is out, when the bankers and corporations have fled with the last of the worker’s savings and unpaid wages.  The entire country may be bankrupt, just like Detroit, with a small elite core living in gated enclaves on top of the garbage heap.  So 9/11 became the most perfect excuse to start setting up the enclaves and screwing down the people and any rights the people might think they still have.
So 9/11, one might say, came just in time for an excuse to start the screwing down process on people in earnest. Wasn’t that fortunate for the previously sluggish turn to Fascism?  Oh, yes.  But as this fortunate happening for fascism become more apparent with Snowden’s revelations, one begins to revisit 9/11 itself.  The official explanation for how 9/11 occurred never did sit right with me.  It wasn’t the third tower in the trade centre seeming to collapse on its on, or other disturbing inconsistences that seem to bother other people.  For me it was two things. The first is my own impression and could be dismissed out of hand as I don’t think it would hold up in court.  This was the expression on President Bush’s face when he was interrupted in reading a story to school children by the announcement that the trade centre had been attacked.
How to read that first expression on Bush’s face when the man with the message whispered the news into Bush’s ear?  I hope I’m wrong, but I found Bush’s expression both studied and fearful, and at the same time, guilty.  Like a little boy who has done something wrong. But we can’t hang Bush for his expression, can we?  No, but what was he doing there reading books with children at the exact time of the 9/11 attacks?  Did President Bush usually read books with children?  Was this a special event?  Could it have been a staged event?  One that screams the following message… “see, here is our good and blameless president, reading books with innocent children when these monstrous Al Qaeda terrorists are attacking us, and our children”. Okay, you can dismiss me on that one if you like as I know it wouldn’t stand up in court.  However, I think this next problem I have with 9/11 should bother everybody.
How did unknown and unchartered planes get into the sacred air space that surrounds the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon?  This is just too crazy for words.  Are we to believe that the most militaristic and advanced military ready nation in the entire world doesn’t have protection at all times from intruder air planes around its most sacred of buildings, the buildings that govern the nation’s finance and the war machine?  Are we totally sappy that we swallow that? That we believe the US government’s unbelievable excuses that there was no protection of the air space around the World Trade Center and the pentagon just on that day because all the nation’s air planes that usually patrol the skies at that time were busy doing exercises concerning what to do in case an event occurred such as 9/11?   I, for one, do not believe it.  And I think people who do believe this story believe it primarily  because they can’t face the other explanation…that some part of the US government was in conjunction with Israel and either knew of the planned attack or actually had a hand in staging or enabling the 9/11 attack themselves.
I also believe that information behind the 9/11 attack is primarily behind the panic of the US government to get Snowden at any cost.  I think the Obama administration and agencies fear, along with Israel, that Snowden may have, and may actually release some information concerning the 9/11 attack that isn’t known.   How else to explain the odd remark by Vladimir Putin to the press concerning Snowden’s application for Russian asylum.  Putin remarked that Russia couldn’t give Snowden official asylum unless he promised not to do harm to the US.  Just after Putin made this remark he said he knew this sounded strange coming from him.  And he’s right.  It did sound strange.  It is strange.  I think it was a message to the Obama administration. Because how else could Snowden harm the US more than his releases have done so far, other that give out information that might implicate agencies that could have staged 9/11? Like some faction in the US government and Israel?
Whatever, so far Snowden has outsmarted the US by saying that he has encrypted the information he has yet to release and has given it to other parties to hold. If he is killed he has instructed the information to be released.  This may give the US pause.  For awhile.
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