Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chemtrails and LRAD

Saturday morning, from my back porch in Comox Valley, I think perhaps I caught a glimpse of the future. And it was in the sky.  High enough that I couldn’t even see the airplane emitting the plume of vapor left behind that was spreading across the bright sun lit sky to the east.  

I’ve rather dismissed the emails I get from people who seem paranoid about chemtrails (the plume of white vapor left behind some airplane flights that seem unusual for whatever reason.)  But when people’s actions seem peculiar or disturbing to me I always look for motives behind the actions. Sometimes there aren’t any.  At least nothing discernible.  But while I didn’t completely dismiss the email warnings I had received in the past about the odd, vaguely menacing plumes of white vapor that airplanes seem to be emitting more frequently, I just hadn’t been able to establish a motive.  Why would the Canadian government be trying to poison us, as some of the emails claim, or mess with our brains?  What would be the purpose of this?  And yet, while looking at this extremely large chemtrail yesterday morning I was struck by its bold, beautiful and unusual pattering. 

It was by far the most striking and detailed chemtrail I had seen to date.  I stood mesmerized as I watched the long, broad band of white lace sprawl across the sky, the lacy vapor band so clearly defined that I could distinctly make out the repeated swirls and circles within the band’s borders. And equally striking were the vapor tassels hanging in patterned intervals along the left side of the lacy band.  It was an incredible show.  And I was without a camera.  My camera was in Vancouver with my grandson. 

But as I stared at the chemtrail it struck me how familiar the pattern was; it seemed a stunning, eerie portrayal of a section of my grandmother’s handmade white lace tablecloth being writ large across the sky.  And this was no vapor trail because it wasn’t vaporizing.  It just hung there.  When I had to leave the porch twenty minutes later the band of sky lace was in the act of decomposing but the image was still distinct. What was it that this plane was spewing out that made such an incredible design I wondered? Were these kinds of sky vapors actually composed of dangerous chemicals as some of my more paranoid (seemingly) contacts insisted?

 But as one wit said of paranoia, there is no such thing.  What is described as paranoia is merely a heightened sense of awareness. Whatever, when I stepped out on my back porch Saturday and saw this eerily beautiful chemtrail it was immediately after listening to a radio report on how the authorities in London plan to use Long Range Acoustic Devices for crowd control during the Olympics.  Just in case. This is a device that brings excruciating pain to human ears, rendering the owners compliant.  And after the Olympics?  Would LRAD be used against the Occupy protesters?  Or in any protest where people gather demanding democracy and transparency of government actions?  Are we being gradually conditioned to accept any outrageious form of control under the guise of national security? And conditioned not to demand answers when the sky (our sky) becomes crisscrossed with vapors that are inexplicable to us?  And what to do about it, anyway?

I think first, we might recognize that the more paranoid people among us who see the chemtrails as ominous threats to everybody’s health and safety may very well be right.  However, the jury is out until something more definitive is brought forth but I am now ready to at least listen to these people.  To see a huge, long white vapor trail across the sky portraying the distinct pattern of my grandmother’s lace tablecloth (as I remember it) complete with tassels, and then to personally monitor this image as it hung there under the sun intact for almost twenty minutes is disconcerting to say the least. It seemed to me like some kind of an omen. That I should pay more attention to this.  Okay, Grandma. I get it.