Sunday, June 03, 2012

Yes, we need a Women’s Revolution. Because men as a group just simply aren’t paying enough attention to a gigantic biological crime affecting males; there has been a fifty per cent drop in the human male sperm count in the last fifty years and the count is still dropping. I call it a crime because it is. This is an extremely serious issue as it portends reproduction problems for the entire human race downstream.  The overwhelming scientific opinion seems to be that the human sperm count drop is caused by chemical pollution. Why aren’t our men out screaming in the streets?

 But the most staggering issue to me at the moment is the way governments are working with universities and corporations to patent the very building blocks of life itself.  Living genes of plants and animals, including those of human genes, have been and are in the process of being patented by private companies. The initial research is almost always done in universities and largely paid for by taxpayers.   This means that huge sections of the circle of life are being co opted and privatized through the work of public institutions that the public pays to bring life and health to the general population.
One immediate concern is that of genetically modified salmon.  It won’t be long now according to some reports (Ktuu. com 6/2/2012) before GMO salmon will be given a pass by the US for human consumption. And our Canadian government is gearing up to take full advantage of this future lucrative market for  genetically modified salmon (Frankenfish) for private industry as soon as the US gets the green light.  And of course Harper’s government will have no plans to inform the public about which salmon in our grocery stores are actually the Frankenfish. Just as they refuse to tell us which corn and grains and oils presently on the market are genetically modified.

The Harper government also denies it has anything in mind but the good welfare of the Canadian people when we inquired of their intentions with the GMO Salmon currently being cared for in West Vancouver.  Mr. Keith Ashfield (DFO) also denies in a letter (April 27, 2012) that any of the fish in BC, either in pens or open waters, have been sex changed.  However, we are advised differently by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. On their website they tell us exactly how they achieve all female populations of fish (sex changed triploid fish) and stock these populations which include rainbow trout, eastern brook trout, kokanee, and cutthroat, in 50 % of the lakes in BC.  We are also advised on this same site how some of the fish get sex changed.

With hormones.  They use testosterone to change some female fish into males while in the fry stage.  However, when they mature the sex changed females act as males and fertilize the eggs of regular females. But they are still genetically females.  So, because their parents were both genetically females, when these eggs hatch and grow to maturity they are all females.  And because they are also sterile it means these unnatural fish don’t use energy going through sexual maturity and grow abnormally big and fat, some to monstrous sizes.  What a bloody awful thing to do to the natural world! 

But our fate as unnatural humans (unless we revolt) corresponds with the fate of our unnatural fish. Just as there is no government outcry over the rapid, abnormal drop in human male sperm count, there will be no governmental expressed worry about the human breast cancer gene has that has recently been patented and privatized. Fancy that. A human gene that used to belong to its human owner has recently been patented and now belongs to a company in Utah (Myrad Genetics).  Well, their reasoning seems to go, if fish genes can be patented and privatized, why not those of humans?  More on this next time.