Friday, January 15, 2021

Free speech is messy

Do we Canadians really believe in Freedom of Speech?  For all, as well as for ourselves?  Yes, of course we do.  We only disagree with people who support hate speech.  But who defines hate speech? Well, the side our Liberal government seems to favour as well as many Americans and Canadians could loosely be called the “Globalist” side. Globalists like to consider themselves first and foremost as world citizens. Influential Globalists, which include most of the American Democratic and Republican Parties, along with the tech giants and mainstream media, have the capacity to travel abroad, get multiple degrees, and have the most treasured of all things – financial security. They often define themselves against countries and political parties that are threatening to spin out of control with their outdated notions of nationalism. Donald Trump and his followers are “Nationalists”. Nationalists place a high value on patriotism, are often from the working classes, and make up most of the military.

International corporations and their special interest lobbyists helped desecrate the American unions and manufacturing base by moving to Asia and elsewhere for cheap unregulated labour or demanding eyewatering tax exemptions and perks for staying in the country. They have become obscenely rich and look down their noses at the poor American schmucks working for paltry sums, or in many instances, not being able to work at all with the unemployment rate hovering at about seven percent. More than 25 million workers are unemployed or have experienced a reduction in work hours or pay.


The poor are once again left wondering how they are going to feed themselves and their families. So when a populist leader arises who seems to listen and promise them a return of the American Dream, then of course the “deplorables” respond. But if some respond with protest and violence they are all condemned as, at best, ignorant and at worst, racist sexist fascists. I am not condoning the violence that happened, nor some of the perspectives they promote. What I am challenging is that all “deplorables” are considered to be a threat to the established order of things and must not be allowed to speak unless it is in the language of the Globalists. Free speech is messy, but becomes very problematic when it is only moderated by our new Global overlords - Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter. Are they succeeding?   We’ll see.  Next time.