Tuesday, January 16, 2024

When all else fails they take you to War


When all else fails they take you to War

When all else fails they take you to war”-(Gerald Celente). Why am I quoting this man who is so foul-mouthed he makes a lot of people like me (old) wish he wouldn’t. Then why do I listen to him if he is so foul mouthed? Because he also speaks the truth. When western politicians can’t figure out what to do about the economy, or anything that would stop their approval numbers from collapsing, they will take us to war. I am 95 years old and my entire life has been marked by watching men, cheered on by women, marching off to war. Lately, some women have become combatants themselves. In Canada some of the men in service who claim to be gender fluid and are allowed to flout ear rings, nail polish, and even skirts while in training, may find themselves sent to the fronts of foreign wars, combat ready or not.

Because war truly is a racket. It’s the only American industry that never fails to generate billions of dollars at the slightest suggestion of war. The financial elites who got there by stealing from the middle class amd fostering wars love Niki Haley who came in third in the US Republican Iowa Primaries yesterday because she loves wars and wants to wipe the Palestinians off the map. I hate living always with memories of the Viet Nam War and my son’s involments in that war, along with the associated presidential assassinations and national grief, and always under the threat of the next war. And the wars came.This is the main reason that I am glad that Donald Trump took the Iowa Primaries by a landslide. I think he sincerely desires peace. He likes making deals, he knows how to negotiate with other countries. We were not under threat of war when he was president.

However, there is still a danger with Trump of getting involved in a war in spite of his antipathy towards war should he become president again. I have to remember he is cozy with Netanyahu. Can Trump be persuaded by Netanyahu to join in his genocide of the Palestinians in Gazahe should Trump become president again. And thus to continue careening toward a third world was? Who knows? At any rate, I don’t think Trump can be stopped now. Unless, of course, Biden decided to cancel the US elections just just like Netanyahu has cancelled the Israeli elections. Its easy to do. If Biden doesn’t quite know how to do it in the US, well, he will be welcome to come, I am sure, and talk to our Canadian prime minister. Justine Trudeau can give wonderful insights on how to declare a state of emergency and lock down the entire country. Bingo. Good time to cancel the US elections. Gerald Celente is right. When all else fails they take you to war. Next time . Why Justin Trudeau isn’t worried about losing his job.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

A Prime Minister without Stones


A Prime Minister without Stones

Okay, all the Christmas and New Year holidays are over and we must face reality. The reality we have is that the Prime Minister we have is without stones. I think that my last post (Trudeau’s Tampons) is clear indication that by ordering tampons to be put into men’s washrooms for government employees that he believes that bits and pieces of female anatomy left in the bodies of women transitioning to males can can actually menstruate. ) And he has his defenders. Such as the reply to my post by a gentleman named Stephen Samuel. Mr. Samuel defends the tampons in men’s washrooms. I quote “ sometimes there are people who present as males who still has some female ‘parts’, but it would be very difficult for them to just walk into a women’s bathroom and to access hygiene products”.

And I say bull shit. The very idea that menstruation can result from just bits and pieces left in the body of a female transiting to a male is just bull shit. Menstruation is a whole, complete, complex and delicate system dedicated to females only. This female system can be disrupted for weeks, even many months, by undue stress, grief, or illness and any part deliberate taken out of the system will completely disrupt the female’s ability to menstruate. Mensuration requires the entire system to operate. When all that is left are bits and parts the system will not operate at all. It won’t run on bits and pieces. And it is a very, very sick fantasy that it will, but too many Canadians think it sounds reasonable.

This thinking is not reasonable. It is a fantasy. This fantasy defies nature and mathematics. For instance, engineering rests on mathematics. Will a combustible engine, or any engine run only on bits and parts? Will anything in nature run on bits and parts of the whole? Don’t be silly. If anything tries to run only on bits and parts of a whole then the whole will not run at all. Such a system as trying to start anything with missing parts is doomed to failure. Whatever tries to start with missing parts will not work no matter how hard the master planner wants it to. Such a system will become immediately extinct, like the bits and pieces of the menstruation system left to trans women of whom Mr. Samuel speaks. He seems to think that that the female menstruation system is like a jig saw puzzle with the majority of the pieces lost, and that if you simply ignore the missing pieces, and just concentrate on the few pieces left you will figure it out. But there is nothing to see but a tiny portion of the puzzle. It doesn’t work as far as showing an actual picture of the whole. Bu no big deal, Mr. Samuel urges us to think. No big deal. Things are well.

Things are not well. The emperor has no clothes. A Prime Minister cannot do such crazy things as putting tampon in men’s wash rooms and making people comply with the threat, or implied threat, of job loss without making everybody more or less a little crazy. Or crazier. Are we to defy our own common sense and at least some knowledge of the structure of the human body?

I don’t bunch gay people in with trans people. Gay people and bisexual people in general don’t try to deny the very existence of their chromosomes, the ones that dictate whether humans are to have a male body (XX) or a female one (XY). These chromosomes do not lie. Trudeau lies every time he opens his mouth. What I am talking about here is the absurd idea that bits and parts of a female menstruating system so complete, complex and delicate, that these bits and parts of this entire system will somehow come tougher and act as the whole system. It will not. It is broken. The bits and pieces are of no use. Our Prime Minister is mad. In my opinion he wants to be a woman himself because he knows he has no stones to be, or even to act, like a man. Next time. Why Trudeau doesn't fear the next election. He doesn't think there will be one.

Betty Krawczyk

Jan 2, 2024