Sunday, April 09, 2017


It wasn’t a cake walk.  Exactly. The Swamp is inhabited by dangers: neocon war hawks, military industries, International bankers, Saudi Arabia with their Wahhabism religion that hates women with an unrelenting passion, Israeli Zionists, the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, the Bushes, Clintons, and the multi-billionaires who buy the people’s government. The Swamp had to work a bit to suck Trump down into the bog of war on Russia and China via Syria.  But the Swamp knew from practice how to do this.  If US presidents struggle too hard and too long against the Swamp, they simply assassinate them as they did both President Kennedy, his brother Robert and probably John Kennedy Jr.  Trump does not have the character of the Kennedys, or the intelligence.  The Swamp knew that it would be easier and look better to convince Trump that the Swamp is good and Russia evil than to parade another presidential assassination before the rest of the world. The EU has largely agreed.

The banks are quite aware that the US, with its massive debt, off-shoring and increasing robotization of industry, is mostly financially bankrupt except for their war industries.  War is the only game in town as the American neocons recognize and celebrate.  During the election Trump won over his backers by promises of jobs, affordable health care, and peace with Russia and the rest of the world.  His backers will get none of the above.  Neither will the backers of Hillary Clinton.  Clinton has lived in the Swamp a long time. Trump is a new comer.  But he does seem to fit there amongst the swirling, decaying, foul smelling swamp mud of the US government.   And increasingly, maybe our Canada does, too. Our young Prime Minister who doesn’t hesitate to send Canadian troops to Latvia on Russia’s border, and join in the Swamp line-up in suppling weapons to Saudi Arabia and supporting the US in whatever they do internationally.  Just name it, America, and Trudeau will salute! He loves Hollywood. You want to bomb Syria?  Great, count us Canadians in. And the CBC.  No problem.  Our CBC has become so Swampish it is already being called NBC North by some.

This is very depressing.  The US has fired off missiles into Syria with seemingly little concern that deliberately striking a foreign air base is an act of war, and that Russia, invited into Syria by its president, has nuclear weapons. So does China. The Swamp that has swallowed Trump has no mind but to swallow the entire world even if it kills the majority of people in it.  The Swamp doesn’t care.  In fact they are eager for World War Three. In their fevered minds the US is still in the same position it was after World War Two…the only possessors of nuclear weapons and the favored darlings of God to rule the world. But just to be on the safe side, they have their lavish underground shelters and they think there are too many people in the world anyway.  And it isn’t just Russia, Syria, Iran and China that the Swamp is after.  It’s North Korea, too.  Just read a notice on RT that a US Navy Strike group is heading toward N. Korea over Pyongyang’s “nuclear threat”.  So bizarre.  It’s as if the US really does want to see the world in flames and are acting out the religious right’s longing for the “end times”.

Depressing as this is, I  also know that the universe doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about my depression over fears of global conflict that may wipe out much of the world’s civilizations, or anybody’s else’s depression for that matter.  But as long as there is life, there is hope.  “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more”. (Shakespeare)

Photo by Johannes Bojesen