Thursday, January 18, 2018

Warmongering in Vancouver?

Earlier this week warmongers were hosted by our Prime Minster in Vancouver, although this meeting has received little media mention.  As CBC has refused to tell you about it (so far) I will.  The meeting involved ministers from most of the allied countries that were involved in the Korean War (1950-1953). I call this meeting warmongering because they, with our Prime Minister, are trying to figure out  how to push North Korea far enough with sanctions and threats of invasion (first strikes) that it will a trigger that small beleaguered nation to do something really stupid. I mean something that in their fear of being blown up, something that can be perceived as being so terrible, that it will give the U.S. and its UN cohorts the excuse to go ahead and do what they threaten…blow North Korea off the map.

North and South Korea are discussing ways they can work together, including walking together as united Koreans in the coming Olympic Games. I hope this is a precedent.  I hope somebody in the U.S. will realize that other UN countries, less corrupt than the U.S., are also taking note. People all over the world are beginning to object to murderous wars for profit and influence and demand a stop to it.

But war after all, that is what the U.S. does best. Blowing up recalcitrant countries is America’s biggest industry. With an economy based on the capacity to produce war machines non-stop, then doggone it, the indispensable nation must have wars.  And other large UN economies, also partly based on their own production of war machines, applauds from the side lines.  But how can another war happen in North Korea, the war that killed four million Korean citizens, fifty thousand US soldiers, and cost 30 billion dollars?  Another Korean Was is the best hope the war-mongers have for another active engagement that will take lots of killing machines. And how can this happen if North and South Korea are having their own meetings?

I congratulate both North and South Korea. The North for sticking up for itself, and the South for realizing that the U.S. is more likely to get their citizens killed and their country destroyed than to protect them.  And the war-mongers meeting in Vancouver won’t convince us that U.S. is a good friend to Canada. Canadians are paying, but we’re betting on the wrong horse.