Sunday, December 24, 2023

Trudeau’s Tampons


Trudeau’s Tampons

Did you know that of Dec. 15 , 2013, all male workers for the government will have, or will soon have, free tampon dispensers in their wash room ? Isn’t that a lovely Christmas present for all the federal menstruating men? Isn’t that just the lovelist of presents? The Trudeau government says : “The update to the labour code also requires that menstrual products be made available in all washrooms, regardless of their marked genders.”

I think Linda Frum, former Conservative senator, said it best. I quote her response to the new changes in the labour code. She writes “ Back in the day, when only women menstruated, we had to pay for our products. But now that men menstruate too, these products, as of this week, are mandated to be free in all Men’s washrooms in all federal work places, including Parliament Hill.”

But I understand that the menstrual products will now also be freer to women. Well, at least that’s equity. But I have to our prime minister technically insane? I mean, really, seriously insane? Does he not know that menstruation requires a female body? A female body that is equipped with a womb, eggs, a cervix, Fallopian tubes, all of which the male body does not have. A man can not menstruate as he has none of these requirements. Justin Trudeau is mad, I tell you. We are all being ruled primarily by a mad man who evidently wishes he were female and will not stop until he destroys us all. |why are we allowing it? Why, oh, why?

Betty Krawczyk

Dec 24, 2023

Monday, December 04, 2023

Gaza’s Enormous Gas Field


Gaza’s Enormous Gas Field

I am wondering why main media doesn’t talk about or even mention that Gaza has legal right to an enormous gas field that according to the Oslo Accords, and maritime law, Gaza has legal possession of what is known as Gas Marine, and belongs to the Palestinians. This gas field sits right off the coast of Gaza. It was The Palestine National Authority that gave an exploratory Group (BG Group) permission to explore this gas field in 1999. Upon discovery of an enormous gas field the following year

it was estimated that Gas Marine could contain upwards of 1 trillion feet of natural gas, more than needed to supply Palestine territories., with enough gas left over for potential to export.

Why, oh, why, hasn’t Gas Marine been developed by now? ? The people of Gaza are dying every day from lack of power while sitting on 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas? Why, oh God, why, hasn’t this massive gas field been developed after so many years? The answer seems to be because Israel has put all kinds of obstacles to stop the development, including physical force. This tells us, at least tells me, that Netanyahu wants that gas field for Israel alone and acts like he intends to have it. If he can just get rid of all the dammed Palestinians. He wants it so much he staged a 9/11 event by ignoring all of the signs pointing to an imminent Hamas attack . And by doing so, no matter how many of of his own people would be killed in the process. He needed a 9/11 even and by God he got it, by deliberately ignoring all signs of an imminent attack. He really, really wants this gas field if he has to kill or forcibly move most of the Palestinians out of Gaza. And who gives a dam what Biden mealymouth may say, the UK absolutely has his back and so seems do most of the Israeli public. If they could just get all their prisoners back first.

But why does the UK ignore US President Biden’s softer stance on the slaughter of Palestinian civilians and thinks Netanyahu has the right to kill them all, if he can, but failing that, drive the remaining ones out. But why is the UK so tough when they usually follow the US lead on international matters? Well, it has to do with Gas Marine. When the The original BG Group that discovered Gas Marine sold, whatever their part of the deal was, they sold to Shell. Shell inc is based in the UK, but Shell the subsidiary is based in the US. Whatever they may say, most of these people in government in the UK and US and the companies involved themselves, do not want a good ending for Gaza. They are, in fact, wondering how they can get in on a bigger or lesser piece of the action themselves. I guarantee you that right now Nancy Polanski and friends are watching the natural gas stock market with greedy eyes and restless, grasping fingers. They smell a potential big financial move in the wind. More next time.

Betty Krawczyk

Dec 4, 2023

Monday, November 20, 2023

The Prison Break that will live in Infamy


The Prison Break that will live in Infamy

Gaza had often been described as one of the the largest, if not the largest, open air prison in the world. Their jail guards, of course, were and are, the Israelis. This prison had been opened and gradually growing since the granting of Jerusalem land to the Israelis after the second world war. After time the Israeli settlers were granted permission by the Israeli government to chase out the original owners of other parts of Palestinian land that was allotted to them by the after war agreements. The rest of the world murmured in protest but did nothing about the land grabs. The state of Israel had openly become an apartheid state as the prison walls around the Palestinians shrank with ever passing year. Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers ignored warnings of the dangles of over crowing into the increasing small places for such a large population, with food and clean water and medicines shortages always looming. The Israelis blamed the over crowding on the Palestinians for having so many children. Half of the population in Gaza is under the age of 18.

The world remains silent when the Israelis, firm in their religious beliefs that they were and are, a superior breed of human, boldly moved more Israeli settlers into more Palestinian lands. Any protests, however mild, were silenced by the Israelis reminding everyone of the memory of the holocaust. But prisons can only get so full, jailers become so demanding and brutal, using live fire when they felt it needed, so many check points, so many bobbed wires and gates. It was inevitable that some of the men would get together and decide that it would be better to risk instant death for themselves and their families than to die slowly piece by piece of flesh, drip by drip of blood, all the while choking on bits of their backbones they had to swallow every day from the contempt and hatred emitting from their guards. They began to plan a jail break.

But there was something very odd about the Israeli response to this jail break. There stood Netanyahu with the most advanced intelligence in the world reporting to him, and with other countries who also had advanced intelligence, warning him that an attack by Hamas was imminent. The man did nothing. He didn’t order his soldiers to rank up, or to warn the border towns that an attack was planned and they should prepare. Friendly countries who also had advanced intelligence also warned Netanyahu that Hamas was planning an an immediate attack. Still, Netanyahu did nothing. Why not? Especially since he knew well in advance the attack was coming.

I believe that Netanyahu wanted this. I believe that he and his ministers felt that it would take a 9/11 incident like this that would bring all of Israel together to finish up the Palestinians and retain the sympathy of the world. He and his others were willing to kill many of their own in order to bring about the great excuse they needed to literally wipe out the Palestinians from Gaza. Netanyahu considers the Palestinians animals, doesn’t understand them, thus he fears them. He wants them gone. He prefers them all dead, if not, at least chased out of the Palestine lands altogether. And he means to have what he wants. The world still watches. And waits. While a new human slaughter is playing out before before our very eyes.

Nov 20, 2023

Betty Krawczyk

Monday, November 06, 2023

To Conquer? First take their land. It’s all about land


To Conquer? First take their land. It’s all about land.

When a more advanced peoples, in terms of science and technology, first gaze upon aboriginal lands, they consider how valuable are these lands and the ones occupying these lands, to the observers should they invade. If the lands are deemed exceeding valuable, the ones presently occupying them will be considered much less so. In fact, if the discrepancy is indeed wide, in terms of science and technology, the present occupants will be described as dirty and ignorant. If the newcomers decide to go to war against the ones already there , the ones already inhabiting the lands will be described as bestial and animal like and unworthy of the lands the invaders lust after. The question for the to get rid of these unworthy people?

They can be killed as historic peoples all over the world have been outright murdered, or starved, or driven to outlying lands with poor soil and poison water. First Nations peoples of Canada and the US know all about this. I learned something about the depravity of this position for First Nations while in prison for contempt of court with some of the First Nation survivors. As an white elderly woman I highly recommend the experience. It sensitizes one to racial and culture injustice like no other. But isn’t this same mindset of newcomers feeling themselves superior in all ways, at least somewhat, similar to what is being played out right now in Gaza albeit on a much smaller scale?

It is the same contempt that a more technology advanced couture for a lesser that the Israeli government is now demonstrating in spades. This contempt lay undercover for awhile, having to be satisfied with just taking pot shots at Palestinians as they were being gradually pushed off their land by Israeli settlers. It is now out in the open and Thus Netanyahu turns his apartheid state of Israel into a state that practices genocide. I believe he deliberately set a trap for the Palestinians. I think Netanyahu brushed off all warnings by other countries that Hamas was planning an attack. He needed a reason to get rid of many people as possible in Gaza even if he had to sacrifice a smaller number of his own. He wanted and still wants to wipe Gaza off the map. What else would you call it with his rules of collective punishment by continuous bombing of an already overcrowd space in Gaza with half of the population under the age of eighteen? An awful lot of the world’s children are being killed, lots of them.

But at least their families know where they are, where they have died. In Lahanina, Maui it is reported that that over two thousand children have disappeared. Their relatives do not know if they are alive or dead since an all encompassing fire swept the island recently. And no official anywhere seems to know anything about the missing children. Very strange. But officials brush this seemingly insignificant thing aside. Even denying that there are any missing children of Lahaina. Or that there was anything strange about the fires themselves. Climate change caused the unnatural path of the fires, the magical turning away from the properties of rich foreigners who had come to buy up the land of Hawaiians.

The Hawaiians refused to sell their land to the new comers because the land was the very symbol of their ancestors. But they were poor and surrounded by rich invaders. It wasn’t just rich people who wanted their land. It was the US government. In step by step planning with the World Economic Forum and the UN, Bill Gates, and other tech giants, who hold hands tightly with Joe Biden and the World Banks owned and operated by the richest people in the world, all of which in future I will just call “The Cabal.” The word Cabal means... a secret political clique or faction (oxford dic) Which means that not a dammed one of these these inner banking people or people of the international forums and the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Swab , two of the twinkling stars of the new profound rulers of the world were elected by the people. They are frauds. They are the kin of the stars of the old medicine shows I attended as a child where there were dancing girls and rowdy jokes by the presenter like “just take this medicine and it will make pain go away. I talked to a gentleman who told me he gave some to his wife and she went away, Ha ha.” Well, the Cabal is not presenting with rowdy jokes. They are presenting as a death cult.

The Cabal want to build smart cities, totally operated by AL or a combination of Smart cities and Fifteen Minute cites. What more perfect place to do this than in beautiful Lahania. The fires weren’t from climatic change. It was a power grab by The Cabal.

Again, using climate change as an excuse, the land grab marches on in earnest. The Cabal must get rid of farmers to bring in their economic restructuring. Farmers are being driven off their land by their own governments under the thrall of The Cabal. How does The Cabal do this? By making farming too expensive for farmers. The Cabal’s demand for less fertilizer and the culling of animals drive family farmers to bankruptcy. Their lands will be taken or sold to their own governments, or conglomerates that will give over to these most evil forces.

Again, using climate change as an excuse, the land grab marches on in earnest. The Cabal must get rid of farmers to bring in their economic restructuring but the attachment of the masses in general to their to homes and lands must also be broken. Citizens made increasingly landless and hungry will certainly be less resistant to prime time western media propaganda. The people must learn to eat insects. How to do this? The same way The Cabal is getting rid of the farmers. Use the central banks of the entire western world to raise rates high enough to make home ownership increasing impossible for the majority of citizens. Citizens will have to default on their mortgages, their homes, their lands. All money collected thus will goes back to The Cabal of banks and the corrupt governments. These massive land grabs will shock the citizens of the entire western world. Unless we do something. But what? Next time.

Nov 6, 2023

Monday, October 16, 2023

What side do I stand by in the Hamas-Israeli War? I stand by Dr. Gabor Mate.


What side do I stand by in the Hamas-Israeli War? I stand by Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. Mate is a Canadian physician, a practising Jew and an expert on enter-general trauma and while deploring the Hamas attack on Israel also speaks of his knowledge of the Palestinians living in Gaza.

I first met Dr. Gabor Mate in 1996 when he was the attending physician in the palliative care unit in Vancouver General Hospital. He attended my twenty-nine year old daughter who was terminally ill with breast cancer. When my daughter died three weeks later she left behind a little four year old boy who , after several years, still continued to suffer the trauma of losing his mother so early, Dr. Gabor also treated him. By this time Dr .Gabor was beginning to specialize in the lingering affects of trauma especially inter-generational trauma. A couple of years later when I was incarcerated in the Maple Ridge Women’s Prison (for protesting clear logging of public BC forests) that led to criminal contempt of court convictions for me) I was given the task of being the prison librarian

As librarian I requested that Dr. Mate be allowed to come and speak to the prisoners as the prison population at the time was around 80 per cent First Nations. The prison and Dr. Mate both approved . The meeting was held in the library and was stuffed with prisoners who had also heard something of Dr. Mate and his work. After question period and it was time for Dr. Mate to go, the prisoners would hardly let him go. Dr. Mate was was describing and identifying with their lives, their feeling, their fears. They were mesmerized and called him an awesome man. And after listening to his interview by Russell Brand yesterday I am ready to also call him an awesome man, too. Please, please watch this interview and you will see why I stand by Dr. Gabor Mate in the awful conflict in the disputed lands.

Dr. Gabor Matte Interview

Video Link

Oct 16, 2023

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Stolen Waters of British Columbia

The Stolen Waters of British Columbia

I haven’t posted in over a month due to a perfect storm of computer problems and burn out from trying to keep up with the wide, wild world. It’s overwhelming. It’s incomprehensible. But I still believe that everything is connected and that it is incumbent upon those with non-stop curiosity to try to find the connections, if there are any, between events. One hears and sees all matters of opinions, but in the end the responsibility of choosing what seems the most believable is up to each individual person.

I had planned today to talk about the surprise attack on Israel and the ever alert war mongers in the US and UK or write about the still missing children of Maui, or about Trudeau’s relentless attacks on Alberta and Danielle Smith, or his seeming unabated desire to drastic lower people’s caloric intake by the murderous rise in the cost of groceries. Which leads me to just write about what is happening here. In British Columbia. And the thing burning in my skull at the moment is the BC government's cut-off of water to the forest farmers in Northern BC.

What do forest farmers grow? Blue Berries, raspberries, currents, nuts, mushrooms, honey, and medical herbs to name a few. What do these crops need? Water. Where do they get their water if the rain is sparse at harvest time? Usually from aquifers or from river water. But what is happening now is that the BC government has cut the farmers from water from any source, citing danger to the salmon but with out data to prove this. The authorities don’t off any proof or data they just appear with police officers and disconnect the water pumps. The farmers protest that the rivers are full and the fish are returning as they usually do and there is absolutely no reason for the water cut off. Please watch...

Stolen Water Part 1, 2, 3

by Simon Hergott

Next time. Betty Krawczyk Oct. 10, 2O23

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Maui Land Grab by whom? Or what? Let’s not Beat Around the Bush.


Maui Land Grab by whom? Or what? Let’s not Beat Around the Bush.

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here.

I believe that fires in Lahaina were used by the powers that be to accomplish two things: first, to take the ancestral lands of Lahaina away from indigenous people who would never sell them, secondly to build back better the first US fifteen minute US city, a concept that the Globalists held so dear.

Who are the Globalists? They are a compilation of the financial elites of the WEF (Klaus Schab, Bill Gates, King Charles, George Soros, Zukerburg, and wealthy Hollywood elites, along with The Central Banks of the western world owned and operated primarily by the powerful Jewish families of forever, The US federal bank, The United Nations and last but not least the greedy, grasping Democratic Party of the US ruled and ruined by all of the above into the deathtraps of hell by pushing the sexual mutilation of children. These people need (or think they need) in order to live the pristine long, long lives (eugenics)they dream of is to depopulate most of the western world of what they call and think of as, useless eaters. Why are they starting with Hawaii? Because Hawaii has the most stunning views and vistas in the world. Perfect for the first US fifteen minute city

In order to point to proof that Lahaina and its people were deliberately burnt I offer the words of an AP fact checker, Philip Marcelo, who posted Aug. 16, 2023, who inadvertently makes the bloggers and reporters survivors on the ground in Lahaina, who Marcelo is trying to present to the public as ignorant yahoos, but who are telling what they have witnessed and experienced. First, Marcelo refutes the claim of the of these Truth Tellers:

Marcelo: The posts ( of the Truth Tellers) draw on existing far-right tropes that global minded organizations such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are plotting to forcibly move people into futuristic” “smart cities” or “fifteen minute” cities where their freedoms will be severely curtailed by advanced technologies.

Me: We know right a way he is not an objective fact checker because he describe anybody who questions the present authority in Lahaina as “far right tropes”.

Truth Tellers: “What they (the Globalists) don’t talk about is that in January they had in Maui a smart city conference to turn Maui into a smart city island, changing everything to electric, renewable’s, solar panels, pushing everybody into electric vehicles...”

Marcelo: ...”The conferences in Hawaii, meanwhile are broad in scope and not focused solely on smart cities, fifteen minutes cities, Maui, or even the state of Hawaii.”

Me: Really? If the conferences in Hawaii were not solely about smart and fifteen minute cities, but were admittedly discussed at length which is expressed by the wording of this statement, just how long were the smart and fifteen minute cities discussed? Who led the discussions? Why were no people from Lahaina there? You are not a fact checker, Mr. Marcelo, you are a bloody globalist supporter of clearing out the indigenous people of Lahaina as they were probably buggering up your own dreams of being part of the global elites. And where are the children, you pitiful excuse for a man? And the missing school buses? Next time.

Sept 9, 2023

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Lahaina: the first US Fifteen Minute Smart City?


Lahaina: the first US Fifteen Minute Smart City?

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. Why do I think that Lahaina, Maui is now, after the monstrous fires that have wiped out most of the city and so many of it’s people, that there is really no other, at least in my mind, of any possible explanation, other that a governmental seizure of the indigenous lands of the city.

On August 8 no sirens or alarms of any kind were sounded in Lahaina to warn the people that an unheard of kind of hellish fire storm was quickly convulsing the city with vicious weird flames that melted the metals of houses, cars, commercial buildings, and the flesh of human beings. Have you heard the cries of the indigenous people and others sounding around the world thorough the internet of “Where are the missing children?”

Some on the islanders say that over two thousand of missing children have not enrolled or re-enrolled for school. But if the children can’t be accounted for then what has happened to them? Were thy incinerated along with their parents when the police stopped families from driving to the main roads that would lead out of the town to safety? The police chief who has since resigned ( John Pelletie) said that he ordered his men to block the roads leading away from the fire because he was afraid that if the drivers ran over a downed power line it might cause deaths. His reasoning had to be one of...better to let them all burn to cinders at once. And they did. The fires were so hot there wasn’t any skeletons left in or lying about the cars and trucks. But why? The police chief coudn’t have been so dim witted to have believed this stupid, lying treacherous story. And the water story doesn’t add up either.

When many of the people tried at first to fight the fire with their water hoses they found there was no water. The water had been turned off. Why? The person in charge of the water gave another damnable excuse...the water was too sacred to be used in such an inequitable way without many permissions. If none of these facts being flashed around the world moves you to believe that Lahaina, Maui was deliberately destroyed and it’s survivors largely lost in grief and uncertainty, that all this destruction and loss of life in order to build the first US fifteen minute city, then I will provide more next time. Soon. August 29, 2023

Video Link

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Never heard of Vivek Ramaswamy? You will.


Never heard of Vivek Ramaswamy? You will.

Vivek Ramaswamy is running in the US presidential election as a Republican. He is thirty-seven year old, born in Ohio, son of Indian immigrants with meagre funds upon arrival in America. Vivek is a Hindu as are his parents. He is married to a Hindu woman and they have two little boys. Vivek is a graduate of all the prestigious schools, Harvard and Yale, etc. He is also the creator of bio-tech companies, one that produced medicine for kids with rare diseases, medici`

nes they didn’t have before. His wife, Apoorva Tewari, beside being the mother of their two little boys, is a throat surgeon. And there is an outside chance that Vivek Ramaswamy will become the next president of the United States.

Why would I say such an outlandish thing when most Canadians have never even heard of him and a lot of Americans haven’t either. However, while he may not be a household name yet (his name is a bit awkward to western ears) Yet I do declare that Vivek Ramaswamy may very well become the next president of the United States. On what do I base this assumptions that this may indeed happen?

I base this first on the fact that Ramaswamy is a mesmerizing speaker. He speaks rapidly and passionately about what is demonstrably true. He talks about the fall of the great cities of the US into filth in the streets and all the unpunished violent crimes against the American public and businesses. He discusses how the police of Democratic controlled cities can no longer act with authority within the law as they are defunded and disrespected by the Democratic Party who in turn are controlled by dictates from abroad. It is in the offices of the World Economic Forum, the UN amd the Central Banking systems sitting so snugly together into the arms of the likes of Klaus Schab, Bill and Melinda Gates, and King Charles while the the little bitty burgers like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden mimic the Mama and Poppa burgers snuggling next to the French Fries sogged with the blood of disappeared history.

Ramsawamy says there is a hole in the hearts of American citizens. This hole used to be filled with faith, family and country. However, faith, family and country has been demolished by an seemingly unstoppable modernism that has resulted in the transgender culture. This in turn has triggered a no holes barred sex culture that includes paedophilia, and child sex trafficking that destroys the very idea of parenthood. When children are no longer loved and respected as children of God but as sex play things then we are no longer a civilization worthy of respect but of death. And that is where we are headed if we do not have a revolution to stop it. Not of violence, but a religious revival. One that includes all faiths that holds the values of our founding fathers, the right and need for faith, family and country that satisfies the hearts and opens the minds of we, the people. My vote is for Vivek Ramsawamy. And you will be hearing about him soon.

Betty Krawczyk

Aug 9, 2023

Friday, July 28, 2023

Have We no Pride?

 Have We no Pride?

Waiting for the other Shoe to drop? The next big bank to go bust? My small bank to go bust? The next covid variant pandemic to start? The climate lock downs to start? Waiting for one of my great-grandchildren to come home and tell their parents they are actually trans? Or telling their teachers but not their parents? Waiting for city streets in downtown Vancouver to return to some kind of normal? Or gas prices? Or groceries? Or learn why young people, especially guys, are offing themselves with alcohol, drugs, and a middle finger to Trudeau’s thankless, jobless (especially for guys) world of woke that offers no hope of actually finding a job that could support getting married, buying or even renting a house and starting a family. All we (and they) have to look forward to with some certainty is the central bank’s digital currencies. What a disgusting set of circumstances. Guys, instead of going quietly into that good night of helpless passivity, why not get together with buddies and start a frigging revolution?

Every living human has the right to self defence. When governments turn against you and become your worst enemy you have the right to self defence. Trudeau has tried to instill the idea in people that there is no right to self defence. If you or your loved ones are threatened with death by a crazed criminal you mustn't fight back. If you fight back you will be punished. This is bull shit. It is rampant, raving bull shit. Men and boys are being demasculized every day with the message that feminine is good and masculinity is bad, even toxic. Even the Canadian military that was designed to protected the county’s borders are now painting their nails and wearing skirts. They have been demasculized to the point where they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag if they had to, much less protect our borders or the women and children and property therein.

Is this what we have come to? Really? That we have let one deranged man with his equality deranged duputy prime minster led us into the very gates of slavery? What is the matter with us? That the men among us, as well as the women, allow this maniac dictator full of hate for ordinary Canadians give and sell Canada away lock stock and barrel to foreign entities , foreign ideologies that have no notion of love of place, love of family, love of the religion of our ancestors, love of history, love of grace. We are being sold into slavery. Have we no pride? Many Canadian people are now depending on food banks to eat while Trudeau sends billions to Ukraine and has pledged to be responsible for their well being and Canadians can go to hell. Well, let’s not go to hell quietly. Let’s fight back. Pundits have it that even if the Conservatoires win the next election if it isn’t a clear majority, Trudeau will hang on this in his slinky, slimy ways to remain premier till end of term. We will all be locked down by then, tied up by thew economic reset, dependent on the masters of the universe ability to give us enough digital currencies for the bugs we will be eating. I ask again...have we no pride? The first line as a child learning to write on what must have been one of the first typewriters in existence was thus : “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. My God, is it time? Is it past time?

Betty Krawczyk
July 28, 2023

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Trudeau’s “Racist Math” and his Tailored Immigration Policy.


Trudeau’s “Racist Math” and his Tailored Immigration Policy.

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. Missed Trudeau’s speech on how his government was launching a tailored immigration system? You missed a mighty fine speech, all about how in future there would be this special category for professional people who wanted to come to Canada. However, this speech was given on Dec. 16, 2021. But as I said, the speech was all about how Canada would be wide open for people who worked in the STEM professions, that is, in Science,Technology, Engineering and Math. Health professionals were also to be welcomed with open arms, doctors, nurses and anything to do with health professionals that could benefit Canada.

In 2021 this gave people hope that Canada’s immigration could bring help instead of more division among Canadians. But that hope has falling deep into the bowels of the earth as our Prime Minster now believes that Math, the foundation that Science, Technology and Engineering rest upon, is sexist and racist. Have you heard him denounce such a thing, or distant himself from it as it seeps its way through Canadian classrooms? No, and you won’t. Trudeau and his woke cabinet have swallowed Klaus Schwab’s methods of how to destroy a country and think slavery for the masses and sweet freedom for their own rotten selves, the precious few who will inherit the earth, is one hellava good idea. And it starts with the idea just as little boys can become little girls, and little girls can become little boys, Math is also fluid and 2+2 does not always equal 4. Because math is sexist and racist. It does not give with Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Math is not social justice. So they have to redesign Math to fit Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

I want to point out something here. I know that math is not sexist or racist because one of my daughters decided she wanted to study math in university. Of my five daughters, she not only liked math, she loved it. She also had to work hard for her degree as there were many obsticals. And there were other women in her graduating math classes that were also working just as hard. They were primarily Chinese. They, like my daughter, hadn’t heard yet that math was sexist and racist. What Trudeau has done with his toady compliance to the World Economic Forum is not only wrecking Canada but he is spitting on the crumbling remains.

Math is not sexist or racist. And it is a female mathematician who says it best. When asked why people say math is sexist Marjonie Lee-Brown answers in an article (Quora) “I really don’t know why anybody would say that since maths is the least racist thing in God’s green acres.” Lee-Brown is the third African-American woman to earn a Phd in math and afterwards started the first computer center for black students at a historic black university.

Lee- Brown goes on to elaborate why she thinks math is the least racist thing on God’s green earth, pointing out that it doesn’t matter what country you live in, what sex you are, what you look like, what language you speak, math is always the same. The math language is unchanging. 2+2 always equals 4. Do you hear that Justin Trudeau, you miserable turn-coat?

Betty Krawczyk

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

When, Oh Good Lord, When?


When, Oh Good Lord, When?

Will the market crash before the Central Bank Digital Currency nightmare has en captured us, or is a bank and market crash the excuse that will be used to shove a new monetary reset down our throats? Will this come just behind j Trudeau’s’s woke theories that are still sticking in our throats, unswallowed. The very reason Trudeau and Freeland can act so cavalier regardless of their black hearted decisions, is because they know they have one reason for being where they are ...that is to safely bring in The New World Order. And they are doing that. Very successfully. And they will be handsomely rewarded for selling out their country to a foreign entity. Trudeau didn’t believe Canada was ever a sovereign country in the first place. And has said so publicly.

What is so weird is that the roll out of the Cemtrel Bank Digital Currencies for Canada is coming at the same time the BRIC nations ( Brazile, Russia, India, China, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are working on their own schemes to devalue the US (and Canadian) dollar and replace it with their own digital currencies as they are tired of being pushed around by the Americans. As the Ukraine war drags on with the conflict over Taiwan getting steamed up to the point of where the possibility of a nuclear exchange becomes more possible every day. I’ve lived through many perilous times but I think this one takes the cake. We are a nation of ignoramuses run by a bunch of black hearted pirates. The pirates are counting the gold (money) they have taken from the Canadian people by force through criminal taxatation and inflation, and are drinking all the grog while the rest of us walk the plank. What will it take for a majority of Canadians to revolt and turn around and and start fighting back? And when will this happen? When ,Oh Good Lord, when? Next time. Betty Krawczyk June 21, 2023

Sunday, June 04, 2023

How an Environmental Activist made a sharp turn to the Right


How an Environmental Activist made a sharp turn to the Right

First, my turn to the Right happened by my ability to recognize two separate but corresponding things...First, that nations are born, grow and develop primarily by the use of one Access to cheap, reliable energy from fossil fuels is the power house that brought forth all of the wonders of Europe and the US, Russia and China into being. The second is the recognition that green energy is not ready to replace the fossil fuels. Solar panels and windmills give some energy but it is unreliable, intermittent and there isn’t enough of it. That is the cold, hard truth. Since the stoppage of oil and gas from Russia to the Europeans some of these countries like Germany, are having a hard time of it, not to mention the frighting rise of gas prices everywhere.

Most of my experience with environmentalism has been with trying to help preserve the natural forests of British Columbia. Why do most of us want living forests to stay alive but not car if living humans die from lack of energy that has been caused by government prohibiting the use of fossil fuels? I think it is because we know in our bones that we have evolved alongside our forests and that the trees live on the carbon mixture we humans breathe out as the trees magically take the mixture and then return it to ius in the form of a sweet oxygen that humans need to stay alive. So what does the governments of both Canada and the US want to do about energy that every country needs to thrive? Why, let the dead much needed fossil fuels stay in the ground unused, and clear cut the life giving trees. For what? As most of the valuable old growth forests are gone, what are they cutting small trees on the tree farms for ? Oh, tooth picks. Bio fuels. Wooden pellets. Lots of new wooden pellet stoves on the market for cooking, heating, whatever is needed. Both the Trudeau government and the Biden government are mad, I tell you.

June 4 2023

Betty Krawczyk

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Danielle Smith Has Our Blessing

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Tuesday, May 02, 2023

King Charles III and His Coronation

King Charles III and His Coronation

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Monday, April 10, 2023

The Fourth Turning and Me


The Fourth Turning and Me

(How I turned from the Democrats and Liberals- NDP to Conservatives)

As a duel citizen and a life long Democrat, I have always in the past voted for the Democrats. After all, it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, who saved many southerners, both black and white, from actual starvation. And in the Great Depression south many were not saved, if not from actual starvation, from the many diseases that arise from malnutrition and compromised immune systems, all brought on, they (we) believed, by the prevailing president’s policies, Republican Herbert Hoover. When Roosevelt was elected, his first action was to get food on the tables of a starving and semi starving populace. And then to find something for young men to do that paid a real salary so they could rekindle hopes of marrying their sweethearts and starting a family.

Both actions were big winners with southerners, (both black and white, while I am white we were all in the same pool of poverty) and we never forgot. As I will soon be ninety five years old I am well into the “Fourth Turning” (book so named by Howe and Strauss 1996). President Johnson followed Kennedy but eventually sullied his reputation and lost countless lives by pretending the Vietnam War over but remained bombing Cambodia The following US presidents were either awful or medico. Americans were dissatisfied with their country and it’s leaders when John Kennedy came in. Kennedy was a different kettle of fish. He was not a war monger. He was a peace maker. He initiated something called the peace corps and sent young Americans all around the world helping to build stuff and bring new methods of construction. He got a lagging economy going again. And for the first time, in a long, long time, I felt a little surge of pride in being an American Democrat.

That little surge of pride evaporated with the the assassination of President Kennedy. My first thought during the of arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and his murder the same day by Jack Ruby was that it all smelled fishy beyond words not just to me but to most Americans. It still does. Because both of these murdering men, even at that time, appeared to me to be pathetic types of men, unable to take such decisive actions unaided. Who had aided and abetted them? And I flashed back to the recent harassment of Black American Muslims by police forces. It seemed to me that the Black Muslims were simply trying to help feed black children by cooking breakfast for them before school and help feed their mothers in the projects, too. They also tried to keep the drug dealers out when the government monthly checks came in. And I had read Malcolm X’s book. He knew he was being followed every day by the FBI and the CIA and that they planned to orchestrate his murder. And he was right. The men who actually murdered him were quietly shipped out of the country and as far as I can determined, never heard from again. But I kept my own council. By the time Johnson was well into his presidency I knew the Vietnam war would eventually swallow up all three of my sons. They had already captured the eldest. He dropped out of university and joined the Air Force. I joined the war resistant movements and got acquainted with the FBI myself. It was not nice. My husband at the time was threatened with the loss of his security clearance where he was employed by NASA as a physicist. It was time to move to Canada. Canada in 1966 was a sane, peaceful, and tolerant country.

Due to the Trudeau government having swallowed the whole vicious, ungodly mess of what the US Democrats have become, Canada is rapidly becoming a replica of the US woke insanity. But it was Hillary Clinton who plunged the final dagger in my previously alignment with the Democrats. It was when she proclaimed that people who voted for Trump were “Deplorables”. I thought, just wait a minute here, you silly, arrogrant, stupid talking are talking about me and my entire ancestral family. It was families like mine from which I sprang that built the built the whole frigging country of America and you are telling me we are “deplorables”? But she was talking about us southerners, both black and white, who were the most hurt by depressions and inflation, and her disgusting defence of her sex crazed pathological husband by smearing other women who came forward to cite unwanted sexual advances from her sick husband has shown her level of contempt for ordinary women everywhere. No wonder the “woke” people love her. She reflects their values that anything and everything goes. I will vote Conservative in the next elections in both the US and Canada and try to wash the foul smell of the “woke” US Democrats together with the darling of the WEF Justin Trudeau coalition of Liberal and NDP out of my nostrils. We can do better with the Conservatives. I believe it would be much better. The Fourth Turning is upon us. We must choose wisely. April 10, 2023

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Who is His Daddy?


Who is His Daddy?

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. My post today is titled “Who is His Daddy?” Maybe this title has a kind of sleazy ring to it but I will explain at the end of the post. Another Young World Leader who is much favoured by Klaus Schwab, the grand poo-ba of the World Economic Forum, besides our own Justin Trudeau, is Prime Minister Mark Rutte of The Netherlands. Rutte is, in my opinion, a clone of Justin Trudeau with a slightly different accent but with the same arrogant sense of being a superior person. And being superior persons, Mark Rutte and Justin can’t wait to sell out their respective countries to what they consider to be a superior organization. Which they consider the WEF to be. And while Rutte has had his own Dutch version of Canada’s Trucker’s Freedom convoy in the Netherlands he didn’t believe this could actually amount to anything. Until their recent elections. And the farmer’s party, called the BBB Party wiped the floor with Mark Rutte. Rutte lost many seats to the BBB and will have to form some kind of coalition with the Greens if he tries to stay in power. Of course Klaus Schwab and his cronies King Charles, George Sorous, Bill Gates and the elite bankers will be shovelling barrels of money into the Netherlands, hoping to change the political landscape but this time I don’t think it will work. We’ll see.

And Justin Trudeau may not be faring so well politically either. His numbers of approval keep going down. While he may not care, as he knows he is doing a good job of destroying as much of Canada as he can before being kicked out of Canadian politics, and that he will be thus rewarded by a plush position with the IMF or the United Nations. Trudeau has worked in tandem with Rutte to destroy as much of their respective countries as they can in order to more easily push both countries into the best position for the final slide into the Great Reset. Who is Justin Trudeau’s Daddy? Well, I know who his emotional, spiritual, psychological, and intellectual daddy is, the one he wants to be with is. It’s Klaus Schwab. It is definitely not Canadians. But serendipity happens. And is happening. More next time. March 22, 2023

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Why the Banks are Broke


Why the Banks are Broke

By Friday last week we were told that three US banks had failed. Americans were limning up trying to get their money out of the respective banks, many to no avail. There was panic bubbling up at home and abroad. This was caused by these banks not having enough money to pay their depositors and the problem would surely spread to the entire western world. After all, they all worked on the same principle; that is, the fractional reserve system.

The fractional reserve system has worked wonderfully for the banks, racking in so much money for them they now, with their political elites, are getting ready to rule the entire western world with marching orders from the World Economic Forum. How did this happen? How does the fractional reserve system actually work?

In the beginning of money, gold and silver wasn’t just used as money, they were the money used until the economy grew to the point where it was no longer feasible to carry around large amounts of coins. Then paper certificates were invented. These certificates represented that the bearer had that much gold in the bank for his or her purchase and the receiver of the certificate could take the certificate to the bank and exchange it for gold. And this was more or less true until something happened in March, 1933 that upset the balance.

In 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was US president and was besieged with money worries. The depression was still dragging on even though he and his offices had over spent while trying to make things better. And things didn’t look good over in Europe. He felt he needed to ramp up the military.

This would all take way more money than the US had in gold that was backing the dollar. So Roosevelt and his advisers decided to take the US dollar off the gold standard. This meant they could borrow as much as he and his offices felt they needed without having to check their gold count. And it wasn’t until after world war two that there was a rethinking of this way to go as the international debt loads were becoming enormous. Enter Britton Woods One.

Representatives from 44 different countries came together in New Hampshire as the Second World War was ending to try to figure out what to do about all the world debt that had accumulated during the war and how to rebuild their economies. The decision was to peg all economies to the US dollar and the dollar would again be priced to gold. So far, so good. Back to the gold standard, right?

Well, for awhile. Until 1973. Richard Nixon was president and he didn’t like the restraints on borrowing that came with the gold standard so he took it off the gold standard and began to use the fractional reserve banking system. All the other countries followed suit. The fractional reserve banking system now had nothing to do with gold, and demanded only that the banks keep a fraction of their money from deposits in the bank, usually ten percent, in reserves. And this is what the banks are supposed to have in reserves and they probably did. Until 2020. What happened then?

I will skip the part about how the US dollar became the Petro dollar as that is a post in itself, and I want to stay with the story of the The Federal Reserve system that is bringing the banns down. The Board of the US National Reserve announced on March 15, 2020 that the required reserve for deposits has been reduced from ten percent to zero. That’s right, folks, zero. The banks have no dollar reserves. They are all broke. Like the spoiled children they are they have spent all of our money. Still, today the news came that the Fed will not let the banks fail, they will just print more money and prop them up, and give the banks and themselves more bonuses. Of course Canada will follow suit. And the IMF just waits, like an old white haired fat spider, just stoking the flames with train wrecks, fertilizer, food and medicine shortages, rising prices on all necessities of life. They are deliberately trying to snuff out as many humans as possible. It is time to revolt. More next time. March 12, 2023

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Monday, March 06, 2023

A Spiritual Awaking​?


A Spiritual Awaking​?

Hello, Betty Krawczyk here. This post is in response to a friend who wrote wondering if I might be interested in speaking to (with) a discussion group that wanted to hear from someone with civil disobedience experience who might speak to them about the possibility of using civil disobedience tactics to confront the situation we find ourselves in at present. I believe the situation we are confronted with is massive. It’s a combination of situations of provincial, national and intentional break downs that have resulted in the ever increasing inflation, creeping financial and emotional depressions, climbing crime and opioid death rates, threatened food shortages, fear of job losses, increasing government wars on farmers, truckers, people looking for shelter, lack of doctors and nurses, crackdowns on freedom of speech and religion, freedom of the right to gather and protest, freedom from the insane doctrine of “ wokeism”. My God, the list has become overwhelming.

I believe we must think within the global context because I think, most if not all, of these breakdowns are deliberately planned and are being deliberate executed, including all the recent train wrecks. This is just so much bigger than anything I have ever been involved in before I feel I have no particular words of wisdom to give that could speak to the enormity of the task before us. However, the one experience, all those logging and prison experiences gave me, was the feeling of power in saying “no”. “No pasaras” which means you shal not pass in Spanish.

We have a prime minister who signs  massive agreements with the WEF without even telling us?  Agreements signed with the WEF and also trilateral agreements  with Mexico and The US, all concerning Canadians health, jobs, taxes, mobility and freedoms to speak? How will Canadians know that our sovereignty is being signed away behind our backs with not a peep from news outlets that are given the sacred task to inform people of happenings around the world in a reasonably balanced way? With news that is actually happening? Without the propaganda spewed across the land for the benefit of people who are so befuddled that they can't understand that men cannot have babies because they lack a uterus and womb and eggs and Fallopian tubes? Who backs these crazy people?

The same group of international bankers, billionaires, tech giants, Hollywood and political elites of the World Economic Forum, that’s who. They are so sick with power they want to live forever and find solace in pharmaceuticals that they think will keep them alive to control the rest of the world. And they  intend to take over the entire western world and run it to their heart's desires.  They have murderous, thieving hearts.

  We should not, must not, allow them to frighten us with threats of deliberately imposed food shortages,  gas shortages, crazy inflation in general and lack of regular affordable housing for regular people and families.  Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh need to be advised they work for us, not themselves.  We can push them out if we insist they go.  Now.  The pin holding the whole rotten pattern together in Canada is Jagmeet Singh . We still have the power of free speech and free assembly, at lease for the time being. We can still have massive assemblies.

My God, we need the young men who are not doing too much for now to get the move on and get some of these massive assemblies going. Be warriors. We need warriors. Not physical violence, but a determined spirit to overcome the stupid, murderous intent of the IMF and all its global affiliates to overwhelm us and make us all bow and kiss their rings, eat their crickets and live in their fifteen minute cities and become their slaves. We can’t succeed without the massive participation of involved young men. And of course we need young women. We always need young women. We must consider this as a crusade, even a religious crusade, if you will. Certainly it must be a spiritual crusade. We also need middle aged, and old men and women, we need everybody because this is everybody’s fight. It’s a fight for our very souls. March 6, 2029

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Wokeism Has Found It's Way Into The Chilliwack School Board


Betty Krawczyk here. Wokeism has found it's way into the Chilliwack school board. Please share.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Balloons, Digital Currency, and The Justin Transition

 Balloons, Digital Currency, and The Justin Transition

Yes, balloons of unknown origin are being shot from the skies as the Justin Transition rolls merrily along. What is the Justin Transition? Basically, it’s a plan to make rich people fabulously rich and poor people dirt poor. How are they doing this? By allowing the Central Banking systems to crash the economy, get rid of cash, cause a depression so severe nobody can eat but the financial elites and sign up all of the hungry and destitute citizens to the digital currency plan brought to you by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, King Charles, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and central bankers who are so incestuously linked from intermarriages they think with one mind. How to squeeze the last penny out of a struggling citizenry.

The selling of the Global Digital Currency is truly wonderful to see. It’s snake oil salesmanship at it’s finest. Sign right here, on the dotted line and your worries are over.

There’s just one hitch. Because when you sign on that dotted line you are giving over your right as a human being to the beauties and bounties of this earth and to exercise your right as a citizen of your country to take part in the hard work of the countries needs, and to love your country and not give it away like the charlatans now governing Canada, the US and Mexico are doing. Which leads us back to the The Declaration of North America that was signed on Jan.10, 2023 between Canada, Mexico and the US.

Under this declaration Trudeau, Biden and Obrandor consider the combined spaces of their countries as one combined space and name their particular interests they will be working on as one space. The one interest that really caught my eye was this one... “We also are taking a constant approach to the collection, use, processing, retention, and protection of Passenger Name Record(PNR) data to strengthen our shared security perimeter and the safety of our citizens, including advocating for the global adoption of standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization on PNR data.” This is part of the Justine Transition. More next time. Feb. 17, 2023