Thursday, March 23, 2023

Who is His Daddy?


Who is His Daddy?

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. My post today is titled “Who is His Daddy?” Maybe this title has a kind of sleazy ring to it but I will explain at the end of the post. Another Young World Leader who is much favoured by Klaus Schwab, the grand poo-ba of the World Economic Forum, besides our own Justin Trudeau, is Prime Minister Mark Rutte of The Netherlands. Rutte is, in my opinion, a clone of Justin Trudeau with a slightly different accent but with the same arrogant sense of being a superior person. And being superior persons, Mark Rutte and Justin can’t wait to sell out their respective countries to what they consider to be a superior organization. Which they consider the WEF to be. And while Rutte has had his own Dutch version of Canada’s Trucker’s Freedom convoy in the Netherlands he didn’t believe this could actually amount to anything. Until their recent elections. And the farmer’s party, called the BBB Party wiped the floor with Mark Rutte. Rutte lost many seats to the BBB and will have to form some kind of coalition with the Greens if he tries to stay in power. Of course Klaus Schwab and his cronies King Charles, George Sorous, Bill Gates and the elite bankers will be shovelling barrels of money into the Netherlands, hoping to change the political landscape but this time I don’t think it will work. We’ll see.

And Justin Trudeau may not be faring so well politically either. His numbers of approval keep going down. While he may not care, as he knows he is doing a good job of destroying as much of Canada as he can before being kicked out of Canadian politics, and that he will be thus rewarded by a plush position with the IMF or the United Nations. Trudeau has worked in tandem with Rutte to destroy as much of their respective countries as they can in order to more easily push both countries into the best position for the final slide into the Great Reset. Who is Justin Trudeau’s Daddy? Well, I know who his emotional, spiritual, psychological, and intellectual daddy is, the one he wants to be with is. It’s Klaus Schwab. It is definitely not Canadians. But serendipity happens. And is happening. More next time. March 22, 2023

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Why the Banks are Broke


Why the Banks are Broke

By Friday last week we were told that three US banks had failed. Americans were limning up trying to get their money out of the respective banks, many to no avail. There was panic bubbling up at home and abroad. This was caused by these banks not having enough money to pay their depositors and the problem would surely spread to the entire western world. After all, they all worked on the same principle; that is, the fractional reserve system.

The fractional reserve system has worked wonderfully for the banks, racking in so much money for them they now, with their political elites, are getting ready to rule the entire western world with marching orders from the World Economic Forum. How did this happen? How does the fractional reserve system actually work?

In the beginning of money, gold and silver wasn’t just used as money, they were the money used until the economy grew to the point where it was no longer feasible to carry around large amounts of coins. Then paper certificates were invented. These certificates represented that the bearer had that much gold in the bank for his or her purchase and the receiver of the certificate could take the certificate to the bank and exchange it for gold. And this was more or less true until something happened in March, 1933 that upset the balance.

In 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was US president and was besieged with money worries. The depression was still dragging on even though he and his offices had over spent while trying to make things better. And things didn’t look good over in Europe. He felt he needed to ramp up the military.

This would all take way more money than the US had in gold that was backing the dollar. So Roosevelt and his advisers decided to take the US dollar off the gold standard. This meant they could borrow as much as he and his offices felt they needed without having to check their gold count. And it wasn’t until after world war two that there was a rethinking of this way to go as the international debt loads were becoming enormous. Enter Britton Woods One.

Representatives from 44 different countries came together in New Hampshire as the Second World War was ending to try to figure out what to do about all the world debt that had accumulated during the war and how to rebuild their economies. The decision was to peg all economies to the US dollar and the dollar would again be priced to gold. So far, so good. Back to the gold standard, right?

Well, for awhile. Until 1973. Richard Nixon was president and he didn’t like the restraints on borrowing that came with the gold standard so he took it off the gold standard and began to use the fractional reserve banking system. All the other countries followed suit. The fractional reserve banking system now had nothing to do with gold, and demanded only that the banks keep a fraction of their money from deposits in the bank, usually ten percent, in reserves. And this is what the banks are supposed to have in reserves and they probably did. Until 2020. What happened then?

I will skip the part about how the US dollar became the Petro dollar as that is a post in itself, and I want to stay with the story of the The Federal Reserve system that is bringing the banns down. The Board of the US National Reserve announced on March 15, 2020 that the required reserve for deposits has been reduced from ten percent to zero. That’s right, folks, zero. The banks have no dollar reserves. They are all broke. Like the spoiled children they are they have spent all of our money. Still, today the news came that the Fed will not let the banks fail, they will just print more money and prop them up, and give the banks and themselves more bonuses. Of course Canada will follow suit. And the IMF just waits, like an old white haired fat spider, just stoking the flames with train wrecks, fertilizer, food and medicine shortages, rising prices on all necessities of life. They are deliberately trying to snuff out as many humans as possible. It is time to revolt. More next time. March 12, 2023

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Monday, March 06, 2023

A Spiritual Awaking​?


A Spiritual Awaking​?

Hello, Betty Krawczyk here. This post is in response to a friend who wrote wondering if I might be interested in speaking to (with) a discussion group that wanted to hear from someone with civil disobedience experience who might speak to them about the possibility of using civil disobedience tactics to confront the situation we find ourselves in at present. I believe the situation we are confronted with is massive. It’s a combination of situations of provincial, national and intentional break downs that have resulted in the ever increasing inflation, creeping financial and emotional depressions, climbing crime and opioid death rates, threatened food shortages, fear of job losses, increasing government wars on farmers, truckers, people looking for shelter, lack of doctors and nurses, crackdowns on freedom of speech and religion, freedom of the right to gather and protest, freedom from the insane doctrine of “ wokeism”. My God, the list has become overwhelming.

I believe we must think within the global context because I think, most if not all, of these breakdowns are deliberately planned and are being deliberate executed, including all the recent train wrecks. This is just so much bigger than anything I have ever been involved in before I feel I have no particular words of wisdom to give that could speak to the enormity of the task before us. However, the one experience, all those logging and prison experiences gave me, was the feeling of power in saying “no”. “No pasaras” which means you shal not pass in Spanish.

We have a prime minister who signs  massive agreements with the WEF without even telling us?  Agreements signed with the WEF and also trilateral agreements  with Mexico and The US, all concerning Canadians health, jobs, taxes, mobility and freedoms to speak? How will Canadians know that our sovereignty is being signed away behind our backs with not a peep from news outlets that are given the sacred task to inform people of happenings around the world in a reasonably balanced way? With news that is actually happening? Without the propaganda spewed across the land for the benefit of people who are so befuddled that they can't understand that men cannot have babies because they lack a uterus and womb and eggs and Fallopian tubes? Who backs these crazy people?

The same group of international bankers, billionaires, tech giants, Hollywood and political elites of the World Economic Forum, that’s who. They are so sick with power they want to live forever and find solace in pharmaceuticals that they think will keep them alive to control the rest of the world. And they  intend to take over the entire western world and run it to their heart's desires.  They have murderous, thieving hearts.

  We should not, must not, allow them to frighten us with threats of deliberately imposed food shortages,  gas shortages, crazy inflation in general and lack of regular affordable housing for regular people and families.  Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh need to be advised they work for us, not themselves.  We can push them out if we insist they go.  Now.  The pin holding the whole rotten pattern together in Canada is Jagmeet Singh . We still have the power of free speech and free assembly, at lease for the time being. We can still have massive assemblies.

My God, we need the young men who are not doing too much for now to get the move on and get some of these massive assemblies going. Be warriors. We need warriors. Not physical violence, but a determined spirit to overcome the stupid, murderous intent of the IMF and all its global affiliates to overwhelm us and make us all bow and kiss their rings, eat their crickets and live in their fifteen minute cities and become their slaves. We can’t succeed without the massive participation of involved young men. And of course we need young women. We always need young women. We must consider this as a crusade, even a religious crusade, if you will. Certainly it must be a spiritual crusade. We also need middle aged, and old men and women, we need everybody because this is everybody’s fight. It’s a fight for our very souls. March 6, 2029

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Wokeism Has Found It's Way Into The Chilliwack School Board


Betty Krawczyk here. Wokeism has found it's way into the Chilliwack school board. Please share.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Balloons, Digital Currency, and The Justin Transition

 Balloons, Digital Currency, and The Justin Transition

Yes, balloons of unknown origin are being shot from the skies as the Justin Transition rolls merrily along. What is the Justin Transition? Basically, it’s a plan to make rich people fabulously rich and poor people dirt poor. How are they doing this? By allowing the Central Banking systems to crash the economy, get rid of cash, cause a depression so severe nobody can eat but the financial elites and sign up all of the hungry and destitute citizens to the digital currency plan brought to you by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, King Charles, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and central bankers who are so incestuously linked from intermarriages they think with one mind. How to squeeze the last penny out of a struggling citizenry.

The selling of the Global Digital Currency is truly wonderful to see. It’s snake oil salesmanship at it’s finest. Sign right here, on the dotted line and your worries are over.

There’s just one hitch. Because when you sign on that dotted line you are giving over your right as a human being to the beauties and bounties of this earth and to exercise your right as a citizen of your country to take part in the hard work of the countries needs, and to love your country and not give it away like the charlatans now governing Canada, the US and Mexico are doing. Which leads us back to the The Declaration of North America that was signed on Jan.10, 2023 between Canada, Mexico and the US.

Under this declaration Trudeau, Biden and Obrandor consider the combined spaces of their countries as one combined space and name their particular interests they will be working on as one space. The one interest that really caught my eye was this one... “We also are taking a constant approach to the collection, use, processing, retention, and protection of Passenger Name Record(PNR) data to strengthen our shared security perimeter and the safety of our citizens, including advocating for the global adoption of standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization on PNR data.” This is part of the Justine Transition. More next time. Feb. 17, 2023

Thursday, February 09, 2023

The Declaration of North America; Trudeau’s ultimate Treachery


The Declaration of North America; Trudeau’s ultimate Treachery

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. In my last post I spoke of an email I had received containing information of a signed agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico called The Declaration of North America. To be sure this was a real thing, and not a hoax , I googled. Yes, there is an official web site for The Declaration of North America. Hard to find as most entries are for the American Declaration of Independence but keep going It begins, dated Jan. 10, 2023 :

Today President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Trudeau met in Mexico City for the 10th North American Leaders Summit (NALS). The leaders are determined to fortify our region’s security, prosperity, sustainability and inclusiveness through commitments across six pillars: 1, diversity, equity, and inclusion, 2 ,climate change and the environment; 3, competitiveness; 4, migration and development; 5 ,health and 6, regional security.

Let’s just pause a moment and look at what they are considering to be no. One on the docket: diversity, equality and inclusion. I am becoming super sensitive to these three words. They are the mantra words used now in many of our school systems to talk to young children, sometimes very young, about what LGBTQI+ means and how to use the right pronouns. And to indicate that these are the very first concerns of The Declaration of North America by Trudeau, Orbrandor, and Biden is troubling.

Indeed. It is as if wokeism has landed a plum spot in the Declaration of North America. This no one main concern and main commitment is repeated under the heading “Inclusion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” The three heads of state reaffirm that they join and commit to “ protect civil rights ,promote racial justice, expand protection for LGBTQI+ individuals and deliver more equitable outcome for all”.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is the Woke agenda. Only they didn’t mention the trans fad sweeping the world. Maybe that’s because most Mexicans are Catholic and may not be able to wrap their heads around why so many children think they are in the wrong bodies and want surgery. But enough of this, let’s talk illegal immigration and borders in this incredible signing away of our border sovereignty.

Under the Heading Migration and Development we read : “ Today marks the six-month anniversary of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, a bold framework for regional responsibilities -sharing that 21 leaders endorsed on the margins of the ninth Summit of the Americas. The three countries of North America each made ambitious commitments under the Los Angles Declaration, including working together to advance labour mobility North America, particularly regarding regular pathways ,and have been delivering on these commitments.”

Let’s pause here for a look at Los Angles. Los Angeles has become a crime ridden, drug ridden hell hole. Los Angeles is being held up as the best

role model for Canada along with the US and Mexico? OMG.

But to continue...”Since June , Mexico, the United States and Canada have collectively welcomed record numbers of migrants and refugees from the Western Hemisphere under new and expanded humanitarian programs. Today, we affirm our joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration under the Los Angeles Declaration and other relevant multilateral frameworks .This includes assisting host communities and promoting migrant and refugee integration, providing protection to refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants, strengthening asylum seekers, strengthening asylum capacity in the region; expanding and promoting regular pathways for migration and protection, address the root cu and impacts of irregular migration and forced displacement; and collaborating to counter xenophobia and discriminate against migrants and refugees.”

Let’s look at the wording here. There is now no such thing as illegal immigrants. They are migrants, asylum seekers, and maybe “irregular] ‘ migrants” but never illegal aliens. This is because Justin Trudeau and his cohorts have swallowed the Klaus Schwab cool aid of one big regional area that encompasses the totality of the US, Canada and Mexico. The political and financial elites there should be no borders between these countries and soon there will not be. There is really no border at present between the US and Mexico as the immigrants flood over by the thousands every single day. Biden is definitely working on his part of the agreement to erase the US border. And Mexico and Canada will be doing theirs as all three are working for the goal of depopulation. Next time. More on this.

Friday, January 27, 2023

The Three Treasonous Amigos of Canada’s Demise as a Sovereign Country


The Three Treasonous Amigos of Canada’s Demise as a Sovereign Country

Betty Krawczyk here.

Okay, so I have already accused Chrystia Freeland of treason by virtue of her being in the same bucket of constitutional crime as Justin Trudeau, and part and parcel of his vision for a financial global reset and a world dominated by the World Economic Forum. Madam Freeland sits on the board of the WEF and shares the same vision of a world run by a special handful of special people as they vision themselves to be . They share the same contempt for common Canadian citizens who need to be thinned out, in their opinion, as “useless eaters”. But who is the third Treasonous Amigo in Canada who is in the process of giving Canada away to the most evil forces of globalism, wokeism, fascism, and the financial ruin and planned destruction of Canada ? Do you know? Of course you do. It’s the NDP federal leader Jagmeet Singh.

It is Singh who is holding tightly to the entire stinking mess of Trudeau’s policies. And it is Singh who like any accomplice in a murder charge, must eventually be held accountable for the death of Canada as a sovereign nation if this does indeed occur. Jagmeet Singh thinks that his fame and fortune lies with gluing himself to Justin Trudeau. Bing a trembling weak puppy himself he thinks by gluing himself to Justin, whom he sees as being strong and rich and in with the world’s strongest and wealthiest people, that this strategy will lead him and his party to being winners with Justin Trudeau. He has no notion that this strategy may wind up with him sanding next to his beloved Justin in the gallows, at least figuratively speaking. But they will all three go down together, drowning in their Just Transition, wokeism culture and total financial ruin of Canada. Why do I think this?

Because something has already transpired that makes these three guilty of high crimes of treason. And what is that? Well, a follower’s long email with attachments told me of something that I haven't even been aware of, that answers most the questions I have wondered about lately. It didn’t make sense to me that Justin Trudeau seems so oblivious to the anger that he is stirring up among the Canadian people. This email I speak of explains Justin’s behaviour. He doesn’t think he will ever have to face Canadian voters. Within three years Justin Trudeau believes that Canada will no longer be a sovereign country. In fact, Canada will have no borders. Why does he think this? Next time.

Jan. 27, 2023

Friday, January 13, 2023

Trudeau’s Treasonous Great Reset


Trudeau’s Treasonous Great Reset

Betty Krawczyk here. This will be my third post on reasons that I think Justin Trudeau and Christa Freeland could and should be charged with treason. Some people may wonder why Justin Trudeau acts so cocky as he flings down more orders from on high from his throne in Ottawas as a royal should, orders that land squarely on the increasingly bowed shoulders and along with increasingly hungry bellies of his perceived subjects below him. It is becoming obvious that this self centred boy in a man’s body doesn’t care about the people he was elected to serve. But why doesn’t he care? After all, the citizens who voted him in can vote him out again.

Good question. But the answer is beginning to seep into Canadian brains in spite of ourselves. The answer to why Trudeau doesn’t give a tinker’s dam what Canadians think of him is because he knows the gutless NDP is welded to him until the end of his term. Why, in his remaining two years to serve Justin Trudeau together with his deputy prime minister and finance minister Chrystia Freeland, will have plenty of time to finish wrecking the country’s farming capacity , power supplies, kid’s education, jobs, and the entire economy.

Trudeau and Freeland are both favoured new leaders of Klaus Schwab of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF will be coming to us soon under the guise of the Great Reset. This is happening now, as central banks are trying to destroy the use of cash so people will be ready, when the banks are failing and supply chains are sufficiently destroyed, to turn to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and their wet dreams of total control of western countries’ populations . What a gig for Trudeau! A stage as big as half the world to sing and dance and act on to his heart’s content without having to pretend he even knows where Canada is.

But Canadian citizens may not slip so easily into that dark night. Many are fighting back.

I believe that Prime Minster Justice Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia should be charged and convicted of treason because of their adherence to the powerful international foreign body of the IMF which seeks to overthrow the Canadian Constitution and Bill of Rights which enshrines the sanity of life, the protection of citizens and families, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the rule of law with foreign values and a foreign currency that do not represent Canada nor the Canadian people.

Jan. 13, 2023

Monday, January 02, 2023

Maid, Treason, Trudeau and Freeland

 Jan. 3Rd, 2023

Maid, Treason, Trudeau and Freeland

Hello, Betty Krawczyk here. This will be my second posting on why I think Justine Trudeau and his Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland could and should be charged with treason. My last post concerned Canadian farming and Trudeau’s passion to reduce crop yields by one third by issuing policy restrictions on fertilizers along with inflationary prices. Many farmers will go bankrupt. This of course will mean a restriction of our Canadian food supply which is a giant leap toward the IMF goal of depopulation, a goal to which Trudeau is devoted. Depopulation of what or whom? Of humans, of course.

And together they have decided, after careful consideration, that there are two dam many people in the world. The solution? Get rid of as many of them as possible as quickly as possible. And of course, refusing to allow farmers to grow food is one sure way. Another? Well, let’s see. How about expanding the uses of Bill C-7.

Bill C-7 is the government assisted suicide bill. This bill has been expanded now so that Trudeau’s government can include citizens who have Alzheimer's and people who are handicapped but in no danger of immediate death from their handicap or anything else. It seems that veterans are being subjected to suggesting from medical superiors at Veterans Affairs that they consider the new expansions of Bill C-7, and just off themselves. Easier, you know, than trying to live with missing limbs or messed up backs and internal organs. This is being argued in Parliament with Trudeau denying his government is targeting veterans but with clear evidence from the veterans themselves that they have received these suggestions. And Alzheimer?

Oh, my God. There have been supposedly responsible studies referred to by gerontologist (people who study the elderly) and report that almost all old people if they live long enough, will have some form of dementia. I think most elderly citizens fear Alzheimer's more than any things else even though more old people are now living healthy lives well into their old age.

But how easy would it be to persuade a frightened elderly man or woman that their occasional forgetful lapses are the onset of Alzheimer's and perhaps should take advantage of Bill C-7 as it will be all downhill from this point on. And the expansion of this bill , in my opinion, is another reason for the charge of and conviction of, the charge of treason against Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland.

On what charges? On the facts that Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have turned their back on their duties to protect the sanctity of life values that are held by the vast majority of Canadian citizens and by adopting foreign values from foreign states and organizations and have instead instituted these foreign policies and values into the Canadian government that are destructive to Canadian values and Canadian lives in this government in order to appease foreign interests. This is treason. Next time.