Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Lahaina: the first US Fifteen Minute Smart City?


Lahaina: the first US Fifteen Minute Smart City?

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. Why do I think that Lahaina, Maui is now, after the monstrous fires that have wiped out most of the city and so many of it’s people, that there is really no other, at least in my mind, of any possible explanation, other that a governmental seizure of the indigenous lands of the city.

On August 8 no sirens or alarms of any kind were sounded in Lahaina to warn the people that an unheard of kind of hellish fire storm was quickly convulsing the city with vicious weird flames that melted the metals of houses, cars, commercial buildings, and the flesh of human beings. Have you heard the cries of the indigenous people and others sounding around the world thorough the internet of “Where are the missing children?”

Some on the islanders say that over two thousand of missing children have not enrolled or re-enrolled for school. But if the children can’t be accounted for then what has happened to them? Were thy incinerated along with their parents when the police stopped families from driving to the main roads that would lead out of the town to safety? The police chief who has since resigned ( John Pelletie) said that he ordered his men to block the roads leading away from the fire because he was afraid that if the drivers ran over a downed power line it might cause deaths. His reasoning had to be one of...better to let them all burn to cinders at once. And they did. The fires were so hot there wasn’t any skeletons left in or lying about the cars and trucks. But why? The police chief coudn’t have been so dim witted to have believed this stupid, lying treacherous story. And the water story doesn’t add up either.

When many of the people tried at first to fight the fire with their water hoses they found there was no water. The water had been turned off. Why? The person in charge of the water gave another damnable excuse...the water was too sacred to be used in such an inequitable way without many permissions. If none of these facts being flashed around the world moves you to believe that Lahaina, Maui was deliberately destroyed and it’s survivors largely lost in grief and uncertainty, that all this destruction and loss of life in order to build the first US fifteen minute city, then I will provide more next time. Soon. August 29, 2023

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Never heard of Vivek Ramaswamy? You will.


Never heard of Vivek Ramaswamy? You will.

Vivek Ramaswamy is running in the US presidential election as a Republican. He is thirty-seven year old, born in Ohio, son of Indian immigrants with meagre funds upon arrival in America. Vivek is a Hindu as are his parents. He is married to a Hindu woman and they have two little boys. Vivek is a graduate of all the prestigious schools, Harvard and Yale, etc. He is also the creator of bio-tech companies, one that produced medicine for kids with rare diseases, medici`

nes they didn’t have before. His wife, Apoorva Tewari, beside being the mother of their two little boys, is a throat surgeon. And there is an outside chance that Vivek Ramaswamy will become the next president of the United States.

Why would I say such an outlandish thing when most Canadians have never even heard of him and a lot of Americans haven’t either. However, while he may not be a household name yet (his name is a bit awkward to western ears) Yet I do declare that Vivek Ramaswamy may very well become the next president of the United States. On what do I base this assumptions that this may indeed happen?

I base this first on the fact that Ramaswamy is a mesmerizing speaker. He speaks rapidly and passionately about what is demonstrably true. He talks about the fall of the great cities of the US into filth in the streets and all the unpunished violent crimes against the American public and businesses. He discusses how the police of Democratic controlled cities can no longer act with authority within the law as they are defunded and disrespected by the Democratic Party who in turn are controlled by dictates from abroad. It is in the offices of the World Economic Forum, the UN amd the Central Banking systems sitting so snugly together into the arms of the likes of Klaus Schab, Bill and Melinda Gates, and King Charles while the the little bitty burgers like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden mimic the Mama and Poppa burgers snuggling next to the French Fries sogged with the blood of disappeared history.

Ramsawamy says there is a hole in the hearts of American citizens. This hole used to be filled with faith, family and country. However, faith, family and country has been demolished by an seemingly unstoppable modernism that has resulted in the transgender culture. This in turn has triggered a no holes barred sex culture that includes paedophilia, and child sex trafficking that destroys the very idea of parenthood. When children are no longer loved and respected as children of God but as sex play things then we are no longer a civilization worthy of respect but of death. And that is where we are headed if we do not have a revolution to stop it. Not of violence, but a religious revival. One that includes all faiths that holds the values of our founding fathers, the right and need for faith, family and country that satisfies the hearts and opens the minds of we, the people. My vote is for Vivek Ramsawamy. And you will be hearing about him soon.

Betty Krawczyk

Aug 9, 2023