Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The swamp that swallows all sewage: The case of Jeffery Epstein

Photo: GQ Magazine


As a dual citizen (US/Canadian) my attention is often drawn to the news from my birth country, which at the moment, seems to be going spectacularly mad. The rotten news coming out of America is overwhelming, and Canadian responses, in my opinion, are exceedingly lame.  While Mexico, under a socialist leaning president, is trying to reclaim Mexican sovereignty over US hegemony, Canada seems more or less to have given up the struggle.  Certainly if the Canadian Conservative Party has its way we will finally become one with the land of the  free (never mind that other countries are currently advising their citizens not to go there in fear of gun violence) in all but name.


Actually facing up to the realization that Canada’s best friend and trading partner is not only an international bully, but lionizes an elitist prominent section of its society that is deeply depraved, is presently coming to the fore in the Jeffery Epstein saga. This is a bitter pill to swallow. Especially for an elderly woman who still thrills (although less and less) at the first strains of The Star Spangled Banner.  I know the prudent thing to do on these occasions is to take a big swig of the pink Kool-Aid offered by fake news every afternoon and take a long nap.  But I don’t think I am the only having trouble facing the facts of the Epstein case.  And the facts that Western elites (the 1%) only care for themselves in all important matters – financial, political, environmental, and social.


Why am I connecting a Canadian turn to the right with Jeffery Epstein? For starters, the very first question, aside from the fact of his death, is how did such a prominent society man get away with child trafficking for decades? And when officials did finally “notice” in 2007, it was because a few reporters shoved it under their noses. Even then Epstein was only given a gentle little smirking slap on the wrist:  13 months with the ability to keep “office hours” 12 hours a day, six days a week, with his cell in a private wing of the jail staffed with his own security. Even though he was now listed as a child sex offender.  And what was his business?  Nobody knows. He was rich because he was rich.  And the children he and his friends victimized were poor. No contest. The girls he trafficked were eaten alive (so to speak) by the rich, powerful paedophilic men who loved a good time.  These girls were considered by these men as toys, insufficiently human, or they couldn’t have committed such crimes on the hapless victims.  


I’m sure some of you have heard the rumors circulating that there are two other elements for consideration concerning Epstein’s background and death: espionage and murder. 


Alexander Acosta, who until recently was the US Labour Secretary, was the US attorney for Southern Florida at the time of the investigations into Epstein’s first charges.  In replying to a reporter about how such a serious crime as a child sex abuser could receive such a ‘nothingburger’ sentence Acosta replied that he was told to back away from the investigation because Epstein “belonged to intelligence”.


So was Epstein a spy?  If so, who was he spying for? Of course the first thing that comes to mind is the CIA.  But maybe not exclusively. Examining Chisliaine Maxwell’s background, Epstein’s reputed madam and pimp, may broaden out the picture a bit. Her father was reported to have worked for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.  He also died a suspicious death.  Also a supposed suicide.


Did he videotape sexual events and then blackmail the rich powerful men he invited into his paedophile ring? The whole truth about Epstein and his female trafficking ring may never be known, as the swamp swallows everything that seriously threatens its dominance. But the swamp cannot cover up the fact that there are two related social wars going on, both as old as dirt, and both crippling all of human kind for their lack of resolution. These two wars are first, the global war on females and secondly, the escalating class war. The men involved with Epstein were old and very rich. The girls were very young, often poor, and powerless. The Epstein case shows how both wars work together seamlessly and is carried out with impunity in the Western world.