Sunday, December 29, 2013

Direct Action Discussion

Moral Dilemma of Taking Direct Action Regarding the Environment - Activist and author Betty Krawczyk will lead a Forum discussion January 5, 2014, 12:30-1:30 (Fireside) at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver.  In the presentation, Betty will reflect on the emotional and intellectual process of deciding to commit peaceful civil disobedience, and what to expect afterwards from the court system of British Columbia. Krawczyk is well-known locally for being arrested and imprisoned numerous times after defying court orders related to logging and highway developments. Her most recent book is titled, "Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch" (November, 2013).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Judas Goats

Judas Goats
The Supreme Court has today (12/20/2013) ruled favorably on softening the laws on prostitution.  And just in time for Christmas, too.  Thank goodness. Mothers who have been worried about their daughters’ financial future in a decreasing job market for young people can now rest a bit easier knowing that more legal prostitution opportunities will be there, waiting for their daughters, when all else fails.  Better still, not much experience is required for prostitution. In fact, youth and inexperience in this job is a plus, the younger and more inexperienced the girl, the more money she will bring in for the establishment.  And while it was older, very experienced women (one who dressed as a dominatrix and cracked a  whip in joy at the results of the ruling) who brought this suit, we all know that the vast majority of men prefer the services of young girls, the  younger the better.
And where will the brothels find young teen age girls?  Where they have always found them, from poverty stricken backgrounds. Criminal gangs are a big help in keeping this youth market flowing. The long hungry arms of prostitution will also be there to catch young single mothers whose children may need proper food and clothing.  Why, one could almost conclude that prostitution is a blessed friend to the female sex, always there to catch them in an emergency. 
The problem with prostitution is that it degrades women and girls.  Women are different from men, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Women like Terri Jean Bedord and Amy Leibovitch, the prostitutes who brought the court action, are not our sisters under the skin.  They are completely male identified.  I liken them to Judas goats.  Judas Goats are trained to lead sheep (and other animals) to their slaughter while their own lives are spared.  Both of these women are getting older and old prostitutes are not a raging commodity even when they crack a whip.  In my opinion these two women will not be in the business many more years, they will either retire or hit the streets.   But by using these two older prostitutes and stressing the term “consenting adults” to describe their activities to the court and to the public, they are paving the way for criminal gangs to start mining the “youth” female population where the big money is for female flesh.  And this is the value of having Judas Goats on hand when corporate gangs want to broaden their scope of business, such as sex tourism.
The time may be getting closer for women in general to start thinking about withdrawing from the male mind and concentrate on how to preserve the human species.  In my opinion the human species is at risk of dying out.  Christy Clark (another Judas Goat) is busy dreaming of fracking up the earth and oiling the seas along with the Tories and private interests while public interests are strangled to death.  And some economists are predicting a massive economic depression to boot.  Not to even mention the melting jelly fish on the coast.  Instead of an increasing number of prostitutes, what this country needs is a women’s army.
 We need a women’s army to demand protection of our daughters from prostitution, rape, gangs, poverty, poor education and early sexualization by the media that is copied by clothes designers who make even 10 year olds look like porn stars and prostitutes in training.  My God, do we need a women’s army!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch Book Release Today!

I am proud to announce the release of my latest and fifth book "Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch." The book is available in paperback, ebook, or hardcover directly from the distributor here -

Here is what people are saying -

"In this wonderful book, Betty Krawczyk weaves her own strong woman's voice with those of her pesky alter-egos, Blue Belle and Bitch. Krawczyk is a natural story-teller and her writing is captivating with vibrant imagery, acute observations, and provocative assertions and questions about women and power. This is a very serious book but it will make you laugh as well as well as think.

Karlene Faith, Ph.D., Professor Emerita and Human Rights Activist.

Part memoir, part novel, Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch is a romping tale of the feminine principle, and the ways in which it is present in each of us. Krawczyk writes with a creative, flexible voice, and an intelligent, incredibly reflective tone, making Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch a riotous read.

Annik Adey-Babinski

Backstory -

In 2006 two women, Harriet Nahanee and Betty Krawczyk, were sent to prison for trying to prevent the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs in Vancouver, BC. Nahanee caught pneumonia while imprisoned and died shortly after release. Before she died, Nahanee gave Krawczyk a handwritten copy of a truncated version of the Stockholm syndrome.

Krawczyk began to relate Nahanee’s version of the Stockholm syndrome to the status of women globally. To clarify the dichotomies of her awakening consciousness Krawczyk has given flesh and voice to her two inner psychic companions, Blue Belle and Bitch. Both Blue Belle and Bitch fight fiercely for their own position which gives Krawczyk much grief and forces her to choose…safety, or an expanding consciousness? Either Blue Belle or Bitch must die.

The book is also available through all other major online distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Betty can be reached at

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Climate Modificatin, Birds and Bees

Climate Modification, Birds and Bees
While we are waiting for the Tea Party to bring down the US government, we may as well continue on with trying to understand what the chemical, bioengineering and military industrial complexes are trying to do to us.
 In the recent study on the troublesome death of so many birds in Canada every year, Environment Canada came up with 9 reasons for the bird deaths.  Cats, both domestic and feral, are the No. 1 culprit according to the report ( CBC Sept. 30, 2013).  Ah.  Thank goodness, nothing sinister in the many thousands of recent bird deaths.  The bird deaths are simply the result of doing what cats have always done which is to catch, or try to catch birds.  But when one reads what Richard Elliot, director wildlife research for Environment Canada says about the 270 million bird deaths heavily incriminating cats, it just doesn’t wash with me. Elliot is reported (by CBC) to have said  that :”A cat you think is just wandering around the premises would be killing 10 or 12 birds a night.”
I don’t believe it.  In the first place, birds aren’t out at night.  Birds sleep at night, like people do.  And they sleep in safe places, like the tops of the tallest trees they can find.  Nocturnal birds like owls and hawks are usually too large to tempt a cat and a large owl can even swoop a smaller cat up and take it home to feed its own hungry chicks.  Even if the smaller birds were flying around at night, which they don’t do, a cat wouldn’t be able to catch any more of them than they do during the day. I learned more about cats than I wanted to know while rearing a house full of cat loving kids and I’ve never even heard of a cat catching 10 or 12 birds during the day, much less at night.  In fact, actually catching a bird at all is a sometime thing with the vast majority of domestic cats.  Usually, when a cat does succeed in catching a bird, the catch is proudly brought to the attention of the cat owners, usually to the owners’ extreme consternation.
If it was a common thing, as Mr. Elliot would have us believe, that cats, even just some cats, routinely kill 10 0r 12 birds a night, there would at least be some evidence of this.  There would be bird feathers and feet and beaks all over neighborhoods; kids would have to kick the bird remains out of the way to get to school in the mornings.  And if feral cats were doing the heavy lifting here, they wouldn’t be hungry all the time, scouring neighborhoods’ for something to eat.  What cats are known for catching at night are mice, not birds. I don’t know why Mr. Elliot would make these claims about cats as they are demonstrably untrue. And while the report goes on to list other causes of bird deaths, the one claim that is heartbreakingly true; destruction of bird habitat by commercial logging, is put down at the bottom of the list (No.8).  Nowhere is there any mention of the hundreds and thousands of dead and dying birds just falling from the sky in different parts of North America and Europe.  And there are many more questions than answers about the recent massive honey bee deaths (colony collapse disorder).
The research I’ve done strongly suggests that indeed chemicals are to blame for colony collapse disorder, especially the ones classified as neonicotinoids.  Certainly we should pressure the Harper government to follow Europe’s lead and ban their use.   In my own mind there is only one thin strand that connects the sudden deaths of bees while foraging in the field with the sudden deaths of birds flying in the sky, aside from the suddenness of both events.  And that is how both the bees and the birds seemed to have become disoriented before they died.  I’m not even sure how bee keepers could tell the bees had become so disoriented they couldn’t find their way back home, or how people on the ground who were being rained on by dead and dying birds could tell that the birds as they fell appeared to be disoriented.  Nevertheless, this is the talk both from people in the midst of a rain of dead and dying birds, and of bee keepers.  Which brings us to the topic of climate engineering.
In my research I ran across mention of Clive Hamilton’s new book EARTHMASTERS (Yale University Press).  Clive Hamilton is a well known author and professor at Stuart University and University of Melbourne, Australia.  In a recent interview about his book Hamilton tells us…”In all of the debates over how to address climate change, climate engineering-or geoengineering-is among the most contentious. It involves large scale manipulation of the earth’s climate using grand technological interventions, such as fertilizing the oceans with iron to absorb carbon dioxide or releasing sulfur into the atmosphere to reduce radiation.”
 And on the cover of Hilton’s book: “The potential risks are enormous.  It is messing with nature on a scale we’ve never seen before, and it’s attracting a flood of interest from scientists, venture capitalists and oil companies”.
Why are venture capitalists and oil companies so interested in geoengineering?
There must be lots of money to be made out of large scale manipulation of the earth’s climate.  Could these scientific experiments’ backed by venture capitalists and oil companies have anything to do with the sudden deaths of birds and/or bees?  Next time I’ll continue with this line of thought by presenting what some people have to say who are actually doing some of the experimenting with geoengineering.  Next time.  Unless the US government has come to a screeching halt in which case our attention may be diverted for a spell.
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013


New video on Global Warming released today
The Last Hours -  Video -
If you don't see anything else for the rest of the year please see this video.  It's short.  And brutal.  But necessary.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

US Senator Elizabeth Warren

                                                           US Senator Elizabeth Warren                                                                                                                   

  At the moment The US is being held hostage by the Republican Tea Party, proving that a small committed group of people (20-30-60) can indeed change the world.  For the worse.  And they don’t even have to be intelligent.  From listening to a few of these US Congress people of the Tea Party who have managed to partially shut down the US government, i.e. Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman and  Marco Rubio, I get this eerie feeling that they don’t even live in this world. 
For them there has been no such thing as social evolution. 
 The Tea Party lives back in the glorious pre and early post-American Revolutionary times, when there was only a smattering of government, and only wealthy people (landowners, male, white) controlled it.  But there was a role for dirt farmers, too, they were part of a militia if needed, and the dirt farmers treasured their guns to fend off freed slaves, Indians, roaming Yankees and all manners of landless riff raff who were out to steal their livestock and women.  The Tea Partiers to this day,  both the wealthy ones and the not so wealthy ones, all love their guns  and carry around the same egocentric fears and demands of an idealized revolutionary historic time in America.
 In my opinion, the Tea Partiers are pathetic.  And dangerous.  They are much like the radical Islamists in their zeal.  They would see the whole world go up in flames to try to recreate those times they fancy existed before government grew big with social programs that were created by more humane leaders to keep less well-heeled people from starving to death in the streets.  The Tea Party fundamentally opposes the concept of equality.  Yet, many of the Tea Party people are very wealthy themselves and well educated.  It just doesn’t compute.  Or does it?
Enter US Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Her take on the seemingly irrational fears and determination of this group of people to prevent American people from having adequate health care (Obamacare) doesn’t make sense because it isn’t sensible.  It’s religious.  And it’s all about women’s right to reproductive health care; not only to abortion, but to birth control.  The Tea Party people intend to do what their god wants them to do.  The Bible says so.  Or these fundamentalist says it does.  So what is Sen. Warren’s take on the matter? Her words on the floor of the US Senate (30/9/2013) :
“With millions of people still out of work…with students and families crushed by student loan debt, with millions of seniors denied one hot meal a day with Meals on Wheels and millions of little children pushed out of Head Start because of a sequester that is dragging down the middle class, with the country hours away from a government shutdown…the Republicans have decided the single most important issue facing our nation is to change the law (Obamacare) so that employers can deny women access to birth control coverage.  In fact, letting employers decide whether women can get birth control covered on their insurance plan is SO important that the Republicans are willing to shutter the government and potentially tank the economy…” 
Sounds crazy?  That’s because it is.  This kind of religion, whether Christian or Muslim, impedes the progress of the human race.  In my opinion the only hope we have of getting to a better place is to ditch religion altogether and concentrate on the spiritual which is where we are when we meet each other as equals in humanity. And perhaps Sen. Elizabeth Warren will run for president in the next US election.  And in Canada? I wish Quebec Premier Pauline Marois could run outside Quebec.  I would certainly vote for her.
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Monday, September 23, 2013


Bees, Birds and Bad Energy

Okay, so I’m a research junky.  I admit it.  But when I first started looking at the honey bee” colony collapse disorder” syndrome, everything pointed to pesticides, especially a group called neonicotinoids. Certainly pesticides are deadly enough to kill even humans over a course of time, much less the tiny bodies of honey bees.  But it was the reported incidences of sudden honey bee deaths that shocked me the most.  The very idea that these wondrous gifts to humans and to the world could be dying suddenly in droves all in one day with no definite explanation still staggers me.  So I continued to search for explanations and ideas from others.  Well, everything is connected, and one thing just naturally leads to another.  Like huge flocks of birds suddenly falling out of the sky, dead as door nails.
At least most were already dead when they hit the ground.  5,000 birds (Red-Winged Black Birds, AP 2/1/2011)  fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Day, 2011, as well as 500 sky falls of dead birds in Labarre, La. on the same day.  And as many as 6,000 dead birds were reported to have washed up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario (AP Oct 23, 2011).   And this from Canadian Press (08/08/13), describing the recent down pouring of dead grackles from the sky in Winnipeg: “Birds plummet from the sky in Winnipeg, startling residents-‘They were dropping dead’.  And just a month ago from England’s south coast fishermen reported thousands of dead gold crests, robins, thrushes and blackbirds dropping from the sky (Herald Sun, Sept.19, 2013).
Enough, already.  But are there any scientific explanations for these phenomena?  Not any that I’ve heard.  Best guesses, maybe. The “experts” in Ontario  attributed the 5,000 mass bird sky deaths to “botulism”. Botulism?  Ever hear of a bird getting botulism?  Or 5,000 birds getting this all at one time?  And dying together, all at the same time? But the English “expert” claimed that the thousands of common migratory dead birds that dropped from the sky in England was because of “fog and heavy winds” as they traveled from Scandinavia.  Still, as reported by the Herald Sun, the expert went on to say…”This is particularly unusual; it’s birds like thrushes, robins and a whole variety of other species that can be very good long distance migrants.”
      Fog?  Botulism?  Sounds fishy to me.  And yes, I agree with the English “expert” that this is particularly unusual.  Or seems to be.  So I ploughed on.  And once again, ran smack up against Chemtrails and “climate modification.”  Could the massive honey bee and bird die-offs really be connected in a way we haven’t thought about because so much of government and military experimentation is secret and classified?  Perhaps.  But I did find some information that is extremely controversial and extremely down right scary.  Next time.