Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Was Chrystia Freeland “kicked upstairs”?

Was Chrystia Freeland “kicked upstairs”?

Yes, I do think our new Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland was recently “kicked upstairs”.  As I understand it, being “kicked upstairs” is a political phrase used when a minister is making a mess of his or her present portfolio but instead of being outright sacked is presented as being given a promotion.  And certainly Freeland was a rotten Foreign Affairs minister.  As long as Trudeau stays healthy and has excellent bodyguards I don’t think Freeland can continue to damage Canada in her new post as Deputy Prime Minister. At least not to the extent that she was dragging Canada down to meet and even surpass the American contempt for the Palestinian people and the sickening elevation of the Trump-Netanyahu Jewish state over all other considerations.

Perhaps the past election showing Trudeau’s drop of popularity in Canada and with other nations was a “woke” moment for him.  How could he maintain Canada’s reputation as a fair and balanced nation with a Foreign Affairs minister like Freeland who refused to even speak to Russian diplomats?  What kind of a Foreign Affairs Minister was she when Russia had to withdraw her diplomats from Canada because of utter lack of communication with Freeland?  So thank you, Mister Prime Minister, for doing what you had to do to get Madam Freeland out of the Foreign Affairs office.  But what is our new foreign minister like?

So far, so good.  A new page has been turned. Another reason for ousting Freeland from foreign affairs was that Trudeau wants a seat on the United Nations Security Council. He would never have had a chance for that seat with Freeland representing Canada.  But Francois–Phillippe Champagne? Ah, a more reasonable choice for Foreign Affairs.  No Russia baiting or Israeli Old Testament bible thumping here. The Centre for International Governance Innovation constructs Champagne as “not an intellectual, but an operator, someone who delivers… He (Champagne) stood out in Ottawa for his good grasp of his files, his interpersonal skills with Cabinet colleagues and his diligence in the House”.  That’s a relief. May the gods that be deliver us all from politicians like Chrystia Freeland who think they are - or act as if they are - indeed intellectuals, when actually they are ideologues. In contrast Champagne is a graduate in international law.  He was initially appointed Minister of International Trade with the important responsibility of steering Free Trade agreements with Europe, Asia-Pacific and many other countries. 

Time will tell, but I am just so happy that Trudeau, by kicking  Chrystia Freedland upstairs, has thus prevented her from further tearing apart Canada’s good reputation for being fair minded and reasonable.