Monday, November 20, 2023

The Prison Break that will live in Infamy


The Prison Break that will live in Infamy

Gaza had often been described as one of the the largest, if not the largest, open air prison in the world. Their jail guards, of course, were and are, the Israelis. This prison had been opened and gradually growing since the granting of Jerusalem land to the Israelis after the second world war. After time the Israeli settlers were granted permission by the Israeli government to chase out the original owners of other parts of Palestinian land that was allotted to them by the after war agreements. The rest of the world murmured in protest but did nothing about the land grabs. The state of Israel had openly become an apartheid state as the prison walls around the Palestinians shrank with ever passing year. Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers ignored warnings of the dangles of over crowing into the increasing small places for such a large population, with food and clean water and medicines shortages always looming. The Israelis blamed the over crowding on the Palestinians for having so many children. Half of the population in Gaza is under the age of 18.

The world remains silent when the Israelis, firm in their religious beliefs that they were and are, a superior breed of human, boldly moved more Israeli settlers into more Palestinian lands. Any protests, however mild, were silenced by the Israelis reminding everyone of the memory of the holocaust. But prisons can only get so full, jailers become so demanding and brutal, using live fire when they felt it needed, so many check points, so many bobbed wires and gates. It was inevitable that some of the men would get together and decide that it would be better to risk instant death for themselves and their families than to die slowly piece by piece of flesh, drip by drip of blood, all the while choking on bits of their backbones they had to swallow every day from the contempt and hatred emitting from their guards. They began to plan a jail break.

But there was something very odd about the Israeli response to this jail break. There stood Netanyahu with the most advanced intelligence in the world reporting to him, and with other countries who also had advanced intelligence, warning him that an attack by Hamas was imminent. The man did nothing. He didn’t order his soldiers to rank up, or to warn the border towns that an attack was planned and they should prepare. Friendly countries who also had advanced intelligence also warned Netanyahu that Hamas was planning an an immediate attack. Still, Netanyahu did nothing. Why not? Especially since he knew well in advance the attack was coming.

I believe that Netanyahu wanted this. I believe that he and his ministers felt that it would take a 9/11 incident like this that would bring all of Israel together to finish up the Palestinians and retain the sympathy of the world. He and his others were willing to kill many of their own in order to bring about the great excuse they needed to literally wipe out the Palestinians from Gaza. Netanyahu considers the Palestinians animals, doesn’t understand them, thus he fears them. He wants them gone. He prefers them all dead, if not, at least chased out of the Palestine lands altogether. And he means to have what he wants. The world still watches. And waits. While a new human slaughter is playing out before before our very eyes.

Nov 20, 2023

Betty Krawczyk

Monday, November 06, 2023

To Conquer? First take their land. It’s all about land


To Conquer? First take their land. It’s all about land.

When a more advanced peoples, in terms of science and technology, first gaze upon aboriginal lands, they consider how valuable are these lands and the ones occupying these lands, to the observers should they invade. If the lands are deemed exceeding valuable, the ones presently occupying them will be considered much less so. In fact, if the discrepancy is indeed wide, in terms of science and technology, the present occupants will be described as dirty and ignorant. If the newcomers decide to go to war against the ones already there , the ones already inhabiting the lands will be described as bestial and animal like and unworthy of the lands the invaders lust after. The question for the to get rid of these unworthy people?

They can be killed as historic peoples all over the world have been outright murdered, or starved, or driven to outlying lands with poor soil and poison water. First Nations peoples of Canada and the US know all about this. I learned something about the depravity of this position for First Nations while in prison for contempt of court with some of the First Nation survivors. As an white elderly woman I highly recommend the experience. It sensitizes one to racial and culture injustice like no other. But isn’t this same mindset of newcomers feeling themselves superior in all ways, at least somewhat, similar to what is being played out right now in Gaza albeit on a much smaller scale?

It is the same contempt that a more technology advanced couture for a lesser that the Israeli government is now demonstrating in spades. This contempt lay undercover for awhile, having to be satisfied with just taking pot shots at Palestinians as they were being gradually pushed off their land by Israeli settlers. It is now out in the open and Thus Netanyahu turns his apartheid state of Israel into a state that practices genocide. I believe he deliberately set a trap for the Palestinians. I think Netanyahu brushed off all warnings by other countries that Hamas was planning an attack. He needed a reason to get rid of many people as possible in Gaza even if he had to sacrifice a smaller number of his own. He wanted and still wants to wipe Gaza off the map. What else would you call it with his rules of collective punishment by continuous bombing of an already overcrowd space in Gaza with half of the population under the age of eighteen? An awful lot of the world’s children are being killed, lots of them.

But at least their families know where they are, where they have died. In Lahanina, Maui it is reported that that over two thousand children have disappeared. Their relatives do not know if they are alive or dead since an all encompassing fire swept the island recently. And no official anywhere seems to know anything about the missing children. Very strange. But officials brush this seemingly insignificant thing aside. Even denying that there are any missing children of Lahaina. Or that there was anything strange about the fires themselves. Climate change caused the unnatural path of the fires, the magical turning away from the properties of rich foreigners who had come to buy up the land of Hawaiians.

The Hawaiians refused to sell their land to the new comers because the land was the very symbol of their ancestors. But they were poor and surrounded by rich invaders. It wasn’t just rich people who wanted their land. It was the US government. In step by step planning with the World Economic Forum and the UN, Bill Gates, and other tech giants, who hold hands tightly with Joe Biden and the World Banks owned and operated by the richest people in the world, all of which in future I will just call “The Cabal.” The word Cabal means... a secret political clique or faction (oxford dic) Which means that not a dammed one of these these inner banking people or people of the international forums and the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Swab , two of the twinkling stars of the new profound rulers of the world were elected by the people. They are frauds. They are the kin of the stars of the old medicine shows I attended as a child where there were dancing girls and rowdy jokes by the presenter like “just take this medicine and it will make pain go away. I talked to a gentleman who told me he gave some to his wife and she went away, Ha ha.” Well, the Cabal is not presenting with rowdy jokes. They are presenting as a death cult.

The Cabal want to build smart cities, totally operated by AL or a combination of Smart cities and Fifteen Minute cites. What more perfect place to do this than in beautiful Lahania. The fires weren’t from climatic change. It was a power grab by The Cabal.

Again, using climate change as an excuse, the land grab marches on in earnest. The Cabal must get rid of farmers to bring in their economic restructuring. Farmers are being driven off their land by their own governments under the thrall of The Cabal. How does The Cabal do this? By making farming too expensive for farmers. The Cabal’s demand for less fertilizer and the culling of animals drive family farmers to bankruptcy. Their lands will be taken or sold to their own governments, or conglomerates that will give over to these most evil forces.

Again, using climate change as an excuse, the land grab marches on in earnest. The Cabal must get rid of farmers to bring in their economic restructuring but the attachment of the masses in general to their to homes and lands must also be broken. Citizens made increasingly landless and hungry will certainly be less resistant to prime time western media propaganda. The people must learn to eat insects. How to do this? The same way The Cabal is getting rid of the farmers. Use the central banks of the entire western world to raise rates high enough to make home ownership increasing impossible for the majority of citizens. Citizens will have to default on their mortgages, their homes, their lands. All money collected thus will goes back to The Cabal of banks and the corrupt governments. These massive land grabs will shock the citizens of the entire western world. Unless we do something. But what? Next time.

Nov 6, 2023