Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What will the New Year bring for Canadians?

What will the New Year bring for Canadians? I think the western world lead by the US, and including Canada, is losing its collective mind. It’s as if the US is telling itself fairy tales and getting very angry when any collection of individuals or even one individual, who says, by way of resistance “but wait…I personally do not believe the bull excrement you are shoveling onto my doorstep (and into my airways)”. Not that any important media, or important person, for that matter, at least recognized by Canada, is trying to do this. But I personally rebel when the Canadian press and media, following the US story line, tries to persuade me, and millions of others, that Hillary Clinton lost the election because Putin personally elected Trump as US president by hacking into the American voting machines. I have to say they are lying through their expensive implanted teeth.

The US accusers can’t offer any proof of their accusations of Putin hacking because there isn’t any.  I ask, did Putin also hack the machines that put Republicans back into the Senate? And also hack into the House of Representatives voting machines?  The cabal of international interests that push austerity onto the people of the world while sucking the economy itself dry says it does. With the help of the Russia Today TV programs of course. The cabal claims that Putin, through RT, plays evil, insidious propaganda lies that are also very powerful and causes strange things to happen in America. Many US lawmakers are calling for the US to outright ban RT being broadcast in and into America. So much for freedom of speech.  So do I watch RT?

I do, and I don’t even have television.  I get RT through my computer.  I also tune in to other alternate news casts but none have the constantly growing ratings of RT.  I recommend RT to everyone.  Of course they are presenting the Russian point of view which the Russians say is the purpose of the news shows. Why would the Russians have a television show of Russia Today if not to present the Russian point of view? How can Canadians and Americans make up their minds about anything if they only hear one side?  That’s all we hear in most of the news programs that service the cabal (the side that CNN and 90 per cent of the other US broadcasting and our very own CBC) wants us to hear. Shouldn’t we also hear the other side?  Shouldn’t we all hear honest debate on how “the liberation of Aleppo” in The Russian media becomes the “the downfall of Aleppo” in the American media?  Even the government of British Columbia seems to think so.

The province of BC is now advertising on the Russian channel. The BC provincial government has been running a large, chatty video showing and explaining how wonderful British Columbia is to countries everywhere through the RT channel.  Christy Clark knows how many people worldwide watch RT.  Other Canadian businesses are beginning to catch on, too. I think it is too late to shut RT up. The cabal is trying to distract the people who are slipping out of the middle class, and even out of the working class, into abject poverty by blaming their economic and physic woes on the bogyman Putin instead of their own blood sucking policies which will eventually fail.  However, I think a “hard rain has to fall” before the US and Canada comes up with economic programs that allow all in our countries to prosper, not just the banks, and without prosperity being based on war.  But war with Russia is exactly what the US is conditioning the western world to accept by constantly presenting Putin as being beneath the consideration of civilized nations; of being inhuman.  The US headed cabal wants war with Russia in the New Year.  And apparently, listening to the CBC, Canada is willing to tag along.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Get over it, CBC!

Get over it, CBC.  The rest of us have had to.  Hillary Clinton, running under the same electoral rules she was proud of before she lost, now wants to turn the electoral tide around.  She didn’t really lose, she says, the election was stolen from her by Putin. He hacked the voting machines.  And the FBI and the CIA back her up, along with the neocons in government who see these accusations as the very thing needed to convince the American people that Putin is an inhuman devil and Russia must be conquered to set things right again (US undisputed hegemony).  How to conquer Russia?  By invasion, of course.  The same way they conquered Libya, Iraq, and Afaganstian. The slavish NATO has ringed the countries on Russian’s borders as well as the entire neighbourhood with air and missile bases. They’re ready to go.  As soon as they can figure out how to get Hillary Clinton back into the White House and on Wall Street’s payroll.  Certainly all of the agencies that matter for them, especially the Pentagon, are rearing to go get those nasty Ruskies.

Jill Stein, for whom I voted, in the end bowed to Hillary (like Bernie Sanders) and was persuaded to call for a vote recount. That’s her privilege.  But there is no proof of any reason to even be suspicious that a hack was made, much less that the Russian’s did it. The CIA says it has proof of the Russian hack, but just can’t reveal it.  You know, like the Weapons of Mass destruction that killed so many human beings in Iraq. But this line is excellent fodder for the main stream media that understands only too well that their jobs depends on bashing Putin for the “US Deep State” that wants to invade Russia. But Trump supporters won’t peacefully stand for shenanigans that declare Trump’s legal right to the presidency invalid.  There will be lots of trouble should this happen. 


But no worry, we will be told by craven main stream journalists, these kinds of protesters will be taken care of.  We have anticipated such an occurrence and the jails are waiting.  We’ve built lots of new ones and they are nicely privatized the police are militarized with crowd control devices including tanks. And the main stream media, including CBC and BBC TV and radio stations will rise to the challenge of echoing almost word for word the US war propaganda of why this war (nuclear)with Russia was(is) necessary. If you think I am worrying foolishly, just listen when listening to the National News to how much space is given to beating the war drums against Putin and Russia. I hope you become as alarmed as I am about what the CBC is pounding unrelenting into our ears on the need to teach Putin and Russia a lesson.  A really hard lesson.  But remember, Russia is not Libya, Iraq, or Afaganstian.  Russia is a modern state with nuclear weapons.  They are equipped to give as well as take.  If you do become concerned about the Putin bashing, Russia hating, one sided reporting of your national broadcasting station please let them know. Maybe it’s not too late for the CBC to get over it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Time to panic! There's a snake in the grass!

Free range chickens are wonderful watch dogs.  My mother raised chickens when I was growing up in southern Louisiana, and she always knew when the chickens had spotted a snake by their loud, panic stricken squawks.  Whenever their hysterical chicken call sounded Mama would bolt from the house, grab her keenly sharpened hoe she kept handy just for snake duty, and rush to the rescue. Looking back, I find certain similarities between Mama’s chickens reaction to snakes, and how the US military complex is reacting to an imaginary perceived Russian threat. This military complex includes the Pentagon, the military arms industries, the White House, the FBI, the CIA, International banks, NATO, Citizens United, the Israel Lobby and the US media, who all act in unison as if they have just spotted a snake in the grass.  That snake, of course, is Russia.  And she wears the face of Putin.  The American war machine has just picked up their sharpened hoes in lock step with their other friends and is headed to the global yard to kill the snake.

Only Russia is not a snake.  Neither is Putin.  The US and Co. actually know this, which is why their frantic, hysterical calls for some kind of intervention in Russia sound so unbelievably pumped up. Much to my utter dismay, Canada is following the US parade, grabbing our own Canadian made hoes (which may be one of the few last things made in Canada) as we go. But what has Putin done?  Well, he has not agreed to US demands that Russia should step aside and allow the US and Co. to take their hoes to the elected president of Syria.  Putin stubbornly insists that only the Syrian people should be allowed to make “regime change”, not the US or NATO.

This is a shock to the Americans.  After all, they’ve had no trouble beating the rest of the world into submission, even if they had to kill a lot of Libyans, Iraqis, Afghans, many Latin Americans, and some Africans, too, in order to do so.  So all of the Neocon forces in the world are, at the moment, centred in the Pentagon and the International banks, and are cheered on by the others while they encircle Russia and China with NATO bases, hoping to isolate the Russians by threatening them with an all-out war.

War is big business.  Just the threat of war is big business.  And the biggest economic business the US has right now is the military arms industries.   While much, if not most, of US wealth is being poured into the military and its bases around the world, the US strikes day after day on the back of its perceived snake, with outrageous anti-Russian propaganda. Why, the western media can’t get enough of striking at the snake.  Our own CBC is on a daily basis gleefully wallowing in anti-Russian propaganda.  The producers of CBC seem to be itching for some kind of real show-down with Russia, maybe like an honest to God war. If you doubt this, start listening carefully to CBC reporting on Russia. The CBC follows US media slavishly, almost word for word; they claim Russians are liars, cheats, cowards without honor or character, and are undeserving of a place on this earth. Or words to that effect. In reality, Russia is a strong, proud country with a long history of surviving catastrophe.  Americans are ignorant of the history of other countries, even recent history, and even of their own.  And I’m beginning to think that way too many Canadians have forgotten our histories, too.

By placing Canadian troops in Latvia we are helping the US in its long history of war mongering.  Latvia is smack on Russia’s borders. Canadian troops have no business in Latvia.   One stray accidental bullet there could start a nuclear war.  If Justin Trudeau thinks Canada is made more powerful by joining the hyperventilating throng to kill a non-existent threat in order to make more billions for the American arms industry then he is a fool.  So are we if we follow him into this mad endeavour.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My love affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is over

Okay, so my love affair with Justin Trudeau et al. is over.  I voted for him but I wouldn’t do it again even though he has already fulfilled some of the election promises he made. Why? I turned away from the NDP in the last election because of their “balanced budget” that seemed more of the “same ole”. I did worry about Trudeau’s youth and inexperience in international matters, but I felt comforted that he had Jean Chretien to advise him.  Remember Jean Chretien?  When Prime Minster, how he was under enormous pressure from the Bush administration to join the US and Britain to help invade Iraq? And how he refused and kept us out of the horrible, disgusting illegal mess of invading Iraq?

Well, I don’t know where Chretien was when Justin just caved to US pressure and decided to imitate the role UK’s Tony Blair played in the murderous invasions and bombings of Iraq. Trudeau has become the new lap-dog on the block by sending Canadian troops and military equipment to Latvia. Blair will forever be remembered as the lap dog of the US.  And I think Trudeau seems to be taking on this role although a damming report has just been released in the UK on Blair’s role in the deaths of so many people in Iraq.  Yes, our lovely young handsome prime minister has caved to Obama’s pressure and agreed to send troops and military equipment to Latvia. 

Does Trudeau know that Latvia is smack on Russian’s borders?  And that he has just dedicated Canadians to join in a war mongering that could very well bring on World War Three?  This at a time when countries like France, Italy and Greece are reducing their own NATO spending? They see the senselessness of threatening Russia who has few military bases outside its own country (in previous Soviet Union countries) while Republican Ron Paul in the US presidential debate (2011) said that the US military was in 130 countries and has 900 bases around the world.  How did Justin Trudeau come to the decision to send Canadian troops to Latvia?   Has he fallen in love with his own Hollywood image?  Does he want to help play John Wayne with nuclear weapons?  My God, I am disappointed in him.