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Bees, Birds and Bad Energy

Okay, so I’m a research junky.  I admit it.  But when I first started looking at the honey bee” colony collapse disorder” syndrome, everything pointed to pesticides, especially a group called neonicotinoids. Certainly pesticides are deadly enough to kill even humans over a course of time, much less the tiny bodies of honey bees.  But it was the reported incidences of sudden honey bee deaths that shocked me the most.  The very idea that these wondrous gifts to humans and to the world could be dying suddenly in droves all in one day with no definite explanation still staggers me.  So I continued to search for explanations and ideas from others.  Well, everything is connected, and one thing just naturally leads to another.  Like huge flocks of birds suddenly falling out of the sky, dead as door nails.
At least most were already dead when they hit the ground.  5,000 birds (Red-Winged Black Birds, AP 2/1/2011)  fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Day, 2011, as well as 500 sky falls of dead birds in Labarre, La. on the same day.  And as many as 6,000 dead birds were reported to have washed up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario (AP Oct 23, 2011).   And this from Canadian Press (08/08/13), describing the recent down pouring of dead grackles from the sky in Winnipeg: “Birds plummet from the sky in Winnipeg, startling residents-‘They were dropping dead’.  And just a month ago from England’s south coast fishermen reported thousands of dead gold crests, robins, thrushes and blackbirds dropping from the sky (Herald Sun, Sept.19, 2013).
Enough, already.  But are there any scientific explanations for these phenomena?  Not any that I’ve heard.  Best guesses, maybe. The “experts” in Ontario  attributed the 5,000 mass bird sky deaths to “botulism”. Botulism?  Ever hear of a bird getting botulism?  Or 5,000 birds getting this all at one time?  And dying together, all at the same time? But the English “expert” claimed that the thousands of common migratory dead birds that dropped from the sky in England was because of “fog and heavy winds” as they traveled from Scandinavia.  Still, as reported by the Herald Sun, the expert went on to say…”This is particularly unusual; it’s birds like thrushes, robins and a whole variety of other species that can be very good long distance migrants.”
      Fog?  Botulism?  Sounds fishy to me.  And yes, I agree with the English “expert” that this is particularly unusual.  Or seems to be.  So I ploughed on.  And once again, ran smack up against Chemtrails and “climate modification.”  Could the massive honey bee and bird die-offs really be connected in a way we haven’t thought about because so much of government and military experimentation is secret and classified?  Perhaps.  But I did find some information that is extremely controversial and extremely down right scary.  Next time.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bees and Chemtrails?

Okay, on the surface trying to link massive honey bee die-offs to the puzzling Chemtrails crisscrossing our skies may seem a stretch.  But for lack of good explanations for either the honey bee die-offs (colony collapse disorder) or the Chemtrails phenomena, let’s just examine what connection, if any, might be teased from what is actually known about the two.
First, there is a time factor.  In Scientific American (Sept.2013) an article on how native bees may be the answer to the die-off of European honey bees (who were brought here around 1620) is the account of the first reported colony collapse disorder of honeybees:
“In the fall of 2006 a now legendary beekeeper named Dave Hackenberg discovered that 360 out of his 400 hives in Florida were lifeless-no bees in sight. They waited, fully stocked with pollen, honey, and larvae-like ghost ships-for their inhabitants to return…but the bees never came back.”
And other beekeepers also soon started reporting the deaths of their hives with no apparent explanation.  Suddenly.  All gone, in one day.  Like some kind of bomb had been dropped on them (the honey bees) while they worked in the fields.  As noted, this started happening in 2006.
From the website Chemtrails Debunked-Skeptic-Project a site that denies the existence of Chemtrails, we learn that some of the first accounts of ordinary citizens concerned about the patterns in the sky left by airplanes started about the same time as the honey bee die-offs.  Others (on the internet) say the patterns are actually a spray that is being used to control in some way the actions of humans.  Others think it is a spray composed of compounds that has the power to control the weather (global warming).  Whatever the purpose is, a lot of people are freaked out by Chemtrails and I’m getting more freaked all the time. And even though I live not far from an air force base and notice these strange patterns in the sky frequently I have been loath to believe that our government would spray chemicals into the atmosphere that could harm the living things below. But I’m really beginning to wonder if there are connections between the Chemtrails and health.

So are the Europeans.  One theory is that all WTO nations must be in the Chemtrail spraying program and they are apparently cooperating. Way back in 2004 an article published in the German magazine ChemicaRaum+Zeit (Space and Time) reposted under Chemicals- Spraying in our Sky describes the planes leaving Chemtrails over Germany: “At first these aircraft appear to be leaving vapor trails, but after observing them for a while one starts to have one’s doubts: These ‘vapor trails’, which are laid out in a regular, gigantic criss-cross pattern do not disperse in a matter of minutes, but hang motionless in the air; one could almost speak of an adhesive effect.  Often a pearl-necklace-like pattern of the vapor is recognizable, which can also turn into a sequence of large “drops”.
This same article goes on to explain that in spite of the difficulties of collecting air samples of the Chemtrails at the altitude of 6000 meters samples were obtained and microscopic examination revealed “a synthetic carrier substance of polymer threads (together with other unidentified components) contained traces of “(so-called ‘non-radioactive) barium salts, and microscopic particles of aluminum in a (relative to standard air levels) sevenfold higher concentration) and goes on to note “In research of Alzheimer’s disease, aluminum poisoning of the body is specifically known to be an important factor!”

photo by Susan Robertshaw

But we are talking honey bees here and the colony collapse disorder. Yes, I think neonicotinoids are disastrous for bees too, (Europe has banned them for two years) as are all the pesticides. And yes, I’m sure these chemicals can and do kill the honey bees. But death from pesticides seems to be of a different nature; rather slow and drawn out (comparatively speaking) as I understand it.   It’s the suddenness of the deaths of some of the hives that really, really needs investigating.
Unlike most of the domestic bees who are loners and don’t make hives, honey bees are social animals. They go to work together, in a bunch. The sudden dying off (instantaneously?) of the entire bunch of honey bees at one time in the fields as they work is telling us something we should know.  This suddenness bespeaks of a massive overwhelming poisoning…like a spray of some kind.  The honey bees from these sudden die offs were obviously healthy enough to go to work.  I think they were sprayed by a substance that was deadly to them.  Could it have been the spraying from Chemtrails?
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Monday, September 09, 2013

Ready to Rumble? China Sends War Ships

Ready to Rumble?  China Sends War Ships.

I think China is serious. She is sending a huge warship to the Syrian coast line along with some other ships (Paul Joseph Watson (9/5/2013 Syria’s coastline is getting crowded.  However, the main sun bathers are the personnel on the war ships.  Aside from the Russian warships already stationed around the Syrian coastline keeping the more numerous US warships company, Russia has also announced that they are sending three more warships to the area.

 If Obama has any good sense left he will rethink a strike on Syria in a hurry.  China has stated repeatedly that she will protect Iran.  And China knows that all strikes on Syria are aimed at eventually getting at Iran and ultimately at encircling China.  China knows this.  And she also knows the main reason behind why the Obama administration is so gung ho to make such a big mess in the world, and why Obama doesn’t even care that he is appearing  to have no good sense left even if he started out with some. Did Obama just take a wrong turn somewhere?  Whatever, he has run too far with the devils to turn back now, that is with the neocons and the military industrial complex, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and yes , that other entity bent on destroying the future of the world.  I am referring, of course, to The Conglomeration of World Banksters!
Muslims don’t believe in charging interest.  It follows that the banks in Muslim countries are public, not private banks.  In an article by Ellen Hodgson Brown entitled “Making the World Safe for Banksters” (Information Clearing House 9/5/2013) Brown points out that private banks can’t make money from public banking systems.  Public banking systems have no need for interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, or packaged derivatives.
 But it isn’t just the Muslim countries that don’t have private banking systems.  Neither does China.  Or Brazil or Russia or India.  And these countries passionately resist the US and Western central bankers invitations to turn their public banks into private ones for the Banksters to loot.   However, 60% per cent of the world has been caught in the trap of deregulated banking of the private banks.  And that 60% of the world (people in the US, EU, Africa, South America (excluding Brazil) Mexico, Canada, parts of Asia, etc.) now has to deal with overwhelming interest payments on their governments bank loans and the austerity plans imposed by the same banks.  How did this happen?
In her article Brown cites a posting by Greg Palast of evidence that in the late 1990’s US Treasury Officials and Wall Street conceived a plan to open all banking to the lucrative derivatives business.  Brown continues:  …”To pull this off required the relaxation of banking regulations not just in the US but globally.  The vehicle to be used was the Financial Services Agreement of the World Trade Organization.”
So banking regulations that kept some of the worst practices of private banking in line began to eat dirt, so to speak.  But why did the governments of the countries who signed on to this massive global banking deregulation do it?  Why would these countries deliberately put not only their own people at risk (stipulations that customer’s deposits could be confiscated if the banks fell into trouble, i.e. the Bail-In template) but the very idea of national sovereignty?
Brown continues:  “WTO members were induced to sign the agreement by threatening their access to global markets if they refused; and they all did sign except Brazil.  Brazil was threatened by a boycott for refusing to sign but nothing came of it.  And then, the most hair raising admission by U.S . General Wesley Clark (Ret.) in a 2007 interview on Democracy Now…”Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.  These seven countries were named by U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.) as being “rogue” states being targeted for take down after Sept. 11, 2001. He said that about 10 days after 9/11 , he was told by a general that the decision had been made to go to war with Iraq.  Later, the same general said they planned to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.”
The Banksters are actually doing well as far as scoring.  Libya is down, along with Iraq. Syria is bleeding, but as yet still standing.  The situation may be different with Syria.  Russia and China are both in the area.  Obama may not be so anxious to rumble…especially with China.  We’ll see.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Breast Milk and Bees

Breast Milk and Bees
While the world seems to be on hold until US President Obama decides how many Syrians should die directly by American hands (the missiles don’t launch themselves without somebody pressing a “go” button), here at home we have some pressing life skills that we are all failing.  I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I claimed that the fundamentals of life are under siege.  Human breast milk, the symbol and certainty of the continuation of life is not what it used to be.  And bees, those tiny, industrious workers of the world whose tireless  pollinating of food and beauty, are dying out.  Both bees and breast milk need strict and prompt attention if we, as a race, are to survive with a reasonable amount of food and health security.
Words are things.  Words have power.  So much power that I am almost afraid to bring up all the chemicals accumulating in human breast milk lest this in some way adds to the mounting  evidence that might turn women off breast feeding their babies altogether.  But most people, particularly women, already know about the chemicals in breast milk .  We know, but file this kind of information away in the storage unit of things we’d rather not consciously think about.  Why?
Because the subject of chemicals in breast milk seems impossible to address.  And the consensus still seems to be, in spite of the pollutions in breast milk, that mother’s milk is still the very best food for babies.  Mother’s milk has evolved over hundreds of thousand, nay, millions of years to be the perfect human food for babies. Still, we must talk about these things.  Openly and urgently.  And there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon regarding getting rid of some of the pollution in mother’s milk.   That’s because much of the rest of the world seems to be trying, more or less, to move away from some of the chemicals that are showing up in breast milk.
Among the most worrying of pollutants in breast milk are chemicals called POPS.  What are POPS?  According to the report from the 2013 UN Stockholm Convention on protecting human health and the environment, POPS are described thusly:
 “Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) are organic chemical substances, that is, they are carbon based. They possess a particular combination of physical properties such that, once released into the environment, they:
(a) Remain intact for exceptionally long periods of time (many years);
(b) Become widely distributed throughout the environment as a result of natural processes involving soil, water and, most notably, air;
(c)  Accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms including humans, and are found at higher concentrations at higher levels in the food chain; and
(d)  Are toxic to both humans and wildlife.
And the UN report goes on to say…

“…Specific effects of POPS can include cancer, allergies and hypersensitivity, damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems, reproductive disorders, and disruption of the immune system.  Some POPS are also considered to be endocrine disrupters, which, by altering the hormonal system, can damage the reproductive and immune systems of exposed individuals as well as their offspring; they can also have developmental and carcinogenic effects.”

So what are the products that contain POPS?  The report lists three categories;  Pesticides, Industrial chemicals and By-products.  For a list of the names of various POPS visit

Canada is a party to this UN organization and has ratified our membership.  Even Afghanistan has joined and ratified. The US has not. The biggest chemical polluter on this earth has evidentially refused to give up polluting the earth, mothers’ breast milk be dammed.  But much of the rest of the world is moving toward trying to limit or eliminate these toxins.  Same story with the bees.  Coming up. 
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