Saturday, December 10, 2011

Injunctions Be Dammed!


Why do I get so heated up by injunctions! Because we are being ruled by them. How so? Because a single judge in the provice can allow enormous swaths of forests to fall, creeks to be ruined, wild animlas to die, and allow athemurderous fracking of gas wells. If a citican becomes so outraged he or she stands in front of this activity,or pitches a tent in general disgust with the society, immediately the injunctions seekers heads for the court to seek an injunction.

The Canadian Criminal Code is a living, breathing document that has evolved over the years with thousands of people being involved with the coding. In contrast,because a court ordered injunction(one judge’s order) is not encoded, it amounts to being only one person’s opinion. And if one is accused of not obeying the opinion of the judge, then one is charged with Contempt of Court. And there is no defense for Contempt of Court. Why not? Because Contempt of Court is not encoded. It isn’t in the Criminal Code. And this is exactly why the Province of BC loves them. It’t the one sure way to rob a citizen of all legal rights because it robs citizens of the right to a legal defense.

As there is no defense for Contempt of Court , if you are accused, all that is relevant is whether you disobeyed a jude’s order. If you did, you are guilty de facto of Contempt of Court. So is anyone else who is in a area of contention. It doesn’t matter whether you were trying to protest againt environmental destruction or connected to a protest like Occupy Vancouver. By adding Jane and John Does to the order, the sweeping nature of this of these additions could hypthocically include everybody in Canada, or for that matter, the entire world. See why logging and minining companies along with mayors and police chiefs just absolutely love injunctions? Injunctions relieves all responsibliey from private and public officials.
Why even bother with a police chief if hehad to go to court to beg the judge to do his job forhim. As police chief he’s supposed to arrest people breaking the law. But w hen instead of doing his job and ordering the protesters to move their tents when he decided that was what needed to be done, instead goes to the BC Supreme Court and asked Madam Justice Mackenzie to do it for him. She happily obliged. And was promptly elevated to the Appeals Court for her pains almost immediately after she issued the injunction order.

This is the same judge Patrick Dohm appointed to replace Madam Justice Bennet in the Basi-Verk case. This was done because Madam Justice Bennet was in the process of allowing the defense to call Premier Gordon Campbel and Deputy Premier Christy Clark to the stand to be examined for their knowledge of the scandle. No telling what they might have revealed under cross examination about their own actions. Patrick Dohm as protecter of the 1%’s dirty laundry couldn’t have that. So he appointed Madam Justice Mackenzie to set things right. She promptly accepted a two millin by out for guilt pleas from Basi and Verk and shut the trial down before it could do any realo criminal dmange to Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.

You know what? I am off ened by this. I am offended by having this province’s fourtunes being ruled by crooks who have hijacked the Supreme Court of BC and uses facisit methods to shut down all opposition to their sellig off of the natural resourcws of BC along with the shut down of any hope of legal justice. It’s too much. It’s just too much. We demand a decent government, a decent BC Supreme Court, a decent rule of law. We’re citizens. And injunctions be dammed!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Hardly. Things will be worse for Egyptian women if the projected results of the current elections (by CBC, BBC, and Aljazeera) hold true. The Muslim Brotherhood will have the most votes (60 per cent first round vote) with the Salafists (ultra hard liners) and the Gamaa Islamiya, (more hard liners) taking most of the rest of the votes. Under these circumstances what can Egyptian women expect? Oh, the usual suspects…black robes for women, deschooling of girls and women, forced marriages of young women to old men as second, third, or fourth wives, death by stoning if women provoke jealously in their households, more honour killings. It means constant fear of men’s accusations of wrong doing, in other words, the complete captivity of women.

But wait a minute. Didn’t many young, seemingly well educated Egyptian women help start the Egyptians revolution, didn’t they work for it, risk their lives for it? Yes, and that was perfectly fine with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, and the Gamaa Islamiyas. But that was then, they seem to say, and this is now. Now that the battle is primarily won, it’s “Get back into your cages, women. And this time we will lock the gates good and tight”.

And many Islamists don’t necessarily cease to be hard line lslamists when they come to Canada. Islamic women continue to be treated as inferiors by their men in Canada in many instances. Remember the little girls in the Ontario school that holds Friday prayers for Muslims? And the young girls having their periods have to sit in the very back row away from the others? Boys in front, girls kneeling behind, then the menstruating girls, who are not fit to even kneel behind the boys in their supposed unclean condition and are delegated to the rear of the room.

What is wrong with Canada, with Ontario, to allow such a practice in public schools? Public displays of little girls being humiliated becaue of their life giving functions are akin, in a very real way, to pornography. And certainly it’s also akin to barbarism, that period of time when women were banished to special huts, away from any possible damage to men when the women were bleeding. I think Canada has gone bananas with trying to demonstrate how wonderfully political correct we are.

Enough is enough. Immigrants should adjust to Canadian society, not try to transform Canadian laws and social mores into what they left behind. The misogyny of Islam is notorious throughout the world. Why do we try to pretend that this isn’t so?
And how did Mohammad Shafia ,( Muslim from Afghanistan, making news right now for killing three of his daughters and his first wife) even get into Canada with two wives? I understand the first wife was listed as a cousin on the family’s immigration papers. How could a cousin be allowed entry into Canada when so many parents and adult children of immigrants are not allowed to be brought in with their families? Was it because Shafia is rich? Did immigration know or suspect the listed cousin was really the first wife and didn’t care because he was rich?

And how many other additional wives of rich Muslims families are allowed entry into Canada simply by being listed as cousins and aunts? This case is surely not the only one. And this case only came to light because the man killed his first wife along with his three daughters. Doesn’t Canadian immigration investigate the additional cousins and aunts that are brought in with these rich Muslim families? Especially since rich Muslim men are usually the only ones who can afford the two, three, or four wives that Islam allows. Curious minds want to know.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Borsa Italiana and Cocaine

Borsa Italiana
Doesn’t that phrase just roll off your tongue? Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s the name of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, Italy. I was surprised to read about this stock exchange. It seems the Italian politicians are linking cocaine used by traders to wild fluctuations on the Italian stock market (Financial Post, Oct.15, 2011). Italians are in the process of “requiring stock traders to take mandatory drug tests…Italian savings may be invested by people not capable of making decisions due to drug use,” said Undersecretary Carlo Giovanardi.

Diane Francis, author of the article, goes on to tell us that “substance abuse has been cited as pandemic in London’s financial district with media reports of bars that allegedly routinely offer cocaine to clients by credit card, but describe the purchases as wine. Cocaine has been the drug of choice for well heeled financial types around the world for decades…”

Well, isn’t that interesting? Cocaine. So that’s one of the reasons the stock markets seem so wired and weird lately. When one thinks about this kind of hard drug being readily and regularly purchased by hay wire, hi wired stock traders along with the amount of uppers, downers, and pain killer prescription drugs doctors shove into people’s lives for physical and emotional pain, medical prescriptions that addicts patients as surely and soundly as crack does, and then there are the poor and homeless heroin and crack users, add this drug use to all the Ritalin and other like medications urged onto children too young to defend themselves, along with habitual pot smokers and alcoholics then what we have is a drugged nation, a drugged international community, and except for China perhaps a drugged word (I understand that treatment for drug addiction is mandatory in China and that identifiable drug pushers who prey for profit other than enough to buy their own drugs, get executed).

Occupy Vancouver had a number of addicts in the camp, three overdosed and one died. That’s about par for the course in the general population. However, because these incidents were so visible, and were suffered by people who were either homeless, or aimless, they provoked disdain and even disgust from some members of the public. But don’t look away, my friends, or you will see yourself, or a member of your family, or one of your dearest friends, or someone you admire, or work with, or are falling in love with, someone who is either beginning, coming out of, or presently enduring a similar nightmare of some kind of drug addiction.

But I, too, felt extreme disappointment when so much of Occupy Vancouver came to be about drugs in the public’s minds. On Oct. 15 there were four thousand people there in front of the Art Gallery. The issues that brought that many people out are still there and we can’t be frightened away by a problem that is pervasive and deep seated in all aspects of our society. We can’t allow ourselves to be frightened away from something that is only beginning, and has the potential power to bring a new, more equitable order to the earth. An order that Gaia will accept.