Saturday, September 09, 2023

Maui Land Grab by whom? Or what? Let’s not Beat Around the Bush.


Maui Land Grab by whom? Or what? Let’s not Beat Around the Bush.

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here.

I believe that fires in Lahaina were used by the powers that be to accomplish two things: first, to take the ancestral lands of Lahaina away from indigenous people who would never sell them, secondly to build back better the first US fifteen minute US city, a concept that the Globalists held so dear.

Who are the Globalists? They are a compilation of the financial elites of the WEF (Klaus Schab, Bill Gates, King Charles, George Soros, Zukerburg, and wealthy Hollywood elites, along with The Central Banks of the western world owned and operated primarily by the powerful Jewish families of forever, The US federal bank, The United Nations and last but not least the greedy, grasping Democratic Party of the US ruled and ruined by all of the above into the deathtraps of hell by pushing the sexual mutilation of children. These people need (or think they need) in order to live the pristine long, long lives (eugenics)they dream of is to depopulate most of the western world of what they call and think of as, useless eaters. Why are they starting with Hawaii? Because Hawaii has the most stunning views and vistas in the world. Perfect for the first US fifteen minute city

In order to point to proof that Lahaina and its people were deliberately burnt I offer the words of an AP fact checker, Philip Marcelo, who posted Aug. 16, 2023, who inadvertently makes the bloggers and reporters survivors on the ground in Lahaina, who Marcelo is trying to present to the public as ignorant yahoos, but who are telling what they have witnessed and experienced. First, Marcelo refutes the claim of the of these Truth Tellers:

Marcelo: The posts ( of the Truth Tellers) draw on existing far-right tropes that global minded organizations such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are plotting to forcibly move people into futuristic” “smart cities” or “fifteen minute” cities where their freedoms will be severely curtailed by advanced technologies.

Me: We know right a way he is not an objective fact checker because he describe anybody who questions the present authority in Lahaina as “far right tropes”.

Truth Tellers: “What they (the Globalists) don’t talk about is that in January they had in Maui a smart city conference to turn Maui into a smart city island, changing everything to electric, renewable’s, solar panels, pushing everybody into electric vehicles...”

Marcelo: ...”The conferences in Hawaii, meanwhile are broad in scope and not focused solely on smart cities, fifteen minutes cities, Maui, or even the state of Hawaii.”

Me: Really? If the conferences in Hawaii were not solely about smart and fifteen minute cities, but were admittedly discussed at length which is expressed by the wording of this statement, just how long were the smart and fifteen minute cities discussed? Who led the discussions? Why were no people from Lahaina there? You are not a fact checker, Mr. Marcelo, you are a bloody globalist supporter of clearing out the indigenous people of Lahaina as they were probably buggering up your own dreams of being part of the global elites. And where are the children, you pitiful excuse for a man? And the missing school buses? Next time.

Sept 9, 2023