Sunday, December 29, 2013

Direct Action Discussion

Moral Dilemma of Taking Direct Action Regarding the Environment - Activist and author Betty Krawczyk will lead a Forum discussion January 5, 2014, 12:30-1:30 (Fireside) at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver.  In the presentation, Betty will reflect on the emotional and intellectual process of deciding to commit peaceful civil disobedience, and what to expect afterwards from the court system of British Columbia. Krawczyk is well-known locally for being arrested and imprisoned numerous times after defying court orders related to logging and highway developments. Her most recent book is titled, "Betty, Blue Belle and Bitch" (November, 2013).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Judas Goats

Judas Goats
The Supreme Court has today (12/20/2013) ruled favorably on softening the laws on prostitution.  And just in time for Christmas, too.  Thank goodness. Mothers who have been worried about their daughters’ financial future in a decreasing job market for young people can now rest a bit easier knowing that more legal prostitution opportunities will be there, waiting for their daughters, when all else fails.  Better still, not much experience is required for prostitution. In fact, youth and inexperience in this job is a plus, the younger and more inexperienced the girl, the more money she will bring in for the establishment.  And while it was older, very experienced women (one who dressed as a dominatrix and cracked a  whip in joy at the results of the ruling) who brought this suit, we all know that the vast majority of men prefer the services of young girls, the  younger the better.
And where will the brothels find young teen age girls?  Where they have always found them, from poverty stricken backgrounds. Criminal gangs are a big help in keeping this youth market flowing. The long hungry arms of prostitution will also be there to catch young single mothers whose children may need proper food and clothing.  Why, one could almost conclude that prostitution is a blessed friend to the female sex, always there to catch them in an emergency. 
The problem with prostitution is that it degrades women and girls.  Women are different from men, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Women like Terri Jean Bedord and Amy Leibovitch, the prostitutes who brought the court action, are not our sisters under the skin.  They are completely male identified.  I liken them to Judas goats.  Judas Goats are trained to lead sheep (and other animals) to their slaughter while their own lives are spared.  Both of these women are getting older and old prostitutes are not a raging commodity even when they crack a whip.  In my opinion these two women will not be in the business many more years, they will either retire or hit the streets.   But by using these two older prostitutes and stressing the term “consenting adults” to describe their activities to the court and to the public, they are paving the way for criminal gangs to start mining the “youth” female population where the big money is for female flesh.  And this is the value of having Judas Goats on hand when corporate gangs want to broaden their scope of business, such as sex tourism.
The time may be getting closer for women in general to start thinking about withdrawing from the male mind and concentrate on how to preserve the human species.  In my opinion the human species is at risk of dying out.  Christy Clark (another Judas Goat) is busy dreaming of fracking up the earth and oiling the seas along with the Tories and private interests while public interests are strangled to death.  And some economists are predicting a massive economic depression to boot.  Not to even mention the melting jelly fish on the coast.  Instead of an increasing number of prostitutes, what this country needs is a women’s army.
 We need a women’s army to demand protection of our daughters from prostitution, rape, gangs, poverty, poor education and early sexualization by the media that is copied by clothes designers who make even 10 year olds look like porn stars and prostitutes in training.  My God, do we need a women’s army!