Sunday, September 25, 2022

Wokeism and the Biggest Breasts in Canada

Female breasts, wokeism and mental illness.

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Wokeism and the Biggest Breasts in Canada

Who ever thought such a thing would happen in Canada, that the whole world would laugh at us for this salacious kind of happening. But since Justin Trudeau came into power, bringing the US “wokeism” with him, I think we can brace ourselves for more culture shocks as well as higher prices for everything as well as shortages of things we really need like food and medicines. But this latest thing that has shocked the world as well as Canadians themselves and is happening in (at) Trafalgar High School in Oakville , Ontario. A trans high school shop teacher, who was previously male, came to school last week wearing giant prosthetic breasts, coupled with a skin tight top that accentuated the nipples, and black shorts.

First, I just want to talk about women’s breasts. Women’s breasts are important. They have evolved through hundreds of thousands, millions of years to primarily fed infants. Still, women’s breasts differ from other mammals that are close to humans genetically like the great apes, gibbons and chimpanzees . These mammals breasts feed their young just as human women’s breast do, but do not have fleshly mounds surrounding the nipples as human women do. Questioning why this should be so for human women, scientists who study such things came to the conclusion that in human women, breasts are also, aside from their function of feeding infants, is also a secondary sex characteristics. Scientists are still arguing why this occurred

But no matter how many operations trans people have they cannot ever grow the plump but firm softly rounded breasts of ordinary women in their earlier years. And I believe that our trans shop teacher has been driven mad by this fact. Clinically mad. Insane mad. He needs treatment. He is surrounded by young virile males he lusts after, but doesn’t have what he knows they are attracted to so he will give them the biggest breasts they have ever seen. And his school board does not declare him mad, but needing to work out his sexual perversions on his students. I ask for people who still prey, to pray for us Canadians.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Loss of Life Expectancy, "Woke" Culture

How life expectancy may be influenced by the "Woke" culture, WEF.

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Loss of life expectancy , “Woke” doctrine”

Why are big powerful nations in the western world like the US and the UK losing years in life expectancy? From The Economic Front on Jan 2, 2020, I first became aware that the life expecting of the US was on a downward spiral. The UK seems to be in the same predicament of losing years of life expectancy, but as the US stats are more likely to also be correlated with Canadian stats, I will use US data given by the article mentioned. The US stats given are from 2014 to 20 17, well before the advent of Covid. 20 14 was the first year of US loss of life expectancy.

In 1960 the US has the highest life expectancy in the world. Now it, and the UK has the lowest life expectancy of comparable countries. Is this trend the result of opioid deaths that take out a goodly portion of young people? Can it be despair over the lack of job security,the high cost of education, the rise of scattering of families through job searching, contributing to rise of divorces, increased drug use and deaths from overdoses? Could the falling birth rate have anything to do with the 60 per cent lowering of sperm count in males of the western world? And what about all the weird woke theories born and bread in US Universities and spreading the world over with all the might and money of The World Economic Forum who are very interested in depopulation?

Why is there such fervour in the trans movement? Children must be taught in the earliest grades to question whether they are boys or girls and if they like the other sex better that what they are , then that can be fixed. It’s called castration. And the children are told this is good. And the most horrible of human experiments on children are being pushed. Why? Because the George Soros, Klaus Swab, Bill Gates and King Charles believe in world depopulation. They are going to make the world greener for themselves if half the world population has to die. What do you think?

Monday, September 12, 2022

Monday, September 05, 2022

Right Brain Left Brain War

How both sides of the brain are in conflict.

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