Tuesday, April 10, 2018

On “Mowing the Palestinian Grass”

On “Mowing the Palestinian Grass”

That’s the phrase that is used by Israel to describe their periodic forays into Gaza to terrify the Palestinian who live there.  The Israelis call their recent shootings of unarmed prisoners in the large outdoor prison of deprivation they have created for the Palestinians: “Mowing the Grass”. The Israelis feel quite free to use live ammunition on unarmed Palestinian protesters who want their land and homes returned.

 However, the Israelis know they are “the chosen” both politically and by religious decree and that they don’t have to return anything. They will gladly starve out and/or kill every last Palestinian protester, including children in Gaza, before they will willingly give back the right of the Palestinians to return to their land, or interfere with their continuing stealing of even more Palestinian land.  And the Israelis also know they can use live ammunition on unarmed protesters without worry of global condemnation. They have Donald Trump solidly behind them on the one hand, armed with the most extensive, viscous military in the entire world, and the deep pockets of the Jewish Lobby to protect them from any censure by the American Congress on the other.  After all, the Jewish Lobby has bought and paid for the vast majority of the US federal politicians, both Democrats and Republicans.

The US in turn, twists the arms of the UN, so the outright murder of unarmed Palestinians is ignored by the European politicians and the Western press, or else when mentioned, the protesters are defined as “terrorists”.  Citizens of the western world should take note.  What is done in Gaza could come home. When unarmed protesters of any kind are shot and killed in the so called civilized world with scant or no notice from other supposed civilized  nations,  then these  states themselves by their lack of care, signify their own murderous impulses toward their own political protesters who are perceived as trying to disturb the accepted order of things.   From this heavy blanket of silence from the governments of the world, including Canada, of the deliberate killing of unarmed protesting Palestinians, then we can deduce that no visibly protesting citizen anywhere in our western world is safe from our own governments.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

On War with Russia

On war with Russia


The hatred being vented toward Russia by the Western world may be some kind of a temporary aberration, but I don’t think so.  This non-stop assault on Russia is a horrendously dangerous thing.   The accusations of wrong-doing by Russia without including Western countries own role in all of it is never-ending.  As far as Russia trying to kill a double agent on British soil after Russia had already released him years before after he served time for treason, I don’t believe it.  On the eve of the World cup games? Why would they do that?  


I could be wrong but it certainly sounds as though some sort of a pre-emptive strike on Russia by US-led NATO is being seriously discussed by the US generals. However, the problem for this scenario is that Russia (as I understand it) now has a nuclear capability superior to the US.  NATO (of which Canada is a part) can’t really try to destroy Russia without grave risk of destroying our own countries and populations.  


I also think this flood of accusations coming from the West against Russia is aimed equally, or even primarily, at China.  Why? The US dollar has been the predominant settlement currency for oil future contracts.  China is the world’s biggest oil consumer and has just launched their own yuan-back crude oil futures in Shanghai. This means they don’t have to use US dollars anymore in their oil transactions.  They will use their own currency, backed by gold, instead of US dollars, backed by much of nothing.  Which, of course, weakens the US dollar further and makes the US furious.


The US war hawks will rattle swords and cheer on Theresa May but unless the new warriors in Trump’s cabinet are willing to try to wreck the entire world along with their own lives, there isn’t a dammed thing they can do about it. Except, of course, sling accusations non-stop both at Russia and China while titillating the public with the frolics of Donald Trump and Stormy, the porn star.