Monday, April 10, 2023

The Fourth Turning and Me


The Fourth Turning and Me

(How I turned from the Democrats and Liberals- NDP to Conservatives)

As a duel citizen and a life long Democrat, I have always in the past voted for the Democrats. After all, it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, who saved many southerners, both black and white, from actual starvation. And in the Great Depression south many were not saved, if not from actual starvation, from the many diseases that arise from malnutrition and compromised immune systems, all brought on, they (we) believed, by the prevailing president’s policies, Republican Herbert Hoover. When Roosevelt was elected, his first action was to get food on the tables of a starving and semi starving populace. And then to find something for young men to do that paid a real salary so they could rekindle hopes of marrying their sweethearts and starting a family.

Both actions were big winners with southerners, (both black and white, while I am white we were all in the same pool of poverty) and we never forgot. As I will soon be ninety five years old I am well into the “Fourth Turning” (book so named by Howe and Strauss 1996). President Johnson followed Kennedy but eventually sullied his reputation and lost countless lives by pretending the Vietnam War over but remained bombing Cambodia The following US presidents were either awful or medico. Americans were dissatisfied with their country and it’s leaders when John Kennedy came in. Kennedy was a different kettle of fish. He was not a war monger. He was a peace maker. He initiated something called the peace corps and sent young Americans all around the world helping to build stuff and bring new methods of construction. He got a lagging economy going again. And for the first time, in a long, long time, I felt a little surge of pride in being an American Democrat.

That little surge of pride evaporated with the the assassination of President Kennedy. My first thought during the of arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and his murder the same day by Jack Ruby was that it all smelled fishy beyond words not just to me but to most Americans. It still does. Because both of these murdering men, even at that time, appeared to me to be pathetic types of men, unable to take such decisive actions unaided. Who had aided and abetted them? And I flashed back to the recent harassment of Black American Muslims by police forces. It seemed to me that the Black Muslims were simply trying to help feed black children by cooking breakfast for them before school and help feed their mothers in the projects, too. They also tried to keep the drug dealers out when the government monthly checks came in. And I had read Malcolm X’s book. He knew he was being followed every day by the FBI and the CIA and that they planned to orchestrate his murder. And he was right. The men who actually murdered him were quietly shipped out of the country and as far as I can determined, never heard from again. But I kept my own council. By the time Johnson was well into his presidency I knew the Vietnam war would eventually swallow up all three of my sons. They had already captured the eldest. He dropped out of university and joined the Air Force. I joined the war resistant movements and got acquainted with the FBI myself. It was not nice. My husband at the time was threatened with the loss of his security clearance where he was employed by NASA as a physicist. It was time to move to Canada. Canada in 1966 was a sane, peaceful, and tolerant country.

Due to the Trudeau government having swallowed the whole vicious, ungodly mess of what the US Democrats have become, Canada is rapidly becoming a replica of the US woke insanity. But it was Hillary Clinton who plunged the final dagger in my previously alignment with the Democrats. It was when she proclaimed that people who voted for Trump were “Deplorables”. I thought, just wait a minute here, you silly, arrogrant, stupid talking are talking about me and my entire ancestral family. It was families like mine from which I sprang that built the built the whole frigging country of America and you are telling me we are “deplorables”? But she was talking about us southerners, both black and white, who were the most hurt by depressions and inflation, and her disgusting defence of her sex crazed pathological husband by smearing other women who came forward to cite unwanted sexual advances from her sick husband has shown her level of contempt for ordinary women everywhere. No wonder the “woke” people love her. She reflects their values that anything and everything goes. I will vote Conservative in the next elections in both the US and Canada and try to wash the foul smell of the “woke” US Democrats together with the darling of the WEF Justin Trudeau coalition of Liberal and NDP out of my nostrils. We can do better with the Conservatives. I believe it would be much better. The Fourth Turning is upon us. We must choose wisely. April 10, 2023