Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Good Tidings All!
This post is a subtle exploration of high tech preparedness and logistic readiness.
My name is Forest Saver and it will fall to me to ensure that Ms B's communications reaches your ears and eyes when she might otherwise be - ahem... "incommunicado" - whilst doing what she knows needs to be done.
So please be advised that if you are receiving this missive via email it is only because I have it on good authority that you have been deigned as one of a chosen few to do so.
You might be pleased to note that it is also being transmitted simultaneously to Ms B's Blog, so that oddly echoing phenomenon you may experience upon visitng her blog ( - if you're not already here) is not some erroneous literary stuttering. We meant to do that. Really.

I hope and trust that all receivers of this "test' understand its necessity and appreciate the efforts our own "BK" exhausts in revealing the "Whoppers" we're all just a little fed up with.

We are ready to roll Ms B!

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