Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okay, so how many pictures and images can there be of me out there being hauled off logging roads or protest sites by the police? Alone, or in the company of others? A few. More than a few. Maybe even a couple of dozen. And after awhile these seemingly never ending images of a little white haired old lady being carried around by police become boring, even to me. But they are necessary, these images of protest, those of my own, and those of others, because they represent the unquenchable human spirit that searches for justice and equality.
And as long as injunctions are used by the courts of this province to protect logging and construction companies there is no equality under the law. Take what is before the courts at the moment over my involvement at Eagleridge Bluffs. The contractors, Kiewit and Sons and Sea to Sky Highway who are building the four lane highway across the center of the Bluffs have refused to lay charges against me. Why? After all, I was interfering with their work and by extension, their profits, while they are blasting the Bluffs to bits to facilitate Gordon Campbell’s greenest Olympics ever. And Kiewit and Sea to Sky are the ones who applied for a court injunction to stop anybody from interfering with their work; they are the ones who complain, the ones who call the police. Wouldn’t you think they would be the ones to bring forth a charge against me, at least for my second and third arrests at Eagleridge Bluffs? Oh, no.
Not these clever Americans. Kiewit is a US company with a very bad environmental record in the States. Just the kind of company Gordon Campbell loves; American, non-union. But they don’t sue me themselves for interfering with their destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs. Oh, no. They get our BC attorney general to lay charges against me.
And so BC Crown steps in and lays charge against me so Kiewit can go on unencumbered with their destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs knowing the attorney General of BC is taking care of the problem of pesky BC citizens who try to interfere. And also knowing that as the crown takes over the trial BC taxpayers will pick up that tab and Canadians arrested under Kiewit’s injunction will be charged with contempt of court for which there is no defense and that injunctions are a kind of terrorist weapon that is used effectively against Canadian citizens by their own provincial government. Oh, yes, being an American company working in British Columbia is indeed a wonderful thing!
Come watch your tax dollar at work favoring American companies who just love our BC court system because it protects them against any hint of Canadian sovereignty. My next court appearance (I am representing myself) is:
July 6, 2006. 10:00 AM. 800 Smyth. Supreme Court building. Check at the desk for room number. Come support me and bring some Canadian sovereignty with you. A whiff or two of Canadian sovereignty might remind the attorney general and even the premier that they are servants of the people. Canadian people, that is.

See you in court. Betty Krawczyk


  1. Curious that Betty's court date is the same as Chief Kiapilano's on a related matter:

  2. I hope when you get out of court that you will have some more words of inspiration for the sleeping Canadians who fail to realize that when Americans tell Canadians what to do in Canada that we no longer have sovereignty. And that's pretty sad. We can thank Brian Mulroney for that when he made it possible for Canadian corporations to have more than 51% foreign ownership. This is what democracy looks like in 2006.