Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Your Majesty,

I am writing to you, with all due respect, as a grandmother and Canadian citizen who has been concerned about the terrible deforestation of my province, British Columbian, for many years. In the past our provincial governments heave done little to curtail this rapid destruction of our public forests and watersheds, but never before have we citizens been faced with the refusal of our pronvicical government to sit in the legislature at all. Premier Gordon Campbell has arbitrarily canceled the fall sitting of our people's legislature.

We citizens pay for our provincial government. We pay our politician's salaries, including those of the premier, and for the operation and upkeep of the parliment buildings, but if the legislature does not sit to hear the people's concerns then we, in effect, have no government. Gordon Campbell has canceled the government of British Columbia at his disposal. And this lack of provincial government comes at a time when we have faced, and are still facing, weather related crises due to climate change that has in part been exacerbated by the rapid deforestation in Canada, particularly in Brisish ncolumbia. As the offices of Your Majesty, that is, your representatives here in Canada play the most important role of facilitating the smooth transition of Prime Ministers and offices of state at election time so that there is no time in Canada when government is not in place, would you please, as titular head of Canada, intervene in this situation in British Columbia and assume the reins of provincial government until an electin can be called to restore our provincial government? I, along with countless others, would be most grateful.
Sincerely yours,
Betty Krawczyk
Phone: 604-255-4427


  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Betty does not seem to know that she will never get past the Governor General, appointed by the Prime Minister.
    In Canda we face a 'Catch 32' situation; Royalty in the form of our Prime Minister prevails.

    Some think that our two Ghosts, The Senate and the Supreme court of Canada are avilable to assist we citizens, but they too are appointed by his majesty, The Prime Minister

  2. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The Queen is not allowed to answer Canadian letters other than to refer thr writer to the Prime Minister appointed Goveernor General.

    In like fashion, there is no other authority to whom to apply who is not a Prime Minister sycophant.