Saturday, September 01, 2007

Announcing Betty's Welcome Back Bash

It's hard to believe that it's been 7 months. Time flies, for us on the outside, anyways. Time for a welcome back bash to celebrate Betty's release from Alouette Correctional Centre for Women.

Date: Wednesday, September 26th
Time: 5 to 7pm
Place: The Olympic or "Free Betty" Clock behind the Vancouver Art Gallery,
Geogia and Howe St., Vancouver
What: A rockin' party including live music, theater performance , celebrity speakers, dancing and general revelry
Why: To welcome Betty after serving time for her efforts to protect Eagleridge Bluffs by standing up to corrupt BC government and corporate policies
Who: EVERYONE (that means you).

More news:

Betty’s piece is the top story on the homepage of Orato today, an online journalism website featuring stories from around the world.
Check it out at:

Recently, on July 21st, Spirathon, who will perform at "Betty's Welcome Back Bash" performed 'Green Olympics' at Savary Stock II, a benefit concert on Savary Island B.C. On that rainy day, they were thinking of Betty!
Here is a link to their myspace page:
The video is on the right hand side.
It's called Green Olympics Savary Stock II (2007).

This is the event we are having at the Yale hotel in Vancouver! It is a fundraiser for the Highway of Tears. We hope to see you all there!
Thank you for your much appreciated efforts in this very sensitive issue.
All my Relations,
Gladys Radek
Advocate for the Highway of Tears

4. Fight against corporate use of injuctions to disperse enviro-protectors
RALLY: Sacred Headwaters Rally at Supreme Court
Date and Time: Friday, August 31 from 10am till 1pm
Place: Supreme Court Building, at the southwest entrance at the intersection of Hornby and Nelson Streets, Vancouver

Does it really make sense to jeopardize multiple watersheds with the toxic run-off resulting from coal bed methane extraction methods? Coal bed methane extraction has never been done in a wild salmon environment, and the potential for envrionmental damage is tremendous.
Royal Dutch Shell appears in Vancouver court this Friday to try to get an injunction that will allow the company to have the RCMP arrest blockading Tahltan Elders
preventing Shell from proceeding with its coalbed methane mine. If Shell receives this injunction, arrests could take place as soon as next week.

Here is a test to see if your mission on Earth is complete:
If you're alive, it isn't. Richard Bach

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