Friday, November 30, 2007

The Sweet Milk of Justice

There is an old adage that says one gets what one pays for. Taxpayers in British Columbia pay a lot for their justice system. And what do they get? They get a system that like a cow, gives steady streams of the sweet milk of justice to posh people including Gordon Campbell's friends of privatization and old money, but decreasing dribbles to the less than posh, which is just about everyone else: those trying to survive the drug trade, ratcheted-up rents and mortgages and over priced food, while being forced to bring in the hay and clean out the barn to boot. In fact, if I remember clearly, even the Law Society of BC was aggravated with Wally Oppal for his part in the trashing of legal services and wrote a letter of non-confidence in him.

Gordon Campbell's privatizing policies are working through the system and showing up in the courtroom. What does a citizen who can't afford high priced lawyers nor qualify for legal aid do? Forget it, which is what the posh hope for. Or do it yourself. That's what I'm choosing. Doing it myself. While I have a great lawyer for my appeal, one who is helping me pro bono, I'm also trying to sue Kevin Falcon, the Minister of Transportation, Peter Kiewit Sons. Co., the West Vancouver Police, and the City of West Vancouver for "Collusion and Malfeasance" in civil court, and as I have no money to speak of, I have to do this myself. And I would like to take as many citizens as possible with me through the process.

It's important. Not only are the issues I raise important in the sense that they concern everyone, the process itself is important. We as citizens must try to understand the legal process in British Columbia or else remain helpless before it. Either we make it work for us, or it will continue to work for them, the posh agencies of government and corporations that puzzle and stifle us with legaleeze language and processes that hide not only their ideologies, but also their actions. Well, I'm for making it work for us!

So I want to take those interested with me step by step as I negotiate the legal process of trying to sue the agencies of government and corporations that destroyed the eco integrity of Eagleridge Bluffs and caused the untimely death of Harriet Nahanee. In my next missile I will tackle the first step in filing a law suit and applying for a jury trial. I will keep you posted about these actions here.

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  1. I'm down in California, so I'm uncertain as to the legal system in Canada, but your blog is very informative. I came across it while trying to find information on why some environmentalists deem it necessary to use destruction to protect the environment. So far I have found nothing that explains that.
    I am very interested in hearing more about what you stand for, as I'm doing a speech in school on environmentalists and would like to make sure I accurately portray your cause. Thank you very much for your time.