Saturday, September 05, 2009


Okay, so I made two mistakes on my last posting and received a slew of mail decrying my lack of knowledge of drugs as I wrote cocaine instead of heroin coming out of Afghanistan. Bad mistake. It infers that I know nothing of where drugs originate and how they are distributed. I do know a little bit. I know that heroin is made from poppies grown in Afghanistan and that cocaine comes mainly from Columbia and Mexico gets both and more (other drugs)for distribution which is killing their country. So much money is in the drug trade that the cartels are reportedly primarily running large sections of Mexico. The War on Drugs as policy seems to be more of a war on governments besides being a war on citizens who have to worry about their children becoming addicts and getting shot by mistake, or by design. But the War on Drugs drugs as policy corrupts everything, citizens, governments and even economies by the enormous amount of money it generates.

When so much money disappears into the black market, the so called legitimate economy (so-called because Wall Street and to a certain extent Bay Street are profiting from huge sums of money they launder for the cartels besides simply gambling on their own with depositors money) suffers. Which is one of the reasons bank CEO's are rewarded handsomely. Banks in the US are closing while their CEO's are paid millions. And Prime Minister Harper said just today that he did not consider the obscene money paid to CEO's of banks and failing corporations a problem. But there are a few cracks appearing in the War on Drugs as policy (Bush policy). Mexico has recently decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin. It's a start.

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  1. Debaters debate the two wars as if Nixon’s civil war on Woodstock Nation didn’t yet run amok. One need not travel to China to find indigenous cultures lacking human rights or to Cuba for political prisoners. America leads the world in percentile behind bars, thanks to ongoing persecution of hippies, radicals, and non-whites under banner of the war on drugs. If we’re all about spreading liberty abroad, then why mix the message at home? Peace on the home front would enhance global credibility.

    The drug czar’s Rx for prison fodder costs dearly, as lives are flushed down expensive tubes. There’s trouble on the border. My shaman’s second opinion is that psychoactive plants are God’s gift. God didn’t screw up. Canadian Marc Emery sold seeds that enable American farmers to outcompete cartels with superior domestic herb. He is being extradited to prison, for doing what government wishes it could do, reduce demand for Mexican.

    The constitutionality of the CSA (Controlled Substances Act of 1970) derives from an interstate commerce clause. Only by this authority does it reincarnate Al Capone, endanger homeland security, and throw good money after bad. Official policy is to eradicate, not tax, the number-one cash crop in the land. America rejected prohibition, but it’s back. Apparently, SWAT teams don’t need no stinking amendment. Father, forgive those who make it their business to know not what they do.

    Nixon promised that the Schafer Commission would support the criminalization of his enemies, but it didn’t. No matter, the witch-hunt was on. No amendments can assure due process under an anti-science law without due process itself. Psychology hailed the breakthrough potential of LSD, until the CSA halted all research and pronounced that marijuana has no medical use, period.

    The RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993) allows Native American Church members to eat peyote, which functions like LSD. Americans shouldn’t need a specific church membership to obtain their birthright freedom of religion. Denial of entheogen sacrament to any American, for mediation of communion with his or her maker, precludes free exercise of religious liberty.

    Freedom of speech presupposes freedom of thought. The Constitution doesn’t enumerate any governmental power to embargo diverse states of mind. How and when did government usurp this power to coerce conformity? The Mayflower sailed to escape coerced conformity. Legislators who would limit cognitive liberty lack jurisdiction.

    Common-law must hold that adults are the legal owners of their own bodies. The Founding Fathers decreed that the right to the pursuit of happiness is inalienable. Socrates said to know your self. Mortal lawmakers should not presume to thwart the intelligent design that molecular keys unlock spiritual doors. Persons who appreciate their own free choice of path in life should tolerate seekers’ self-exploration.