Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Sept. 22, 9:30 am
Criminal and Appeals Court
800 Smithe St.
Rally at 9:30 on the back steps of the courthouse (Howe and Robson Streets)
...Court commences at 10:00 am

Come rally with Betty at the Appeals Court of BC. It’s an important court date for Betty and for all citizens who value the right to free speech and expression in support of our forests, waters, and wildlife.

It is also a date to honour the memory of Harriet Nahanee. Harriet Nahanee also planned to appeal her criminal sentence along with Betty for their actions at Eagleridge Bluffs, but instead, died a few short days after release from prison.

Although Betty has already served her ten month sentence for actions at Eagleridge Bluffs she is appealing the sentence on principal. Betty has been working hard on the appeal process and her day in court is September 22nd. She strongly believes that the BC government holds the specter of long prison sentences over citizens heads in order to keep people from using peaceful civil disobedience, when all else fails, to protect our forests and waters. This appeal is intended to help prevent future protesters from being victimized in the same Betty was.

Be there early, 9:30 am, Wednesday, Sept. 22. Criminal Appeals Court. 800 Smithe Street. Back steps of courthouse, Howe and Robson. Speakers. Bring your banners and drums. The courts hold the key to our being able to protest with dignity as a right of all.

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