Monday, February 28, 2011

Christy, we don't all have Alzheimer's

Christy, we don’t all have Alzheimers.
Christy, your timing is off. Minus a snap election there is a danger that the labour uprising in Wisconsin may come to roost on your new posts. In fact, it may do it anyway. There is the smell of labour renewal in the air. Jim Sinclair’s voice this morning (on CBC) was vibrant as he reminded us of your record as educational minister. Oh, I remember as well as Jim Sinclair, how you tried to bring down the teacher’s union! How you equated the teacher’s union as the enemy of education, and how parents had to scramble to provide the needed supplies you cut back; the school libraries you gutted, the special needs teachers, the school lunch programs, the physical education. However, in my opinion the BC Labour unions have not stepped up to the plate as passionately as they might have. Aside from your own vicious assaults on our education system (especially during the teacher’s strike) there was also under Campbell dictates the disappearance of the IWA (International Woodworkers of America), and the assaults on the nurses union, hospital workers unions, ambulance workers, in fact, practically all of the unions in BC. And you claim to be an outsider? Christy, we don’t all have Alzheimers. I distinctly remember you as the enthusiastic little cookie cutter of Gordon Campbell out to get the teacher’s union.
But there is something new breaking through human consciousness; both near and abroad. This new thing is not just for the wish of it, but for the demand of it, and that is the redistribution of wealth and that includes the wealth of our environment. We all own this land. What right has a few people to claim most of it as their own, leaving the crumbs for the poor and increasing the middle class to fight over? What right has governments to cater to the already obscenely wealthy? What right has our courts to declare that our environment belongs to this class of wealthy to destroy? What right has the wealthy classes to demand the poor become even poorer by trying to break their unions? And to try force everybody into Gordon Campbell’s, and now Christy Clarks, pitiful minimum wage category or contract subsistence?
The unions in the state of Wisconsin are saying no, no way, nada. And this refusal is spreading to Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan. And Christy…as your party journeys ever deeper into Gordon Campbell’s and Kevin Falcon’s Public Private Partnerships, and the consolidation of all our natural resources into one package that can be sold, given over, traded, or simply sucked dry by your in cabinet decisions that will still be influenced by…guess who? Gordon Campbell, of course. But Wisconsin will still be there, too…quivering under the possibility of a true labour revolt. And these other affected US states? They’re not far from our borders. Not far at all. In fact, they are very close. And some of us have very long memories.


  1. These words resonate so well with me. This is how I've been feeling... though it feels, a lot of days, that the citizens of BC DO have Alzheimer's and can easily forget the travesties dealt to them when a little tax break or an HST referendum are waved in their faces.

    Thank you for standing up for so many of us.

  2. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Betty, right on!

    Also, I am remembering Christy "Palin" Clark's refusal to have an inquiry into the BC Rail rip-off. Will she still protect the Liberal party from an open and democratic government system????

  3. Congrat's Betty, U r the voice of the people! Must share. :) xox