Thursday, May 01, 2014

News on the Ebola virus?

News on the Ebola virus?
Not from CBC. Or any other main stream news outlet on this continent that I know of. One has to look to foreign news outlets to even learn that a deadly outbreak of Ebola virus is even occurring in Ivory Coast, Guinea and now entering into Liberia and Sierra Leone. At least the National Geographic is forthcoming about the outbreak. On their web site (2014/04/28/ we learn…
“Viral hemorrhagic fevers are perhaps the most feared and least understood of the emerging infectious diseases. …Mortality rates for Marburg (another hemorrhagic disease) and Ebola viruses are astoundingly high at 70 percent. ..Of all the hemorrhagic fevers, however, Ebola is the most feared. Health researchers all over the world are working hard to trace the origins of these viruses wherever outbreaks occur. It is extremely dangerous to residents and travelers alike, once it enters a population.”
So why haven’t there been any advisories from the Canadian government on this deadly outbreak? Even the BBC is reporting on this and advising travelers to use caution if heading for these countries. What the hell is wrong with CBC? CBC’s international news is pathetic. It simply swallows whole any international propaganda (or lack thereof) coming from the US. Our federal politicians of all stripes are demonizing Russia and seem to become excited over the prospect of a World War Three in the same way as the religious right and Tea Partiers are in the States. They are, in my opinion, not only ignorant of Russian history, and of the region’s history in general, but crazy (I exclude Elizabeth May from this list).
I accuse the Harper government and the CBC of criminal negligence in not reporting this deadly Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds of people in four different countries and is entering into the cities of these countries.

Ebola is highly contagious. It is lethal. In 1976 and 1995 Ebola killed 83 per cent of those infected in Zaire. Those were small areas and the virus was successfully contained, but even that infection was a huge battle requiring many resources. This time Ebola has already escaped into other countries. Why are Stephen Harper and the CBC deliberately exposing Canadians to this monstrous disease by withholding information?

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  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Why are they exposing Canadians to this disease by withholding information? Isn't the obvious answer Agenda 21?