Thursday, February 16, 2017

The CBC loves the CIA

How much does the CBC love the American Central Intelligence Agency?  Plenty.  This morning another ex-CIA agent was on Rick Cluff’s early morning radio show (Feb.15) informing the Canadian population about how the wonderful, and yes, even sacred duty of the CIA is to protect the world from Russia, and by extension, from Donald Trump, the  president of the United States.   By using Russia and Putin as segues into getting rid of a president who wants trade with Russia, not war, the CIA has declared war on its own president. And our very own CBC, happy talking back to the US media outlets, (CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) just love what is happening.  These media outlets after all, if not owned by members of the deep state, are guided by the US deep state’s need for war.  War is America’s chief business.  A president who had rather trade than make war is of no use to them. 

The leaks that are supposedly proving that Trump’s people had conversations with Russia do not prove what the conversations were about, or if they were in any way inappropriate for a president and his people to have with any foreign country. We are supposed to take the CIA’s word that the leaks suggest Trump is disloyal to his country by even talking to Russia about anything, as Russia is a country the CIA wants and plans to take down.  And of course, they know how to do this.  They have taken down countries all over the world since the Second World War that didn’t follow the US line, either by the subterfuge of encouraging protests that end in coups, or when that didn’t work, by direct invasions. The CIA is declaring, in its war on Trump, that they are more powerful than the White House, and they can leak whatever they chose to leak, with their own interpretations of whatever material they may or may not have.

I think we should all be careful of what we wish for.  Wishing to take down a duly elected presided in the most powerful country in the world by using the techniques that have  worked beautifully in poorer countries ( by constantly stirring and economically supporting popular unrest  of a certain segment of the population) is not a good idea.  By declaring war on its own constitution, the CIA is trying to foster a coup they may live to regret.  In the meantime, our supposedly publicly controlled CBC simply follows the American Way, with about as much independent thought and investigation in their media coverage as a puppet on a string.

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  1. Good article Betty. Keep telling it like it is.