Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Journey Into Civil Disobedience

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Working link to IdeaCity

Apologies for the broken links. Here are two direct links to my talk:
You can also view it directly from the IdeaCity page, at:

Several days ago a friend and colleague wrote asking my advice as they are considering environmental civil disobedience. What can I say? What advice can I give? Every situations depends almost entirely on the strength of the protestor’s resolve once you make the decision – that’s when the journey starts. And it can take you to places you never expect, including on stage in front of hundreds of people. I’m sharing a link (here) to a video recently posted by IdeaCity where I was invited to talk in 2008 about the first steps in my own journey, and my resolve to take the path of civil disobedience, wherever it led. I hope my friend finds it helpful in these dark times, and that maybe you will too. 

Betty at IdeaCity


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