Wednesday, November 01, 2017

How Texas Fell to an Israeli Coup

How Texas Fell to an Israeli Coup

I heard from a reader who chastised me for expressing worry upon discovering that the state of Texas had been declared “A Friend of Israel”. The reader assured me that the government of Israel was good, kind, and generous to Palestinians who did not realise how good they had it, and that I was simply brain washed.  So why am I so concerned? Isn’t it better to be friends with Israel than enemies? 

Before we can decide that, we must first find out what being a “friend” of Israel means, both to Israel and, in this instance, to the state of Texas. To the people of Texas trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey it means they can’t get state aid unless they sign a document stating that they do not now, and have no intention of, joining the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS). BDS is a global movement that strives to hold Israel accountable to international legal standards in their relations with Palestinians.

But the pro-Israel lobby has found a neat way to override this movement that is gaining traction both in Canada and the US through pouring money into US state elections. They have found Texas politicians who are willing to forget about the US constitution (as long as their gun toting rights aren’t messed with). We are seeing the wholesale stripping of the US Constitution that protects free speech and free assembly being financed by US citizens themselves. 

I wonder about the young Texans who are in war zones, pumped up by the belief that they are fighting for freedom, for democracy, and for their constitution while their home state is being politically gutted by corrupt politicians who don’t give a damn.  As a dual citizen I am furious about this coup pulled off abolishing Texans’ rights to freedom of speech, without so much as a whimper by the US political “right” or “left”.  I claim the US Constitution as my own.

But Texas isn’t the only state to think so little of the constitution that they can trade it away so readily. There is another US state whose corrupt politicians have fallen on their own swords of ignorance and expedience in regard to Israel; a decision I believe will come back to bite them.  And the government of Canada is breathing in too much of that same Texas air to suit me.  But that’s another post. Next time.

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